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Transcript: packaging business combination skin Home Care nice user interface in bathroom Fish fingers 1970-1979 theft invest in enterprises unconnected with oils and fats disadvantages Lifebuoy Soap Foods first-aid medicine Pantene songs Unilever first packaged and branded ice cream cone colored hair after war nutrition need why personality opportunities Account information The UK market for soap reaches saturation point, so Lever Brothers concentrates on acquisitions instead. Service Speciality Chemicals students what causes brand jumping? Examples: waiting appearance toothpaste stable sales brand jumping other examples: cuts its 50 soap-manufacturing companies to concentrate on fewer brands, after class frozen and convenience foods browser---360 chrome What factors influence the length of companies' product line? idol---Jane Zhang expensive in China compete in competitors' niches Versace VS h&m a free emergency washing service bag promotion cream convenient risk of falling machine one of the first scouring powders shampoo 1.which products are currently sold in vending machines in your country 4. in what circumstances lipstick government cut from over 50 to just 13 Haagen Daaz long queue(ticket) (2) saturating a market by filling all price and quality gaps deodorant (3) catering to brand-switchers users who like to experiment with different brands declining sales train station Chinese twitter---sina weibo definition: comments Dove soap profit (1) obtaining greater shelf space and leaving little for competitors' products normal skin enter growing or more profitable market segments Support Does brand name really matter? campus my example the 4P Group advantages acquires Birds Eye and Batchelor's health needing check Report only need an investment in the vending equipment price advantages acquires the meat business make-up definition: pay by credit cards, cash, metro card my example: Design&Innovation other famous brands sanitary towel Consumer decision to purchase a product brand different from that previously or usually purchased. increasing the number of products in an existing product line quality utilize excess production capacity 1910-1919 Cornetto acquire Lipton Brand Loyalty convince high quality economic children Sunsilk shampoo jelly Advantages: Line-filling new technology examples: metro station history sensitive skin Advantages: seller 1940-1949 cheaper P&G Brand-switcher Line-stretching home pregnancy testing kit different products are at different stages of their life cycles why? 1980-1989 acquire Good Humor ice cream place oil and facts industry under control increase demand for soap and margarine price Luxury goods Mobile banking resources works 24 hours, 365 days produce ice-cream coin fraud hospital do not generate remains or rubbish. Personal Care 1900-1909 What factors influence product line? Head&Shoulders 1960-1969 brand jumping my idol uses it large acquisitions 1920-1929 up market stretch A product line refers to a number of products that are related and developed by the same manufacturer. adhesives, starch and speciality organic chemicals Together, a company's items, brands and products constitute its product mix. dry skin not need stuff and specialized attention young people ice cream gateaux Vending machine Marketing of two or more similar and competing products by the same firm under different and unrelated brands. paper cup PG Tips performance Investments mobility a sausage company Line stretching occurs when a company lengthens its product line beyond the current product range. down market stretch acquire Vita NV cosmetics MacDonald&KFC shopping online Why do companies' product mixes regularly change? snack 1885-1899 deep-freezing risk: image problems the first twitter-liked weibo in China Sunlight soap good first impression Calvin Klein no advertisement and marketing costs consistent sell or withdraw many brands and concentrate on those with the biggest potential expand government large divestments all-natural 1930-1939 1950-1959 (4) keeping the firm's managers on their toes by generating internal competition freeze-dried vegetables and canned goods solidify whale oil beverage Lux body spray for men Rejoice oil skin sell chemicals businesses Value frozen foods and ice cream skin care products stock examples: Pond's and Vaseline Great Depression toothpaste Vim 1990-1999 Brand switching is most common with products that have no great perceived variation in quality across brands such as bottled water, dairy products, or paper towels. ticket definition: acquire hair care business baby tea brand enter the high end of the market for more growth customer war SK-II&OLAY four core business areas food service different flavour bought Wall's new technology chewing gum product line Addition to product line newspaper Apple Star Bucks Quality foundation perceived quality and value Sunlight Flakes Payments, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers dandruff by cash Why do the big soap powder producers have a


Transcript: Unilever Today we can’t live without Unilever! 1. Introduction: What is Unilver? 2. Vision 3. Products 4. The succes of Choices Programme 5. Facts 6. Conclusion 1. Introduction Employs: 163 000 2. Vision We work to create a better future every day We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others We will inspire people to take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world We will develop new ways of doing business with the aim of doubling the size of our company while reducing our environmental impact 3. Products 400 products Food brands, Personal care brands and Home care brands Bertolli, Blue Band, OLA, Knorr, Lipton, SlimFast, Unox, Axe, Dove, Rexona, Vasaline, Glorix, Omo, Robijn, Sunil 4. The choices programme The healthy choice the easy choice 5. Facts On any given day, two billion people use their products. In 2009 the worldwide turnover was €39.8 billion The products are sold in over 170 countries around the world The top 25 brands in their portfolio account for nearly 75% of their sales They are the global market leader in all the Food categories In 2009 they invested €891 million in research and development They have 264 manufacturing sites worldwide They invested €89 million in community projects worldwide in 2009 Conclusion - The global market leader in all Food catagories So Unilever help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others. Today we can't live without Unilever! Unilever constantly enhancing their brands - Sold in over 170 countries Sells products: 170 countries Trans fats, saturated fats, sodium (salt), sugar, fibre and energy British-Dutch multinational corporation Choices stamp will help you quickly identify a healthy option Unilever was created in 1930 - 400 brands and 14 categories - Participates in the Choices Programme


Transcript: Unilever is active all over the world as you can see. Not only for selling things but also to help the people and animals in need. Brainstorm Unilever a lot of charity good salary helping the economy caring about our welfare good working enviroment no ''slavery'' they help ben&jerry's The good things about us against animal testing unilever is commited in making continuouse improvements in the management of out enviremental impact working at Unilever Average salary at Unilever is $70000, That is more than the average American, an average American gets $46326 as his/her salary. You can work there and think: ''I am doing something that helps people chosing their food and I am helping the Earth'' People who worked there think it was a very good learning experience... really a good place to start working. Even in the initial jobs you will have huge responsibilities. Lots of training programs are made in the company. You really get to see a very good picture of a consumers product company. There is an excellent environment where you will find very good people to learn from and work with. So working at Unilever is an awesome job. you earn more than an average American. You can learn so much from it and you do something good for the Earth and you help all the world around the world. (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Research Notes (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr


Transcript: OBJECTIVES Obtain a clear international brand position Shape and reinforce the corporate image Change the corporate communication strategy create a friendly, dynamic and innovative image associated with fun and happiness. UNIFY INTERNATIONALIZE MODERNIZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES Unilever introduces the corporate brand as the main one, juxtaposing it to its existing brands while still maintaining them. PROS: Customers have the possibility to develop the corporate brand awareness whenever they buy their favorites ice creams. Through the association, the company employs the old brands to gain loyalty and market share. CONS: Customers could not recognize Unilever as an ice cream brand and remain tied to local brands. WEAK POINTS OF UNILEVER'S DIFFERENT ICE CREAM BRANDS seasonal image and association with summer perceived as somewhat out of date logotypes perceived as less than dynamic and cold COMPETITORS were going global emphasizing their global brand name. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED PRODUCTION due to the unification of the industry's largest groups production centres. Although the public was familiar with the company's products in their particular countries, they didn't associate them to Unilever. It was time to search for a more UNIFORM GLOBAL BRAND 3. Local brands THREE MAIN REASONS: market trends new consumers life styles individual brand images in different countries Unilever maintains its ice cream brands, using the corporate brand as a sub brand. PROS: Customers still stay loyal to the old local brands. Some of them start to associate the local brands to the global one, so that the company could obtain a global recognition almost without using its corporate brand. CONS: Some customers could not associate the old brands to the global one or even not perceive the Unilever brand, resulting in a waste of efforts and time. 2. Corporate brand - local brands. 1997 The company started thinking about changing its ice cream brand image. Roberta Rutigliano 643761 Unilever corporate brand replaces its existing ice cream brands. PROS: unique global brand accepted and recognized worldwide reaching the goals of unification, internationalization and modernization. Cost savings and possible synergies. CONS: customer confusion and rejection resulting in a loss of brand awareness, brand loyalty and consequently market share. Risky decision, the company cannot turn back. 1. Corporate Brand Unilever: Globalising the Ice Cream Business Although Unilever was represented in several countries prior to 1987, it was not until 1990 that the company really moved into global markets, outperforming Nestle and Mars. why?

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