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University of Houston

Transcript: 4800 Calhoun Road Houston, TX 77204, University of Houston S1:College Name and Seal S2.Table of Contenrts S3.Location S4.Type of School S5.Student Body S6.Academic Departments S7.Costs S8.Financial Aid S9.History S10.Misc. S11.Di You Know S12.FMI S13.Citations Regular application deadline: April 1st Priority application deadline: January 15th Rolling notification beginning: October 1st College will notify student by: August 1st Student must reply to acceptance by: No set date and there is no set date for housing. Degrees offered Number of Graduates students: 8,064 1. 1% American Indian 2. 25% Asian 3. 17% African American 4. 28% Hispanic/ Latino 5.1% Hawaiian 6. 24% White Architecture, Business, Education, Engineering, Honors, Hotel and Restraunt management, Law, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Optometry, Pharmacy, Social Work, Technology. Living on campus: 8,318 Total students applying:20% Total students recieving aid: 59% University of houston, Navy white and Red, home of the cougars! All hail to thee our houston university our hearts fill with gladness when we think of thee we'll always adore thee dear old varsity. And to they memory cherished True we'll ever be. School web address: Admissions email address: Slide 13: Citations Slide 7: Costs 2,144,491 population as of 2006 Home of the Cougars Houston, Texas Slide 4: Type of School Commuting, not living at home: 9,636 Living at home: 1,980 Slide 6: Academic Departments Slide 12: FMI Master's They used to have a live cougar and would take it to all the sporting events (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr History U of H was founded in 1927 Before a big game the students "rub the paw". (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Slide 5: Student Body Map of Houston Slide 9: Doctoral Slide 8: Financial Aid Fun Facts! 4 year coed public school Out of state credit hour: $529 Location University of Houston In-state credit hour: $216,Houston,+TX&ei=QRlyTtHMJISPsQLVkcnECQ&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr In 1936 the school had collected land finally to build a campus Slide 3: Table of Contents: Bachelor's They serve 38,500 students annually In 1947 the school adopted an actual cougar The Amla Mater Slide 10: Misc. Ethnic Percentages for Students Every year they have a "Frontier Fiesta" Slide 11: Did You Know Number of Undergraduates: 30,688 89 degrees in the summer/spring and 50's during winter.

University of Houston

Transcript: University of Houston About my school Every year, students come from around the world to pursue graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Houston. a good life style you have to make at least 3.8 GPA. your school payment can be payed off by financial aid or other scholarships you can get. My Ideas Make Up Actist UH graduates can be found in leadership positions from Capitol Hill to community nonprofits. Our alumni have done it all from walking in space to leading major corporations to winning Olympic gold. Baker first you have to chose what type of therapist you want to be master degress in social work And they find a picturesque 667-acre campus in Houston Texas, the energy capital of the world. In this international city, UH students find limitless opportunities to practice job skills, build professional networks, launch your career and have a lot of fun Our students find more than 100 undergraduate major and minors and nearly 200 graduate degree programs including some that rank among the nation's best. They find the opportunity to conduct world- class research with award-winning faculty, like Ioannis A. Kakadiaris , who is working toward early detection of heart attack risk. My most likely interest in the therapy area is becoming a Family therapist . Education for a therapist degree in family therapy can take approximately four to eight years to complete. This is a professional who works with families who are struggling with different issues. This may include child behavioral issues, divorce, grief over a significant loss, and more. (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Discover more of what you will find at UH. Contact us or come visit. We look forward to seeing you on campus Chef Doctors Assistant Teacher making a difference in peoples life Information - Address: 4800 Calhoun Road Houston -Zipcode: 77004-2693 - Phone Number: (713)-743-1000 - State: TX Therapist Fashion Designer family learn about degress option for becoming a therapist Therapist Hair Dresser Masters degree in advanced psychiatric nursing

University Of HOuston

Transcript: University of Houston Admissions Sports: Aikido, Baseball, Women’s Basketball, Climbing, Cricket, Cycling, Fencing, Indoor Soccer, Kendo, Paintball, Rugby, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Men's and Women’s Volleyball, Water Polo, and Wushu. Top 10%- No Minimum Top 15% - No Minimum Top 25% - 1000/ 21 Top 50% - 1100/ 24 Bachelor on Exercise Science Pre - Physical Therapy Hobby/ Recreation International Ethnic Religious Spiritual Honors Volunteering Academic/Professional Fraternities Sororities Physical Therapist School Colors Tuition Sports Study Abroad Programs Facts Architecture Bussiness Education Pre- Physical Therapy Excersice Science Technology Engineering Pharmacy Shasta Student Organizations Resident Tuition Annual total: $18,071 Non-Resident Tuition Annual total: $28,601 The City December 1st 2012 Scarlet Red: The red stands for courage and inner strength to face the unknown & Albino White: stands for the good of helping one's fellow man Admissions: 713.743.1010 E-mail: Mailing Address University of Houston Office of Admissions Welcome Center 4400 University Drive Houston, Tx 77204-2023 SAT/ACT range for aceptance Majors Offered Houston is the Nations 4th largest city in the United States Vibrant art scenes Live concerts Art museums it consist of three gyms, a 53-foot-high climbing wall, racquetball and squash courts, a 70-meter indoor competition pool with diving facilities, a dry sauna and hot tub, an outdoor leisure pool with hot tub, a sand volleyball court, It has Scuba Diving classes University Seal Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 80% 50% Male / 50% Female Application Deadline

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