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Transcript: You should be wondering what's the meaning of "washer" and "fluorescent starter" we'll cover them in the next slide Step 1 : Soak the three pieces of cardboard (which you have trimmed into a circle - should be about the size of the zinc washer) into saltwater with a ratio of about 1 tablespoon of salt to 100ml of tap water. Step 2: Put the following items in these order: Zinc at the bottom, cardboard in the middle, and the 1-cent coin on top. Step 3: Nope, no step 3 :D You're done! Now let's test the voltage Time to test the calculator :D This is a voltaic pile :D It's the ancient origin of batteries. How they first came about. Challenges Well, you might not have heard of them, but that's not important. We're going to show you. What is a voltaic pile. 1 Cell Time for some in-depth explanation In case you guys think it s fake :P The calculator couldn't work well and automatically turned off itself after 5-30 seconds of use. and thats some suspense over there* Definitions from google: ' Used masking tape to wrap up the voltaic pile. Found that it was not working well because the electrolyte dried up really fast due to the masking tape sucking the water up. YAY!!!! Wait...... Bought a random cheap China calculator and opened it up. So this is a little improvisation :D You're done! Now let's test the voltage :D Lets move on to how we did it :D Used masking tape to wrap up the voltaic pile. Found that it was not working well because the electrolyte dried up really fast due to the masking tape sucking the water up. THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE, WE HAVE ALREADY SUCCEEDED :D Introduction ~ MOVING ON ~ Calculators, Torchlights, Diodes, etc :D Also, I used 4 cells for this So... Prior to this, I actually made a voltaic pile of 3 cells and tried to power my calculator Also, the wires' contacts were not well stuck together. Also, the wires' contacts were not well stuck together. << End result Also, the wires' contacts were not well stuck together. Snipped the speaker wires off Step 2: Drill a hole into the other end of the starter. Prior to this, I actually made a voltaic pile of 3 cells and tried to power my calculator Physical Sciences Presentation Topic Chosen: Innovative ways to consume less energy at home Explanations on its theory Wire B The calculator couldn't work well and automatically turned off itself after 5-30 seconds of use. What are we doing? And some wires Basically almost anything that requires 1.5V to work. (3 cells produce about 1.5V to 2V) However, as there are not enough amperes, more cells are encouraged. I used 4 cells for this - the more the merrier, as long as you have the materials! Group Members: Ashraf Roshan Premakumar Ganesh Uses 3 pieces of cardboard /mounting board / paper towels Fluorescent starter: A device with a voltage-sensitive switch and a capacitor that provides a high-voltage pulse to start a fluorescent lamp Wire A DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT WAS ALL? WE STILL HAVE A VIDEO !!! . Success Challenges we faced. That was when I stumbled upon my awesome fluorescent starter and I decided to reuse it by removing the switch and the capacitor inside my starter. And VOILA! I have my voltaic pile holder :D Also, the wires' contacts were not well stuck together. Group Leader: Chan Jun Yi Extended the wires longer so that I can easily access the positive and negative ends from the outside. Acknowledgements Washer: A flat ring or perforated piece of leather, rubber, metal, etc., used to give tightness to a joint, to prevent leakage, to distribute pressure, etc. So, here are the steps to making a voltaic cell. The voltaic pile was the first electrical battery that could continuously provide an electrical current to a circuit. Recycled materials we used to make a voltaic cell . Step 1: Using masking/electrical tape, tape one end of wire A to the 1-cent coin, and wire B to the zinc washer. Used masking tape to wrap up the voltaic pile. Found that it was not working well because the electrolyte dried up really fast due to the masking tape sucking the water up. Working just fine ! :D Homemade batteries :D ~ Using the concept of voltaic piles :) A challenging project :P 1 recycled fluorescent starter Used masking tape to wrap up the voltaic pile. Found that it was not working well because the electrolyte dried up really fast due to the masking tape sucking the water up. Final product should be something like... Also, the wires' contacts were not well stuck together. Three 1-cent coins I found dated after 1987 *cos they're copper-plated on the outside Finally the time to really test it out. Ooops, I forgot to tell you what the wires were for! 3 recycled zinc washers I found at home Used masking tape to wrap up the voltaic pile. Found that it was not working well because the electrolyte dried up really fast due to the masking tape sucking the water up. Step 3: Slot one end of Wire A through the starter and repeat the same for wire B Zinc washer Cardboard 1-cent coin Zinc washer Cardboard 1-cent coin Zinc Wire

Physical Sciences

Transcript: Change of Major Requirements Your PAA's Concentrations: Mathematical Finance Math for Education Specializations: Applied and Computational Mathematics Mathematical Biology Concentrations: Applied Biomedical and Computational Physics Philosophy of Physics Physics Education Specializations: Astrophysics Majors: Chemistry Mathematics Physics Environmental Science B.A. Environmental Science B.S. Chemistry • Chemistry GPA = 2.50 • Physics and Mathematics GPA = 2.0 • Two Chemistry lectures • Completion of General Chemistry • Math 2A-B Earth System Science • Math 2A-B • Chemistry 1A-B or Physics 7C/LC or 3A-B/LB • One ESS course with a B or better Breakfast Lecture Series Physical Science Alumni Connections Undergraduate Mentoring Program K-12 Outreach Program Newsletters Talks on a Variety of Topics Physical Sciences Concentrations: Geosciences Education Environmental Science • One ESS course with a B or better • Either Chem 1A-B, or Bio 93-94 Mathematics • Math GPA = 3.00 • Two math courses Physics • Math and Physics GPA = 3.00 • Two physics lecture courses • Approval from Physics Departmental Chief Academic Advisor Rowland Hall named after F. Sherwood Rowland who discovered cholorflurocarbons and had them removed from aerosols Reine's Hall named after Fredrick Reine discovered nitrino, the smallest subatomic particle of his time. Approximately 1,208 undergraduate students are enrolled in Physical Sciences majors and 516 graduate students Minors: Mathematics Mathematics for Biology Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Fun Facts Opportunities Contact Info Location: Rowland Hall 134 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-4:00pm Number: (949) 824-6507 Website: Email: Concentrations: Biochemistry Chemistry Education Jhealyn Rogers Christina Vu Andy Li Naomi Carillo Majors and Minors Chemistry Club Anteater Mathematics Club Anteaters for Recycling and Conservation Cal Teach Club ESS Club UCI Astronomy Club Tons of research units, centers, and institutes: AirUCI, Center of Cosmology, Center for Solar Energy, The Environment Institute: Global Change, Energy, and Sustainable Resources, etc Resources

Physical Sciences

Transcript: Balanced forces occur due to equal forces acting upon an object, therefore it doesn’t move. E.g a glass on a table. Unbalanced forces occur due to unequal forces acting upon an object, such as a round ball on a table. Science as a human endeavour: Scientific knowledge changes as new evidence becomes available and some scientific discoveries have significantly changed people’s understandings of the world Types of force continued... Thank you for Listening! Any Questions? To put it simply... Humans are constantly seeking to increase their understanding and explanations of the natural world. Gravity and Force = day-to-day life Job Opportunities - Manual labor, Engineering, Science exploration etc! Elaborations: Explain and predict phenomena Apply prior knowledge to new situations Practical experiments (E.g what can a force do?) Exploration, investigation, creativity Force How can this be incorporated? • Gravitational force is an attraction between masses. • The greater the size of the masses, the greater the size of the gravitational force (also called the gravity force). • The gravitational force weakens rapidly with increasing distance between masses. Gravity keeping planets in orbit Balanced and Unbalanced forces Elaboration: Investigating common situations where forces are balanced, such as stationary objects, and unbalanced, such as falling objects. Science Understanding Science Inquiry Science as a Human Endeavour Types of force What about gravity? Main Concepts - Thrust - Lift -Gravity -Drag -Push -Pull Elaboration: Considering how gravity keeps planets in orbit around the sun. Understand the importance of the sun for all other planets to remain in orbit How might a pulley system be useful when lifting heavy equipment? System consisting of two pulleys with a rope running around them to lift a load. Using two or more pulleys reduces the amount of effort needed. Forces in action The sun is our nearest star. The Sun is a big ball of gas held together by gravity. It is prevented from collapsing by the enormous pressure and temperature at its centre. The gravity of the sun holds all the other planets in its grip. Elaboration: Investigating a simple machine such as lever or pulley system. A pulley is a wheel that changes the direction of the force applied with a rope or cable. These have been used in factory type settings throughout history. Science as a Human Endeavour 7 general capabilities... 1. Change to an objects motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object 2. Earths gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth Elaboration: Investigating the effects of applying different forces to familiar objects Definition of Force: 2. Strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; violence: to use force to open the window; to use force on a person. Elaboration: Exploring how gravity affects objects on the surface of the Earth What happens to your body when you are a passenger in a car and it goes around the corner? Science Strands Science Understanding Pulleys Lever or Pulley Systems Physical Sciences Year 7 - AUSVELS Balanced and Unbalanced forces Role Play. E.g. What would it look like with a pram if you couldn't Push? Gravity All planets orbit around the sun - not the other way around!

sciences and applied sciences

Transcript: - Interest on doing hands-on experiments - interest in finding out how things work - understanding the scientific method - Designing experiments - Collecting data - Collaborating with other scientists - Need to understand lab safety and hazards - Testing out methods Post secondary training by: Harsimran, Raunik and Andy Other jobs related to this focus area Preferred jobs Skills we have recommended Harsimran is good at doing things hands-on ex. Lab experiments Raunik is good at figuring out how things work ex. Math equations Andy is good at thinking outside the box skills and interest to develop Courses that are available in high school sciences and applied sciences Harsimran: Biologist or Pharmacist - Biologist is a scientist that studies life and their connection with the environment - Pharmacist give out medicine prescribed by doctors Raunik: optician -An optician examine the eye and prescribe eyeglasses or contacts Andy: Chemical Engineer Use chemistry and math to design chemicals - Applications of Physics 11 and 12 - Biology 11 and 12 - Chemistry 11 and 12 - Earth science 11 and 12 - Physics 11 and 12 - Resources science 11 and 12 - Science and technology 11 - Calculus 12 - Work experience 12 Description - Geologist : Studies earth - Meteorologist : Studies earth's atmosphere -Chemist: : Experiments with chemicals - Veterinarian: medical professor that protects animals and people health - Chemical Engineer: Develop and design chemical manufacturing processes - Doctor: Cares for patients - Water quality technician: Test to make sure certain water is safe - Physicist : Study the states of matter Our focus area is science and applied sciences. this focus area gives a basis of skills, competencies, and knowledge in places like biology, chemistry, physics, resource sciences, geology, earth science, and science and technology. Students who choose this area should choose science courses that help develop their math skills. Employment - Pet groomer - Nursery - Animal care worker Certificate program - Renewable resources - Commercial Floristry Degree Program bachelor of science- Physics - forestry

Applied Sciences

Transcript: Applied Sciences Lab Reports Research Findings Technical Briefs Writing often includes facts, backed up by multiple sources of evidence (data or references) Findings in research often serve as sources for future experiments, writings, etc. Due to the nature of applied sciences, writings tend to be meticulous in nature. Long length, often divided into sections (IMRAD) - The study of medicine specifically focused on the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases - Saves lives and attempts to prevent outbreaks - Develop successful vaccines and medicines Applied toxicology deals with applying toxicology and chemistry to the real world. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Applied Philosophy Applied Behavior Analysis Applied Biomechanics Applied Biomedicine Applied Corporate Finance Applied Developmental Psychology Applied Ecology Applied Econometrics Applied Economics Applied Electrochemistry Applied Gerontology Applied Horticulture Applied Ichthyology Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Applied Meteorology and Climatology Applied Physics Applied Physiology Applied Polymer Science Applied Psychology Applied Social Psychology Applied Social Science Applied Toxicology Applied Behavioral Science Thermodynamics - Physics of the relationship between heat/temperature and energy/work - Better understanding of the way radiation and heat work - Offers a direct application to life - Focuses on the most basic points of life Works Cited Works Cited What is the purpose of applied sciences? "Medical microbiologists diagnose diseases such as tuberculosis, meningitis, salmonella, thrush (candida) and MRSA infection, to name a few." -Alex Gullon of St. Peter's Hospital - Further the world's development - Explain and understand the natural phenomena of the world - Applies basic and advanced sciences to realistic situations - Make life easier - Understand and learn from genetic, environmental, social, astronomical, etc. factors for the world - Develop technology Core Values Image Sources Writing Conventions "About the Journal of Applied Biomechanics." Human Kinetics Journals. Web. 18 Sept. 2014. <>. "International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science." : AMCS : International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Web. 18 Sept. 2014. <>. "A Proposal to Improve Clarity and Communication in the EU Classification Process for Chemicals for Carcinogenicity and Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity." - Doe. Web. 23 Sept. 2014. <>. "Low-Level Jets in the North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR): A Comparison with Rawinsonde Observations" - Walters. Web. 23 Sept. 2014. <>. - Help solve problems in the real world - Practical applications, critical thinking - Create a problem solving environment - Guide further research with direct queries - Working together (teams, researchers) to address the matter - Can realize immediate benefits as a result of research, usually move on immediately to the next project. "Thermodynamics is essentially the study of internal motions of many body systems. Virtually all substances which we encounter in everyday life are many body systems of some sort or other (e.g., solids, liquids, gases, and light). Not surprisingly, therefore, thermodynamics is a discipline with an exceptionally wide range of applicability." -University of Texas's Richard Fitzpatrick Applied Meteorology uses data from Meteorologic research to affect decision made in society. Weather Forecasting Ryder Fair, Kevin Zhang, Anna Wyngaarden, and Julius Adcock Applied Meteorology Writing and Research Richard Fitzpatrick. Professor of Physics The University of Texas at Austin. University of Texas at Austin, 1 Jul. 2014. Web. 11 Sep. 2014. L Barth Reller. Oxford Journals. Northwestern Prevention Epicenter and Division of Microbiology, 24 Sug. 2000. Web. 11 Sep. 2014. Alex Gullon. Institute of Biomedical Science. Institute of Biomedical Science. Web. 11 Sep. 2014. Bertoni, H. L., and T. Tamir. "Unified theory of Rayleigh-angle phenomena for acoustic beams at liquid-solid interfaces." Applied physics 2.4 (1973): 157-172. Spalding D. B. A Single Formula for the “Law of the Wall” J. Appl. Mech. 28, 455-458 (1961) (4 pages); doi:10.1115/1.3641728 Applied Biomechanics deals with artificial body parts "Modern medicine has led to dramatic changes in infectious diseases practice. Vaccination and antibiotic therapy have benefited millions of persons." -Dr. Lance R. Peterson of Oxford Journal Medical Microbiology Jargon can vary depending on specific fields (Chemistry vs. Physics)

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