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Under Armour

Transcript: Under Armour Under Armour All-American Game Under Arour was created in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank. His goal was to create performance apparel designed to keep athletes cool, dry, and light through out the course of a game, practice or workout. Under Armour supporting these charities has helped rise them to the top of the competitive market against Nike. Their sales increased by 24% this year and are continuing to grow. NCAA Games Under Armour sponsors two NCAA football games a year and donates all of the money to the Wounded Warrior Project. Games are the Saturday before and Saturday after Vetreran's Day "To Make All Athletes Better Through Passion, Design And The Relentless Pursuit Of Innovation." Under Armour sponsors football, lacrosse, and baseball all-american games that give the company a great image for supporting young athletes. Wounded Warrior Project UA Power in Pink UA Green UA Youth Movement Habitat for Humanity Ronald Mcdonald House Charity The V Foundation Boomer Esiason Foundation Living Classroom Foundation Tucker Ciessau and Joshua Beck Foundations Background Mission Statement Effects UA Green Under Armour supports the go green movemennt. This foundation has a team of researchers that created green products. Under Armours shoes are now made with 40% less rubber as well as less material on clothes. IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE ON HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE, PLEASE CHECK:

Under Armour

Transcript: PEST Analysis one two three SWOT Analysis Strenghts Quality Brand Unique style Financial resources Acting pro-socially Weaknesess Lacks the experience and acknowledgement compared to established brands such as Nike and Adidas No experience in the Brazilian culture The Portuguese language could be a problem Opportunities Brazil has a young and great population Brazil has good economy and great purchasing power The interest for soccer is huge Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games Threats Highly competetive industry Brazilian consumers are not brand loyal Brazil’s larger cities are still some of the world’s most dangerous places Corruption Conclusions The opportunity exists Growing economy Access to other sports Meets Under Armour Strategy Qualifications Questions? Background Founded in 1966 by Kevin Plank Created out of Frustration Since Creation seen exceptional growth (25.7% over the past 5 years Currently limited global scope (mainly U.S. and Western Europe Very Competitive Industry Current Marekt Strategy: High Performance athletes and sponsorships. - Local Development and Growth Sponsor World Cup and Olympics Relevant Parties 2 New Stores Customers - 65,804,108 Males and 67,047725 Females (ages 15-64) -Retail market has grown 15.7% in 2009, clothing and shoe industry is increasing 16% -7th largest nominal GDP and 8th largest Purchasing Power Parity worldwide Competition -Adidas, Nike, Olympikus, Puma, Reebok, Topper and Penalty Suppliers -18% of Under Armours products are manufactured in South America already -Introduction of new suppliers in Brazil, synthetic fabrics and raw materials Ideas Matthew Adlard Daniel Hanley Briana Crowe Anna Johnsson Carlos Ramos Local Sponsorship - Largest economy in Latin America - Strong, stable, and well-developed agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors - Political stability - 69th in the Worldwide Corruption Perception Ranking - In 2011, 36 Brazilian companies were included in the Forbes Global 2000 - GDP (official exchange rate): $2.09 trillion (2010 est.) - GDP - per capita (PPP): $10,800 (2010 est.) - Agriculture products: coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane, cocoa, citrus; beef - ndustries: textiles, shoes, chemicals, cement, lumber, iron ore, tin, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, other machinery and equipment. - 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics - Soccer (futebol) is the most popular sport in Brazil

Under Armour

Transcript: History of Under Armour Kevin Plank goes to University of Maryland and walks on to the football team Graduates in 1996 begins making prototypes of his shirt and selling them online from his grandmother's Washington, D.C. home Georgia Tech's football team is Plank's first official customer in 1997 Under Armour records a profitable year for the first time in 1998 Decemeber 1999: Under Armour appears in "Any Given Sunday" Under Armour's 2010 sales revenue surpasses $1 billion for the first time SWOT Analysis Alternative Solutions Young athletes will probably stay athletic their wholes lives, so it's important to build a connection now "Be Undeniable." The recommended strategy? Are you from here? High costs/ Specialty goods Narrow focused product Focuses on male athlete audience "Hardcore Approach" --> "We Protect this House" Under Armour 2002 UA could focus on activities such as Bikram yoga and CrossFit to marry intensity and femininitiy Advertising Recently tried to move into Japanese & European markets ` November 8, 2011 Julia Lynch, Kayla McBride, and Kelsey Barrett Group 8 World Cup in 2014 (2) Women's athletic apparel industry! Lululemon, which specializes in yoga gear, is all about female strength but also empowerment Our Problem BUT Lululemon is their largest competitor Commercials 1992 Market to youth through outlets such as Nickelodeon and Sports Illustrated Kids UA should soften their image minimally to meet this female mindset A thought to leave you with.... 2. Bring a feminine edge to their current products Increase market share in youth sports industry Nike and Adidas Other companies willing to lower prices New technology Target Brazilian athletes specifically in soccer Our potential for growth Opportunity to use school winner (cc) image by jantik on Flickr BRAND LOYALTY Promotions ESPN's Playmakers Any Given Sunday Friday Night Lights The Replacements ESPYs Under Armour High-School All-American Football Game Under Armour Senior Bowl Expanding International Business Varying product Lowering Prices in retail market Attracting consumers beyond "hardcore" athletes Emphasizing more than just football Marketing strategy (commercials, advertising) Appealing to all demographics Strong Brand Equity Recognized/ Respected/ Brand Loyalty Wide range of high quality apparel and sportswear Official outfitter for many high schools/ colleges Big push began in late 2010 when UA began to focus more on female athletes Simple and inspiring messages Resonate with consumer's athletic team experiences Retailers will feel the increase in demand and buy more UA for youth Post prompts on Facebook Our growth in the past 16 years Summer Olympics in Rio de Janero Need to expand overall market share in the atheletic apparel market by targeting a specific market segment Opportunities Focus on athlete's performance Traveled during pre-season training camps showing performance benefits First sale of 10 shirts to Georgia Tech football team Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 43 Mission is "to make all athletes better through passion, science and relentless pursuit of innovation" Focus on team over individual 1. Youth Pulling Strategy (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Strengths Development of Brand Power in Pink campaign Kids will want UA! Endorsements 2012 Threats Now Product Placement Over 100 University teams and 10 Division 1 All-school teams Baseball: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens MMA: George St. Pierre Olympic Swimming: Michael Phelps Football: Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Miles Austin and Anquan Boldin Basketball: Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams Soccer: Heather Mitts, Lauren Cheyney and Becky Sauerbrumm 3. International Market Share Current Facebook Promotion Those who see ads will want to emulate promotion winners New Ad Campaign for Women Early Obstacles Weaknesses Currently have 25% market share (1) Kids and High-schooler's atheltic apparel industry! North American sales make up 95% of sales (3) International athletic apparel industry! Respond personally to tweets (@UnderArmour) $20,000 in cash and $40,000 across five credit cards Players did not understand benefit of material, complaining it resembled lingerie Investors wary of competing against top companies such as Nike and Adidas Finding Undeniable Presence on Facebook and Twitter

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