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Transcript: Financial Aid Numbers Pros and Cons Testimony from a Former Student Athletics Campus Size: Medium to Large Student Body: 12,210 undergrads 75% full time, 25% part time Costs to Attend (in full) Making Boston's retention rate above the national average. ACT: Average is 21-26 out of 36 SAT is 470-580 for Reading SAT is 490-600 for Math Average GPA: 3.23/4.00 Generally, 76% of UMASS's students return for sophomore year. Admissions Popular Majors "Experience makes a journey easier, but a journey makes experiences." Other Organizations 48% of students graduate within 6 years. SIZES Most popular majors (for a Bachelor's Degree): 19% Business/Marketing 12% Health Professions 12% Social Sciences 10% Psychology 9% Biological and Biomedical Sciences 7% Parks and Recreation 6% Computer and Information Sciences Graduation and Retention Rates Pros: Cheap Tuition Could attend virtually cost free if Mass resident Big college, large campus Many wonderful programs has MSA Mostly commuter campus Lots of parking spaces (if you have a car) Cons: Dorming costs a lot UMASS BOSTON Available Major Programs Sources Active Minds at UMASS Boston African Students Union Anime and Manga Club Anthropology Club Arab students Association Beacons team members have been named All-Americans 98 times in nine different sports. The women's indoor and outdoor track and field teams have won four NCAA Team Championships and 38 individual championships. In 2010, the women's volleyball and men's baseball teams not only were New England champions, but also were invited to compete in the national championship playoffs for their sports. by Ikraam Mohamud MSA "UMASS has very flexible classes, and an incredibly beautiful campus. Their professors are very qualified and students take their classes seriously.The campus has many parking spaces, so parking isn't a problem. Compared to other colleges in the area, their academics are high ranking. If you attend this college you will have a great experience in campus life, academics, organizations and the like." The college is need blind, meaning it does not consider the applicant's financial state when deciding admission. 69% acceptance rate Application fee is $60 Accept Common Apps. Early Action: Apply Deadline is November 1, Reply Deadline is May 1 Average Test Scores Diversity Rates UMASS has a Muslim Student Association, but it is a bit dormant. Their last jumuah prayer was nine years ago, and their last celebratory Eid dinner was five years ago. They don't have many events, but it is still an organization a Muslims student would be a part of. Even though it is a bit inactive there are many Muslim students and there are designated places for prayer. Company Logo


Transcript: Umass Boston has a great selection of clubs and activities to do around campus Almost every major has a club to join to help with job connections Art and language clubs Sailing lessons from beginner level up to advanced Competitive and recreational sports Division III Playing a sport or joining a club is a great way to meet new people and have fun while at school!  Scholarships:  1. Scholarships for continuing students  2. Transfer Merit Scholarship  Location Dominika Bondaryk, Arianna Bilotta, Kiara Pashko, Colin Capistran, Shantia Antunes GO BEACONS! - Various undergraduate, graduate, and master’s programs. - Areas to study ranging from business to environmental studies. - 11 colleges focused in offering degrees specific to the student’s interest. - Bachelor’s of science or art in multiple fields. - Teams of Advisors and Career service persons involved in programs aiding students in their search for what they want to do. - The next step is helping students in their master’s/graduate studies. - Umass Boston is working on furthering programs offered giving more opportunities to the campus life. UMASS BOSTON Works Cited: Umass Boston Housing. (n.d.). Retrieved from Academics. (n.d.). Retrieved from Our campus is located only a few miles outside the heart of Boston, in Dorchester The campus is easily accessible via public transportation and car. If coming by car, there are two parking lots located within parking distance: D Lot and Bayside. Both of these lots cost $6 to park in. If parking in Bayside, a UMass shuttle bus will transport you from the lot to the actual campus If coming by subway or commuter rail, the UMass campus is located on the redline, on the JFK UMass stop. From this stop, a UMass shuttle bus will transport you to the campus, that is up the road. Although not in the heart of the city- our campus' location is perfect because there is more of a campus feeling, instead of just a bunch of buildings located all over the city. Boston, which has been repeatedly voted best city to live in the US, is only a few miles from our campus. This gives our students opportunities to pursue internships, work, and fun activities within the city. From our campus, Boston's world renown hospitals and on of the US' 12 Federal Reserve Banks are just a few miles away. Having these reputable places in our backyard so to speak, gives students in business, science, technology, etc, endless opportunities to pursue their dreams at phenomenal institutions. With the cheap price, waterfront campus views, and the location, UMass is guaranteed to be the best choice you'll make! Join our community! Educational Programs 617-287-6042 Apply online or call us! Financial Aid & Scholarships Our Financial Aid/Scholarship Mission is to create a “warm” environment & to welcome first-year and transfer students who excel academically, succeed on intellectual challenge, and seek to explore the world in unfamiliar ways.  Statistics: $153+ million Awarded in Financial Aid $8.3+ million in Scholarships  What do we offer? 1. Honors College 2. Alpha Lambda Delta 3. Golden Key Sports & Activities New Dorms add logo here BRAND NEW Residence Halls open now! Over 1,000 units Located right by the water with easy access to campus resources and public transportation Floor and meal plan diversity Active student life

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Transcript: Major 1: Business Management Major 2: Business Executive Major 3: Finance UMASS BOSTON Admission Deadline: Priority Deadline March 1 (for fall) unless earlier as noted below. Final Deadlines June 1 (for fall) November 1 (for spring) unless earlier as noted below. International Applicant Deadlines May 1 for fall semester unless earlier as noted below. October 1 for spring semester unless earlier as noted below. Umass Boston Test Deadline: n/a The UMass Boston Campus Center serves as the “living room” of the University—welcoming students, faculty, staff and visitors to a community of learners. The Campus Center, with its soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, comfortable lounges, and stunning views of the Boston Harbor, is the perfect place to offer student services, nurture student life, and offer gathering spaces that build and encourage community interaction. Undergraduate Tuition and Mandatory Fees (based on full-time attendance) Tuition & Fees MA resident $12,682 Non-resident $29,920 International student $30,230 DeadLines Majors and Learning Enviroment Application Requirements Check List Official Transcripts Applicable Test Scores Letters of Recommendation Statement of Purpose Non-refundable Application Fee Program Specific Requirements In State Costs Financial AID Deadline: To get your fair share of financial aid, we recommend that you file your taxes online in early February 2015, if possible, before you file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Funds are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Athletics and Recreation: Athletics and Recreation at UMass Boston provides a wide array of athletic and recreational opportunities for students, alumni, faculty and staff. Whether it’s varsity sports, health and fitness, intramurals, or special events that holds your interest, there’s something for everyone. Campus Life

UMass Boston

Transcript: Life on Campus Other Activities in & around Boston TD Garden games Festivals Museums Other Colleges/Universities Fenway Park Gillette Stadium (Patriots) - Students are able to use their student ID to receive free or discounted deals. - Student can take a walk around the Harbor and relax on on the front lawn of the campus. - Beautiful Ocean View - In walking distance to famous Education Institutions. More than 80 undergraduate programs and 110 graduate programs 7 Colleges College of Advancing and Professional Studies College of Education and Human Development College of Liberal Arts College of Science and Mathematics College of Management College of Nursing and Health Sciences College of public and Community Services Opportunities to gain valuable in-school experience via the following Internships Clinical Other career-related placements $1.25 Thursday, May 1, 2014 Activities Student Activities & Organization Clubs Contact us Campus Diversity Find Us On: Facebook Twitter University offers over 100 clubs and organization on campus. To list a few: Student Arts and Events Council (SAEC) Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) CASA Latina Student Veterans' Center For more information please visit Visit Havard Square Go hiking See historical sites Around MA Academics Come to UMass Boston Diverse group of students School diversity requirement Diverse courses Diversity office Mission Statement Jobs Affirmative Action Plan Statistics 39.3% of students are of color One of the most diverse schools in New England

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