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University of Houston

Transcript: "The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker." EasyBib. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <>. Misc Location Public school Degrees offered: web Address *Houston Tx *Population-2,445,155 *Avg temp(97-101) in state credit hour :$824 out of state credit hour:$1701.50 annual room and state:$8753 Undergraduate aid typically awarded as shown 77% % of need met 82% % of freshmen with need who received financial aid Fact 2 every Friday is cougar Friday which the faculty and students wear red on Friday to show their pride Type of school Admission $6,466 in state 15,856 out of state Student Body Academic Departments For more information College of Architecture *industrial design *interior architecture Bauer College of Business *finance *management College of education *Health *Pre-major in education College of engineering *biomedical engineering *civil engineering College of hotel *Hotel and restaurant management College of liberal arts *Art *Art history College of natural science *chemistry *biology colors scarlet white 1:College name and seal 2:Table of context 3:Location 4:Type of school 5:Student body 6:Academic Departments 7:Cost 8:Financial Aid 9:History 10:Misc 11:Did you know 12:More information Undergraduates College of Architecture Bauer College of Business College of Education Cullen College of Engineering Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics College of Pharmacy College of Technology Undergraduate Interest Areas University of Houston College of Pharmacy *pharmaceutical science College of technology *biotechnology *Digital media Undergraduate interest area Pre-law *Pre-medicine Table of context financial aid Sites Did you Know Fact 1every year university celebrates frontier fiesta which is free live concerts variety shows by student organizations and carnival booths and multicultural performances 4800 Calhoun rd Houston TX,77204 founding date may 1927 Fact 1 became university in 1934 Fact 2 2 years later acquired land for permanent campus in 1939 Fact 3 now serves 39,800 students annually. Mascot Admissions address Fact 3 The cougar spirit cord symbol of students pride. So it can make scholarships available for next year. school coed Costs History

University of Houston Presentation

Transcript: This is Jerry. He was an engineer at NASA. errrrr... ....spaces.... Front Desk Main Tutoring Area Conference Style Room Computer Area Conclusions Openness of physical space (particularly windows and organization downtown) Inviting aspects of both centers Access to computers and other technology Cluttered feeling of main campus center Disconnected feeling between student areas and professional staff areas Location of main campus center in dorms Questions? Comments? Campus Visits Cadet Kyle Layout Open Study Areas Here to guide you... Math and Statistics Tutoring Area One Main Building (copyright Wikipedia) Writing Center University of Houston-Downtown OSES Open Study Area Thanks very much for listening! Entrance copyright Wikipedia Mentoring Center Your Fearless Leaders Supports students mainly in sciences, maths, and writing with specific centers for statistics and writing One of many centers for help on campus in addition to departmental academic services Academic mentoring program housed in same building Roy G. Cullen Building (copyright Wikipedia) Hallway/ Entryway Main Campus Learning Center Commander Karen the vastness of SPACE..... State system 4 total campuses Similar to UW system Downtown Campus Learning Center University of Houston (Main Campus) Things We Liked University of Houston Began in 1970s as a retention effort Expanded hours for services 7 days a week Houses different services: tutoring, study skills, academic coaching Many professional staff with professional counseling degrees What you need to know... Learning Support Services About Learning Support Services Professional Staff Offices Front Desk Main Tutoring/Study Area Regional state university (confers bachelors and masters degrees) Enrollment of 12,918 (Fall 2011) Offers online degrees and a "wireless campus" harrumph... University of Houston System Entrance Public, flagship, Tier One Research University Enrollment of 39,820 (Fall 2011) Urban setting, 667 acres Things We Didn't Like

University Of Houston

Transcript: It was founded in 1927 In 1947, the institution launched one of its many rich traditions by adopting a cougar named Shasta as the official school mascot. Its first building opened in 1939. The University became a state institution in 1963 and joined the newly created University of Houston System in 1977. There are now more than 39,000 students there! Dining: Residential Restaurants Cougar Xpress Markets Retail Venues College of Pharmacy University of Houston Pharmacists practice in a variety of patient care and research settings, including clinics/hospitals, community pharmacy, managed- and long-term care facilities, government/public health, non-profit organizations and foundations, and the pharmaceutical industry. School Mascot- Cougar School Colors- Scarlet Red & Albino White $410.13 per semester hour for Texas residents. $720.13 per semester hour for nonresidents. In addition, to tuition, about $1600.00 in fees is also required each semester for full-time students. Traditions Dorm Rooms: Cougar Village 2-bedroom Double Cougar Village 2-bedroom Single Moody Towers Double Moody Towers Single Moody Towers Super Single Mascot/School Colors Program of Study Campus Life Corrine Haynes History of The School Cost of Attendance Each year the University celebrates the Frontier Fiesta Every Friday is declared Cougar Red Friday UH has a long tradition of community service The University of Houston Class Ring Cougar Spirit Cord At sporting events, the campus rallies around Shasta, UH's cougar mascot Before a big game, Cougar fans "rub the paws" At game time, Cougar fans show their support by making the "cougar sign" Game time push-ups UH Frontiersman BLAZE

University of Houston

Transcript: Size/Location 4 hour drive southeast/245 miles 70% of 11,393 applicants were admitted Campus is 667 acres Enviornment 4 year college Located in an urban setting co-ed No religious affiliation Admission Requirements Admission deadline: Spring- Dec. 1st Summer- April 1st Test required: SAT or ACT SAT: Math-558, reading-521, writing -N/A GPA - 3.05 (unweighted) Rank- Mostly in the top half - (88%) or quarter - (60%) Notification- rolling Academics Majors Offered: Communication, Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Graphic Communication, Human Nutrition, Public Relations/Image Management, Radio and Television, Graphic Design, Linguistics, Sociology Most popular: Psychology, Business, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Engineering, and Communication There are no special requirements. Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges Ratio: 16:1 Typical size: 10-19 students (22%) College Expenses Tuition: $8,997 Room & Board:$7,300 Books and supplies: $1,100 Other Expenses: $3,874 Estimated total budget: $21,000 Deposit: $300 Application Fee: $50 Financial Aid Deadline: April 1, then a rolling basis starting on May 1st Required Forms: FAFSA Percent Receiving aid: 97.1% Scholarships: Academic scholarships, Creative arts/performance scholarships, Music/Drama scholarships, Athletic scholarships, State scholarships, ROTC scholarships, Alumni affiliation scholarships, Job skill scholarships, Leadership scholarships; Federal Pell grants, SEOG, State scholarships, Institutional scholarships, Private scholarships Housing Freshman live on campus, but are not guaranteed housing There are eight residential halls on campus: Calhoun Lofts Cougar Place Cougar Village Moody Towers QuadrAngle Bayou Oaks Cambridge Oaks Cullen Oaks Meal Plans: Lifestyle 160 is the best value if you eat at lot at different locations around campus and keep irregular hours. • 160 All-You-Care-To-Eat Meals/Semester • $400 in Cougar Cash • $1,550/semester plus tax Lifestyle 15 is the best value if you dine at residential restaurants 2-5 times a week. • 15 All-You-Care-To-Eat Meals/Week • $200 Cougar Cash • $1,550/semester plus tax Lifestyle 21 is the best value in that you only pay $4.60 per meal. That’s a savings of approximately $755 per semester! • 21 All-You-Care-To-Eat Meals/Week • $100 Cougar Cash • $1,550/semester plus tax All Cougar Cash is available to juniors, seniors, and graduate students only. • $1,350 Cougar Cash • $1,350/semester Facilities High-tech labs, Modern classrooms, Moores School of Music, Athletics/Alumni Center, LeRoy and Lucille Melcher Center for Public Broadcasting, KUHT (educational television station), KUHF, Television studio labs, M.D. Anderson Library, Center Courts (North and South), Climbing Wall, Combat Room, Leisure Pool (Outdoor Pool), Main Gym (3 Courts), Multipurpose Activity Court, Multipurpose Rooms 1 and 2, Multipurpose Room 3, Multipurpose Rooms 4 and 5, Natatorium, Outdoor Track, Racquetball and Squash Courts, Rotunda, Sport Club Field, Wellness Classroom, Wet/Dry Classroom, Administrative Conference Room, Conference Room Activities There are 253 registered organizations. choral groups, concert band, dance, drama theatre, jazz band, literary magazine, marching band, music ensembles, music theatre, opera, radio station, student government, student newspaper, student film society, symphony orchestra, television station, yearbook, Asian student association, Hispanic student association, Habitat for Humanity, Hillel, College Republicans/Democrats, NAACP, Green Party, Indian student association, Muslim students association, Bahai student association Greek Life: 17 fraternities(2% participate) and 10 sororities(3% participate) Athletics/Intramurals: NCAA Division 1, badminton, basketball, bowling, cross-country running, football, golf, racquetball, rock climbing, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, table tennis, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo Campus Visits When: Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m., and Saturday at 11 a.m. Special Opportunities: UH has its own Hilton Hotel, they can arrange the best possible stay for applying students. choral groups, concert band, dance, drama theatre, jazz band, literary magazine, marching band, music ensembles, music theatre, opera, radio station, student government, student newspaper, student film society, symphony orchestra, television station, yearbook, Asian student association, Hispanic student association, Habitat for Humanity, Hillel, College Republicans/Democrats, NAACP, Green Party, Indian student association, Muslim students association, Bahai student association Size/Location app "You Are The Pride." University of Houston

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