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Transcript: Easy for panelists to understand the testing procedure. Ice Cream Advantages During this difference test, it was important that the product stayed as cold as possible in order to prevent any melting. This required scooping a sample and returning prepared samples to the freezer before they were given to panelists. Complexity of reducing fat and maintaining sensory properties Disadvantages Triangle test Experimental Design Tests were conducted under red light Panelists were asked to choose the odd sample Panelist testing Materials and methods Fat overview Results Table 2. Binomial Statistics Data Ingredients: Skim Milk, Polydextrose, Sorbitol, Maltodextrin, Contains 2% or less of Grade A Whey, Carob Bean Gum, Cellulose Gum, Mono & Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Food Starch-Modified, Polysorbate 80, Carrageenan, Vanilla Extract, Vanillin, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Vitamin A Palmitate, Caramel Color, Annatto (for color) A triangle test was chosen because it can determine which sample is the odd one out instead of identifying a specific trait that is different. Ho: There is no difference between the regular ice cream and fat-free ice cream Ha: There is a significance difference between the regular ice cream and fat-free ice cream. Health concerns This test was used to see if the panelists could determine the odd sample between three samples. Discussion There is a significant difference between the two ice cream products One Create new sensory tests, but instead test for preference or liking rather than noticeable difference Customers who prefer non-fat ice cream may prefer the different taste as well Two Research a "reduced-fat" version of ice cream Gives ice cream mouthfeel and taste of normal ice cream Gives customers a healthier alternative to the normal ice cream Conclusions Each panelist received: 1. 3 samples of ice cream with spoons 2. Rinsing: Crackers, warm water (in styrofoam cup), room temperature water (in wax cup). 3. A ballot. 6 possible sample orders: AAB, ABA, BAA, BBA, BAB, ABB Rinse protocol: Before every sample, rinse mouth with warm water, then consume part of a cracker then rinse mouth with room temperature water Implications The test was conducted in 376 Bevier with a temperature of 25ºC and a relative humidity of 33%. Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Contains 2% or less of Vanilla Extract, Vanillin, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Mono & Diglycerides, Cellulose Gel, Cellulose Gum, Annatto for color. High-fat diets can be associated with cancer, heart disease and diabetes Diets high in fat lead to cholesterol accumulation in the blood (1) It also lead to weight gain and decreased metabolic efficiency (2) Problem: Some consumers are concerned with the overconsumption of dietary fat which has led the UIUC Dairy Company to develop a new fat-free ice cream. Objective: This study wants to determine whether or not there is a significant difference between regular vanilla ice cream and fat-free vanilla ice cream. Fat-Free Two routes for new studies References Prone to human error. 0.00<0.05 Regular There were 7 female panelists and 4 male panelists. Panelists do not require training. Reject the null hypothesis Group 5: Carol Chou, Lauren Killian, Karen Herdiman, Josh Warren, Adam Radi, and Jeff Sada UIUC FSHN 302 - Sensory Evalulation of Foods 2 October 2014 Previous Findings Product handling Fats are essential to the body for energy storage, insulation, and cushioning of organs. Saturated fats do not have any double bonds between carbon and hydrogen atoms. These are solid at room temperature. Unsaturated fats have a double bond between carbon atoms. These are liquids at room temperature. Table 1. Panelist Responses to Ice Cream Triangle Test Difference Testing Addition of fat to vanilla ice cream increased buttery and creamy notes and mouthcoating(3) Coldness, ice crystal perception and melting rate decreased with fat addition (3) Fat-free vanilla ice cream had lower viscosity, smoothness and mouthcoating properties compared to full fat (4) Sensory and instrumental analysis Used triangle difference test Compared 3 products to find odd one out Reject null hypothesis Accept alternative Fat is responsible for the taste and mouthfeel of normal ice cream There were 11 panelists between the ages of 18-25. The amount of sample codes may get confusing. Sufficient evidence to reject the null hypothesis Accept the alternative: There is a significant difference between the regular vanilla ice cream and the fat-free vanilla ice cream 1.[MedlinePlus] National Institutes of Health. 2013. Heart Disease and Diet. Bethesda, MD: U.S National Library of Medicine. Avaliable from: Accessed Sept 7, 2014. 2. Winzell MS, Ahren B. 2004. The High-Fat Diet Fed Mouse: A Model For Studying Mechanisms and Treatment of Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Type 2 Diabetes. National Center for Biotechnology Information. [serial online]; 3:S215-9.


Transcript: HTAs or Hierarchically Tiled Arrays, whose objects are arrays divided into tiles and which may be distributed across a mesh of processors, allow the expression of parallel computation and data movement by means of indexed assignment and computation operators that overload those of the host language. Overall, HTAs are a powerful tool for the design of parallel algorithms. UICU stands for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The location where it was created. HTA itself isnt a programming language, but a data structure that can be implemented in any language. UICU has implemented this datastructure in C++ and MATLAB Note: A Monte Carlo algorithim is one that utilizes randomness HTA-uiuc HTA Addressing Synax: Curly braces are used to index the tiles while parenthesis are used to access elements. C{ row, column }( row, column ) Example: C{2,1}{1,2}(1,2) translates to: go to the block in the second row and first column of C (C{2,1}). Then go to the first row and second column of C{2,1} ( C{2,1}{1,2}). Finally access the element in the first row and second column of C{2,1}{1,2}. HTA Creation Note: Code examples are writen in MATLAB Non-Homogeneous Example 2: Estimation of pi using parallel Monte Carlo High Level Operations in HTA People Involved A as the partition of B Example 3: Jacobi Relaxation: each element is replaced by the average of it's four neighbors. B as the partition of C Algorithm implementation using HTC Example 2: . . . What is HTA-uiuc? HTA Addressing C as the partition of D Why did they make HTA? C( 1, 1:3 ) C( 2, 1:3 ) Ranges may be selected using the begin:step:end notation. The step is optional and if left out is assumed to be one.Furthermore a single : can be used to present all possibles values for a dimension. In the diagram C is an HTA split into 2x2 tiles of 2x2 tiles of 2x2 elements each C{2, :}(1:2:4, 1:3) means select the blocks in the second row of C. Then in those blocks for each row starting at 1 and stepping 2 until 4 (so rows 1 and 3) select the elements in the columns from 1 to 3. Note: HTA arrays are 1-index based. Two Types of HTA You can see from the diagram that C{2,1}(1,4) and C(5,4) both access the same element as C{2,1}{1,2}(1,2) Conclusions By: Gabriel Pita and Brian Vermillion HTA stands for Hierarchically Tiled Array They were inspired by two recently proposed languages for parallel processing. Coarray Fortran UPC (Unified Parallel C) HTA provides an easier way to access and process data by organizing it a hierarchy and allowing for operations to applied to whole chunks of data or "tiles" in parallel. Tiled array vs Partitioned array Example: C( : , 1:3) means for all rows select the elements starting in column 1 and ending in column 3 Selecting ranges in an HTA David Padua - Professor of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a researcher of Parallel Computing María J. Garzarán - Research Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Basilio B. Fraguela - Associate Professor at Universidade da Coruna Collaborators : Christoph Von Praun Gheorghe Almási Dan Hoeflinger Diego Andrade Luiz De Rose Jose Moreira Graduate students: Ganesh Bikshandi Jia Guo James Brodman HTA was developed in 2003 to provide a data type that facilitates parallel programming and programming for locality. HTA's are tiled arrays where each tile is either a partitioned array or a hierarchically tiled array. Tiled array - an array that is partitioned into subarrays in such a way that adjacent subarrays have the same size along the dimension of adjacency Homogeneous repmat - replication circshift- circular shift. circshift(h , [0, -1]) moves all tiles in h left by one and moves the leftmost tile all the way to the right. circshift(h, [1,0]) would similarly shift the tiles in h down by one. transpose - performs the transpose operation from linear algebra (moves tile in position i j to j i) Example 1: Cannon’s algorithm for matrix multiplication It has a time complexity of O(n) and uses O(n^2) processors (servers). The naive algorithm for matrix multiplication has a time complexity of O(n^3). References: Creation of an HTA F from 6x6 Matrix M: rows 1, 3 and 5 and columns 1, 3 and 5 are delimiters for the HTA. This creates a 3x3 HTA with tiles of size 2x2. Tiles of an HTA can further be divided, creating a nested hierarchy. Homogeneous HTA's not only have the same size as their neighbors along the dimension of adjacency, but they will also agree in the number and position of the partitions along that dimension HTA Creation HTA's Nested Example with bottom up tiling: C = hta(D, {[1,3,5,7,9],[1,4,7,10]}); B = hta(C, {[1,4],[1,2,3,4]}); A = hta(B, {[1,2],[1,2]});

ECE 441 Powerpoint

Transcript: Brain Development in Schema Schema is an essential pattern of thought that happens in children's play enhancing their brain development. Baby Doll Circle Time Schema defined: a pattern of thought or behavior, a system of organizing or a mental structure for perceiving new information. For my activity, I decided to do a Baby Doll Circle time at my center in the 2-3 year old classroom. 8 Schemas- Trajectory Transporting Transforming Position and Ordering Rotation & Circularity Enclosing & Enveloping Connection & Disconnecting Orientation & Perspective A Thinking Lens Used I was surprised about how much I was able to see in action with the 6 steps through the Thinking Lens. Process: Day 1:The first day I had asked the teachers if I can do a small activity introducing the babies. During free play I brought out the babies and immediately the children came and grabbed the babies. Then about 5-7 minutes passed and we put them away. Day 2: I did circle time this day. I sang "Get your Baby" and the children came to the circle time rug and grabbed a baby and sat down. We than sang a song to hug the baby. And the children were hugging the babies. Then we put the babies to sleep and put them back in the basket. Day 3: Repeated the process but this time instead of hugging the baby we twirled the baby. Following the same steps of the activity. Activity Implementation: Materials: Baby dolls, baby doll basket When: During Circle Time How many children: 7-8 Activity Duration: 5-10 minutes Songs: Get your baby, Hug your baby, Twirl your baby Days: 3 days to complete What is Baby Doll Circle Time? -It is an activity that was created by Dr Becky Bailey. It consists of a basket of small baby dolls. The children gather around in circle time and sing songs with the teacher while holding their baby. It lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on how long the children are engaged. Finding Details that Engage Your Heart and Mind: What is touching my heart is seeing the capability that children have to be gentle and soft. This is showing me that sharing these positive shared emotion, children will hopefully want to do this on their own in the future with others. Seeking the Child's Point of View: I believe that the developmental domain the child is practicing is the social and emotional. I believe this because by hugging the babies it is instilling the sense of gentleness with other classmates. The goal is for the children to be able to make connections with peers, and familiar adults. Knowing Yourself: I was reacting surprised by the third day. I was surprised because on the third day the children already new what we were going to do as soon as I sang the toon "Get your baby". i was surprised that they were able to remember. Considering Opportunities and Possibilities for Next Steps: I can build on this experience by analyzing what worked and what did not work during the activity. This will help my goal of making the activity go smoother for next time. Expanding Perspectives Through Collaboration and Research: I believe family background can heavily influence the reaction children may have during this activity. For example, maybe some children are not received with the warmth of hugging at home. And when we are doing this some children may react with a sense of questioning what we are doing or may be triggered. Examining the Physical/ SE Environment: I think this helped strengthen the relationships between the children because there were shown to give hugs to their baby doll. In hopes of creating this positive example, they will then present this gentle behavior with the other children in the classroom demonstrating their competence in social interactions. How Will This Support Reflective Thinking? This will help me support my teaching by reflecting on the daily tasks children do hold so much meaning to them. You can see a child explore their surroundings/ objects and see their thinking process that expands their brain development.It will help me see with a lens of realizing children from 0-5 love to learn and do so almost each minute of each day A Thinking Lens for Reflective Teaching As described in the text, A Thinking Lens is used to slow down and observe more closely what children are doing each day. -Knowing Yourself -Examining the Physical/ Social/ Emotional Environment -Seeking the Child's Point of View -Finding the Details that Engage Your Heart and Mind -Expanding Perspectives Through Collaboration and Research - Considering Opportunities and Possibilities for Next Steps ECE 441 Section 1 Presentation Competency of Children in Early Childhood Education Really Seeing Children by Deb Curtis In this course we had the pleasure of reading the brilliant book, Really Seeing Children by Deb Curtis Chapter 1 focused on, "Observations of children engaged in ever day moments filled with extraordinary meaning". This entails using the Thinking Lens for Reflective Teaching, seeking children's perspectives, capturing the details, and seeing


Transcript: *"It's one of the most vexing paradoxes facing the U.S. today, even if most people are not aware of it. American IT and software companies dominate the world market place and the vast majority of colleges and universities have excellent computer science programs, yet at the K-12 level, computer science education is almost nonexistent." - NSF 2009 Curriculum Trained teachers K-12 models of innovation Professional development What we are doing to change that! Etoys: Dr. Reese examples How you can Participate ! We need to build capacity Why work with US! Why Creative Computing is important for our next generation? A UIUC MSTE in Partnership with Illini for Kids Creative Computing for Elementary Education Creative Computing for Enhanced Education As a Matter of Fact! "The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented." Alan Kay-Etoys inventor and Computer Scientist Students using computers to model their ideas. * National Science Foundation. (2009). A week to focus on computer science education. National Science Foundation. Retrieved December 2, 2013, from the World Wide Web: What is Computing, and why is it important? Kenwood Elementary Jefferson Middle School Edison Middle School Franklin Middle School Centennial High School-Coming Soon "In computing you don't have to be a Ph.D. or anything else. It's a place where you can still be an artisan." Alan Kay -inventor of Etoys and Computer Scientist We have assembled an international team with focused local impact.

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