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university of Kentucky

Transcript: Basketball tickets for 2010-2011 are $40.00 each for lower arena and $35.00 each for upper arena. There are 17 home games included in the season ticket package. Terrence Jones He is the head coach of the team and does so many things to improve there game He is a streaky shooter with range to 22 feet. Hometown Pine Crest School High School Height-6'3" 183 lbs Weight oerall Rank-4 Position Rank-2 During the big games, of which there are plenty, these moments bring the noise to a peak above the already loud roar. The eRUPPtion Zone is a standing-room-only student section under the right basket where the students jump and yell to intimidate the opponent. He has an innate ability to score while finding the open man also says John Calapari Class: Freshman Hometown: Queens, N.Y. High School: Oak Hill Academy Height / Weight: 6-4 / 195 Position: Guard Experience: HS This arena is so important because it is helpful for the team members to give them extra amount of inspreration John Calapari is one of the best coaches in the uk history since Rick Pitino coaches The rupp arena is one of the biggest and most coolest looking arenas just think times $40.00 or $35.00 by 23,500 that is alot of money One of only three players to twice be named The Oregonian newspaper's Class 5A Player of the Year (UCLA's Kevin Love and Oregon's Fred Jones) ... Ranked ninth on the ESPNU's Top 100, When they train really hard like this it helps so much because the harder they train the better they will be like the sayin practice makes perfect without the fans it would be hard on the players because there fans are there friends and supporters. Uk basketball players train for around 6 hours. Class: Freshman Hometown: Portland, Ore. High School: Jefferson Height / Weight: 6-8 / 244 Position: Forward Experience: HS Brandon Knight Brandon is a scoring combo guard Uk players train really hard they do this because they have there mind set on one thing which is winning He helps by giveng the team members information about ho to improve there game When they train like this it prevents injures from happening and makes them feel good to know that there hard time of training has paid off when they win that game. How big the arena is "Brandon is a warrior on and off the court. He is as driven as any other player that I've ever coached said John Calapari. Terrence is a cousin of former Arizona All-American and NBA Rookie of the Year Damon Stoudamire. Each of the coaches is different in many ways each was good and some were bad and some were good Fans Training makes such a big difference in between wining or losing a game they are important because they help run the team. Kentucky wild cats maskot is beast because it is a mountain lion and has that grey clor and truley looks like a real mountain lion University Of Kentucky Basketball Also the team members make them feela[preciated because if a player misses a shot they steal keep cheering! Doron lamb With an official capacity of 23,500, it is the largest arena built specifically for basketball The kentucky performenses are so cool because they feel like your acctually involved in them because to feel so alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #20 They also train really hard because like I said they are set on winning so they are going to make sure that they are good enough to beat the other teams John Calapari rupp arena holds 23,500 people and with this many people you can have alot of support!!!!!!!!! The fans improve the team because they support them and when that happens it gives them confidence. a three-time All-America and three-time All-SEC player. The 1978 team on which Macy was a starter won the 1978 NCAA National Championship. In his senior year of 1979-80, he became the first Kentucky player ever to be named consensus Doron is a terrific guard from New York and Oak Hill Lamb’s 32 points sets new UK freshman scoring mark Class: Freshman Hometown: Portland, Ore. High School: Jefferson Height / Weight: 6-8 / 244 Position: Forward Experience: HS He is so amazing because he does so much for the team training

University of Kentucky

Transcript: Enrollment: 32,000 Agricultural Economics Graduate Student Organization Housing and Policies 92% of first-year students live in college housing 26% of all undergraduates live in college housing Housing options: Coed Housing Men's Housing Women's Housing Apartments For Married Students Apartments For Single Students Cooperative Housing Fraternity/Sorority Housing Special Housing For Disabled Students Special Housing For International Students Wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free) Deadline for housing deposit: 01-JUN Amount of housing deposit: $50 American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bachelor Students applying with a minimum 1360 SAT (Math + Reading) or 31 ACT and a 3.5 unweighted high school grade point average (as calculated by the Office of Academic Scholarships) will receive the difference between resident and non-resident tuition rates. Founded by John Bowman in 1865 American Railway Engineering & Maintenance Student Chapter American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Doctoral / Research Incoming freshmen students who are not eligible for our other awards and whose highest ACT score is a 26 or 27 and who achieve a 3.30 unweighted high school GPA will automatically receive a $1,500 one-year, non-renewable Flagship Scholarship. Bachelor Degree's in Agriculture University of Kentucky Master Master Lexington,Kentucky40506 Degree's in Engineering Bachelor Incoming freshmen whose minimum ACT score is 28 or SAT (M+CR) is 1250, and achieve a 3.30 unweighted high school GPA, will automatically be offered a Provost Scholarship. Degree's in Medicine / Nursing / Pharmacy / Dentistry Awards will be made based on the applicant's ranking within the competitive pool, with values ranging from $5,000 to the cost of in-state tuition, room, and meals American Institute of Architecture Students American Institute of Chemical Engineers Doctoral / Research Master Doctoral / Research Degree's in Medicine / Nursing / Pharmacy Degree's in Design / Fine Arts Master Founded in 1865 as a land-grant institution adjacent to downtown Lexington, UK is nestled in the scenic heart of the unique Bluegrass region of Kentucky. Organizations Doctoral / Research

University of Kentucky

Transcript: Official results for either the ACT or the SAT I are required. You must apply before deadlines of fall being February 15th, Spring October 15th, and Summer February 15th. For acceptance, on the ACT you need a 19 or higher. On the SAT you need a 1450 or higher. History of UK Student Life The University of Kentucky was established by the state of Kentucky in 1865 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of the Kentucky University. The first president was John Augustus Williams, who served only until 1868.The campus area on the edge of Lexington in 1877. The City Park became the campus and the A & M College area to the northeast became the Woodland Park and Ashland Park residential neighborhoods.In 1910 Henry Stites Barker became president following the resignation of James Patterson. Six years later, in 1916, the State University was renamed the University of Kentucky. The first team for basketball was a women team in 1902. The following year,1903, the men organized a team. At that time the college was known as Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky. The first game was February 6, 1903 against Georgetown College. It was a loss of 15-6. The Wildcat mascot didn't come until 1976-77 academic year at UK. Gary Tanner was the original mascot. Dancing and entertaining thousands of UK fans at Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena during athletics events. Sports: Application Process University of Kentucky academic programs boast 80 national rankings for quality education. UK is one of only a few universities in the country with a teaching and research campus and a medical center all in one central location. The Campus: Fun Facts University of Kentucky is a public university that was founded in 1865. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 20,827, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 779 acres. It uses a semester based academic calendar. University of Kentucky's ranking in the 2014 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities is 119. Its in-state tuition and fees are $10,110 out of state tuition and fees are $21,192 in 2013-2014. Outside the classroom, University of Kentucky students can get involved by joining nearly 350 different clubs, Greek life, or the Kentucky Kernel student newspaper. At this school 25.6 % of the students live in college owned or operated housing and 74.4% of students live off campus. University of Kentucky By: Destiny Trivett

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