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university of chicago

Transcript: Ethnicity graph Did You Know Instate and out of state tuition is $41,853 Room and Board is $12,633 Wave the flag of old Chicago, Maroon the color grand. Ever shall her team be victors Known throughout the land. With the grand old man to lead them, Without a peer they'll stand. Wave again the dear old banner, For they're heroes ev'ry man The university was founded in 1890 by the American Baptist Education Society. - The land the university is on was donated by Marshall Field. - In the late 1950's they started to introduce modern buildings into the gothic style campus. - William Rainey Harper was the first president of the University of Chicago. Citations Misc. Academic Departments The University enrolls around 14,000 people per year. Every Wednesday is Dollar Shake Day where the students can get one-dollar shakes at the Einstein bagel and Reynalds club. The first classes in the university were held in 1892. Student Body Table of Contents Financial Aid 100% % of need met 76% of freshmen with need who financial aid Private School Its coed Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral For admission you need really good ACT/SAT Scores The university of Chicago is located in Chicago. The population estimate is 2.7 million Winter: 21°F Spring: 58°F Summer :75°F Fall: 66°F Chicago's mascot: PHOENIX School colors: Maroon, Dark Grey, Light Grey In state / out of state men/ woman 1. Location 2 . Type of school 3. Student body 4. Academic department 5. Cost 6. Financial aid 7. History 8. Misc. 9. Did you know 10. For more info History Type of school Medicine Economics Statistics Physics Sociology Chemistry Neurobiology Under Graduates : 5,388 Graduates: 6,928 Cost 5801 South Ellis Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 For More Info Location

University of Chicago

Transcript: Benefits Scholarships University of Chicago Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched. Cross country & Extra curriculum Track&Field UOC has many major offers, such as: Near Eastern language, civilization, mathematics, creative writing, journalism, etc. They have Honors/Scholar programs and offer opportunities to study abroad. You can either study abroad for a quarter or a year long UoC has internship and work study programs available within their University; education, business, consulting, public service, and science. Soccer Sports The extracurricular activities are for mathematics programs Basketball U.O.C Background University of Chicago is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in the year of 1891 by: William Rainey Harper, John Dewey, John D. Rockefeller Tennis Chicago Police and Fire Scholarship is one type of chancellorship that is offered at UoC. To be considered for a full-tuition scholarship, candidates must qualify for admission to the University of Chicago and be children (or legally adopted children) of sworn Chicago Fire Fighters and Chicago Police Officers who will remain active for the duration of their children’s college careers. Students whose parents lost their life in the line of duty are also eligible for the scholarship. Each winner is guaranteed full tuition for four years of undergraduate studies (12 academic quarters) provided he or she makes satisfactory academic progress. Requirements Activities University of Chicago will rather be an advocate to your education than judge it. Therefore, there isn't a specific GPA or ACT/SAT needed enable to get accepted to their school. Though, their yearly tuition is $60,087. Swimming&Diving University of Chicago is an public research university. Its not affiliated with an religious organization, and its a co-ed university; which contains 12,297 students.

University Of Chicago

Transcript: Located 5801 South Ellis Ave.Chicago, Il 60637 Table of Contents Slide 1: College Name and Seal Slide 2: Location Slide 3: Type of School Slide 4: Student Body Slide 5: Academic Departments Slide 6: Costs Slide 7: Financial Aid Slide 8: History Slide 9: Miscellaneous Slide 10: Did You Know? Slide 11: For More Information School mascot: Phoenix School colors: Maroon and white School song: For more info Costs University Of Chicago Founding date: July 1, 1891 It was founded by the American Baptist Education Society William Rainey Harper became the university's first president, in 1891, and the first classes were held in 1892 The University of Chicago was created and incorporated as a coeducational,[14] secular institution in 1890 Tuition and fees $44,574 $44,574 $44,574 Room and board $13,137 Tuition and fees $44,574 $44,574 $44,574 Room and board $13,137 Tuition and fees $44,574 $44,574 $44,574 Room and board $13,137 Tuition and fees $44,574 $44,574 $44,574 Room and board $13,137 On Campus Off Campus At Home Tuition and fees $44,574 $44,574 $44,574 Room and board $13,137 -- -- Comprehensive Fee (tuition, fees, room and board) -- -- -- Books and supplies -- -- -- Estimated personal expenses -- -- -- Transportation expenses -- -- -- Estimated Total $57,711 $44,574 $44,574 On Campus Off Campus At Home Tuition and fees $44,574 $44,574 $44,574 Room and board $13,137 -- -- Comprehensive Fee (tuition, fees, room and board) -- -- -- Books and supplies -- -- -- Estimated personal expenses -- -- -- Transportation expenses -- -- -- Estimated Total $57,711 $44,574 $44,574 Type Of School 4 year private school5,388 total undergrads1,411 degree-seeking freshmen Coed It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees The admissions committee considers a candidate’s entire application—academic and extracurricular records, essays, letters of recommendation, and SAT or ACT scores. On campus & off campus Tuition and fees: $44,574 Room and board:$13,137 Estimated total:$57,711 Email: Did you know? Miscellaneous Academic Departments History Biological sciences division Chicago Booth School of Buisness Harris school of public policy studies law school institute for molecular engineering Physical sciences division Pritzker school of medicine Social sciences division Laboratory schools The University of Chicago's nickname is "The Maroons" NCAA Division III Reynolds Club Seal Rumor has it that if you step on the gold seal on the floor of the Reynolds Club, you will not graduate in four years Location 5801 South Ellis Ave. Chicago, IL 60637 Chicago 9.8 million Spring:25-60*F Summer:60-75*F Fall:40-60*F Winter:15-25*F Student Body 5,388 undergrads 92% graduate within 6 years Financial Aid

University of Chicago

Transcript: University of Chicago Private university culturally rich ethnically diverse One of the best schools in the world Number eighth(8) based on six areas According to Requirements No minimum GPA or test scores No one quality that can determine the strength of an application No course load is mandatory Academically promising Keen sense of curiosity Passion for learning unquenchable thirst for knowledge willingness to question standard assumptions taste for theoretical discussion Tell who you are-- in your own voice-- not what you think they want to hear! "Since everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, it's hard to judge people based on their grades alone. Is an A in math the same as two B's in physics and chem? I'm not entirely sure what set me apart in the admissions process, though I'd like to think that it was my dashing looks and debonair smile." Aash A. class on 2011 Chennai, India Tuition According to website, it makes no difference whether you are a resident or not. $26, 792 per semester $53, 584 per year Some courses include: business, economics history, law, literature religion, physics, chemistry biology and medicine among many other fields Financial Aid financial aid is available Forms ask questions about household, assets and other expenses C P S Scholarships UoC awards full-tuition four-year scholarships to a select number of graduates of Chicago Public Schools. Awards are made to students who show the greatest potential for making contributions to the academic, extra curricular, and community life of the school. Rhodes Scholarship first American awarded in 1904 oldest international fellowhip offered to outstanding students in many countries for the University of Oxford named after Cecil Rhodes, who died in 1902 front view of university motto: crescat scientia; vita excolatur mascot: phoenix crescat scientia; vita excolatur Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched. I plan to live near the campus-- but not in a dorm or a sorrority Founding Founded in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller land donated by Marshall Field First class 1 October 1892 in recently completed Cobb Hall 85 Nobel Prize winners have been faculty members, students, or researchers at the university including 8 currently on staff address 1116 East 59th st. Chicago, Illinois 60637 phone number 773-702-8650 Virtual tour of campus!

University Of Chicago

Transcript: 1980 The University of Chicago allows alcohol on campus as long as you are over 21 Their motto is: Crescat scientia; vita excolatur Which means Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched. The University contains 6 libraries with over 8.5 million print volumes. 1880 2000 The University offers a number of student services like: nonremedial tutoring, health service, and health insurance. The University also offers 24-hour sercurity service like foot and vehicle patrols, and lighted sidewalks throughout the night. Out of all of the students in the University, only 12% have cars on campus. Since 1987 the University of Chicago has held it's four-day long "University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt" and is now a tradition. It is said to be the biggest scavenger hunt in the world The University makes it mandatory for the freshman to stay in the dorms After about a year or so they can move off campus onto a small apartment or house. The University of Chicago was Founded in 1890 as a private college as it still is to this day There is a total of 5,369 students enrolled now as we speak The campus is a total of 215 acres The Chicago Maroons have more than 15 NCAA Division III teams and have strong athletic basketball and wrestling programs Cost 2014 University Of Chicago Traditions The student to teacher ratio is 6:1 although more than 77% of the classes have less than 20 students Some of the majors are:Social Sciences; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; Physical Sciences; and Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics The 4-year graduation rate of 2012 was 86% There is no minumum GPA or test score to enter the University. The admissions committee considers a candidate's entire application. Academics Services The University's sports contain 19 varsity teams in the UAA conference of NCAA Division III, including 11 teams in the top 30 in the 2009–2010 year. Only one of ten students are varsity athletes Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Soccer Swimming & Diving Tennis Track & Field Wrestling History Sports Tuition: $41,853 Room and board: $12,633 Books and personal expenses: $3,539 Student Life Fee: $930 Total: $58,955 1900 Facts

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