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UIC Presentation

Transcript: Presentation by Kathleen Henschen Why UIC? What sets it apart? Where is it? How do I do it? Who can help me? Objectives Objectives My Objectives : Information for a prospective candidate 1 Vision Statement of the University 2 Two College Campuses 3 Program Offerings and Admission 4 Career Pathways and Research How to increase Higher Education Enrollment and Recruit Students Recruitment Strategies -Analyze Data (Where are the current students coming from?) -Be visible in the various communities (community colleges, high schools. local organizations, minority groups, career offices -Use Social Media - Virtual Information Fair - Experience Camps Vision and Commitment Chicago's largest and most diversed university. Vision Inclusive Environment 20% Underrepresented Minority 25% First Generation College Immigrants 30 Languages Represented Diversity in Education Diversity Matter s in Education ONE COLLEGE TWO CAMPUSES UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES 2 Campuses ROCKFORD Rockford Home to the Rural Pharmacy (Rpharm) Concentraion 80 Miles Northwest of Chicago Small City Affordable Housing CHICAGO CAMPUS Chicago 2 miles west of Chicago business idstrict and in the heart of Ilinois Medical District. Opportunities and abundance of research facilities. University on campus and off campus housing. Home of the Urban Pharmacy UPharm concentraion. Pharmacy Programs Programs PharmD Doctor of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Factors for Admission Highest level of professional education in pharmacy, and has been approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as the sole entry-level degree for the profession. Coursework and Pre-requisites PCAS/GPA Curriculum Admission Process Rural (RPHARM Urban (UPHARM) Careers Graduate Programs Graduate Programs Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery, Pharmacognosy, Chemistry in Drug Discover, Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutics and Forensics Master of Science Forensic Science Forensic Toxicology Joint Degrees/Dual Degrees Pharm D-MBA, PharmD-PhD PharmD-MS Health Informatics PharmD- MS Clinical and Translational Services PharmD- MPH Residencies and Fellowships Residencies and Fellowships PGY1/PGY2 Fellowship Specialties One-year program Rockford PGY 1 Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy PGY2 Specialities Benefits Application Process Policies and Duties For International Graduates Academic/Family Medicine Infectious Disease Health economics and outcomes research Critical Care and Infectious Disease Pharmacoptherapy Research and Clinical Opportunities Research Areas Offered Clinical Opportunities (IPPE) and APPE sites NEW PROGRAM Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science or BS/Pharm D Pathway Straight from High School BS in Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences BSBS 4 Year Pathway Employment in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical sectores Professional Programs MS/PHD Programs BSPS/PharmD 7 Year Pathway Will reduce both program completion by 1 year. GPPA Guaranteed Pharmacist Licensure Pharmacy Residencies and Fellowships PhD Program Admissions and Paying for Education Admissions and Financing Education Timeline for Application Pre-requisites in Coursework for related programs, Exam Scores and GPA Information Universitty Recruiter/Admissions Contact Financial Aid 92% enrolled receive assistance Scholarships (Over $160,000 awarded to current students Financial Aid Representative to Answer Questions What jobs can I hold with a Pharmacy Degree? Career Pathways Career Industries with a Pharmacy Degree -Business -Government -Medical Institutions -Academia -Research and Development Demand Job Titles Wish List From a young pharmacist of what information a recruiter should impart. Information on Managed Care and Drug Development Regulatory and Government Information Faculty members in specific industries that can give personal narrative and share real experiences Organizations/clubs to participate in that will help in preparation to real world. Opportunities for conventions. training, outside the didactic curriculum. "When interviewing candidates, I cared more about the research they completed, the accoomplishments outside of work, the data analyzed or the drugs they studied over a 3.4 or a 3.6 GPA."

UIC KING Presentation

Transcript: UIC KING PRESENTATION Group members David boenarjo Marcel aditya Agrim burma Bibek singh deuja Shiva puri - Course Details - GCA’s rules and policies - Academic information - Percentage of Attendance - Subject Exemption The information that generated from the website is designed for all internal and external stakeholders including the government and agent GCA uses highly secured IT system,the complete it system is constantly monitored for correct operation and it staff are alerted automatically in case of any system failure.Most importantly all the members information in this website are password protected, they have to login with their individual id and password.Therefore it is very hard for an outsider to get the information from this website so we think it is pretty good security wise. If this website wasn't safe as it is now, all the information of all the students and staff would be in danger of being hacked as the number and activities of hackers are increasing everyday. New viruses of different nature are being developed so this website would be under the threat of identity theft. If this website was not properly secured, we students would be more vulnerable as GCA has started the payment of fees through their own website so our credit card details would be under the threat of being hacked. Even though it is secured it is not far from the threat from these computer hackers as we have numerous example of highly secured it system being hacked even the technological giant sony faced this problem not long ago. - Passport and visa numbers of students - Student Name / ID - Date of birth - Faculty - Subject fees and financial status - Attendance Record - Enrollment date and estimated time of completion - Emergency contact External stakeholder -Agent -Government Usability Time efficient Environment friendly Easy access Internal Stakeholder -Student -Teacher -Staff Design Poor color collaboration Unnecessary repetition of terms and conditions agreement Excessive content Overall Website Evaluation 1. For internal stakeholders a. Students : To help making decision regarding the subject b. Teacher :To help teacher in keeping track of the student that are enrolled such as attendance and academic progress c. staff :With the information, it will make the staff easier in assisting the government to keep track of students with low attendance and with the information provided GCA Website's Key stakeholders THX FOR THE TIME Information generated : Types, Users and Purposes Types of Data Collected by The System 2. For external stakeholders a. Government : With relevant and reliable records and information from the staff, it will help the government to know which are the international students who didn’t attend regularly to class Information and System Security Function Assignment submission Academic results


Transcript: General info Introduction Subject: Industrial Clusters Economics Prof: CORO Giancarlo Students: Leonardo Baldissara: 868900 Milena Komnenovic: 893169 Achraf Ben hiba: 893805 Kristine Nikoghosyan: 998388 University-Industrial Clusters Partnership: The case study of Ann Arbor Cluster SCHEME OF PRESENTATION Introduction Collaboration channels and mechanisms Research Methodology Case Study Analyzes Discussion (Lost, Benefit) Conclusion Introduction Universities can be drivers of regional and national development, as well as universities can be considered as producers of knowledge and innovation. Regional efforts to develop industry clusters increasingly include universities as central assets. It is essential to understand the role of Universities in the innovation ecosystem and cluster formation in order to maximize academic impact and contribution STATEMENT The development of the economic and innovative capacities of country in regional, national and local level The systematic and continuous cooperation could lead The development of educational and research sphere: Development of idea of Triple Helix,(4th, 5h Helix), Smart Specialization Strategy Research methodology STAGES OF RESEARCH Theoretical research and literature review Lost-Benefit analyzes Case Study UNIVERSITY BENEFIT LOSTS Economic Economic Institutional Institutional Intellectual Intellectual INDUSTRY- Clusters BENEFIT LOSTS Economic Economic Institutional Institutional Intellectual Intellectual University of Michigan Ann Arbor Industrial Cluster Channels Channels Collaboration channels (OECD) Title Benefits BENEFITS FOR CLUSTERS AND UNIVERSITIES, GOVERNMENT Title University level: Benefits Intellectual • High levels of knowledge and information accumulation • Well-trained students • Improvement of the quality teaching Economic • Additional sources of funding • Employment opportunity Institutional • Establishment of specialized structures, centers, technoparks • Improvement of technological equipment in universities • Improvement of the university image Industry/cluster level: Benefits Intellectual • Access to a well-qualified labor • Strengthen research, innovation and technology development • Joint publications Economic • Boost company’s sales • Higher productivity • Saving money traditionally invested in R&D • Reduction of expenses on trainings • Access to Cheaper labor Institutional • Ability to use research infrastructure • Improving technological performance • Strengthening their status and image by connecting with major universities Research is being transferred to industry creating economic growth Governments are supporting this interaction due to the fast changing technological and competitive environment Government level: Benefits Losts DISADVANTAGES FOR INDUSTRY CLUSTERS AND UNIVERSITIES Collaboration disadvantages for Universities Intellectual Relocation of academics from university to cluster IPR conflicts Economic Financial dependency Institutional Bureaucratic overload Strategic divergences and conflict Title Title Collaboration disadvantages for Clusters Intellectual IPR conflicts Economic Cost of additional resources during training Ineffective cooperation Institutional Differences in working styles (firms are more flexible) Case study CASE STUDY Introduction Ann Arbor as a place to learn, live, work and innovate in high-tech Several hundred life sciences and information technology firms University of Michigan as prime example of coordinating R&D and cluster specialization. University of Michigan with 35,446 employees is a top employer in the region. University University of Michigan In the fall of 2015, it was named as the world’s 5th most innovative university. In 2021, 1.58 billion in research volume. Industry sponsored U-M research innovations totaling $ 109 million. In the same year 23 startups, 502 inventions and a record 287 license and option agreements with companies. OPPORTUNITIES Large number of research institutes Active technology transfer system Grant opportunities for both students and professionals seeking to continue their venture. The Wolverine Venture Fund is the first student-run venture capital fund. Clusters Ann Arbor Life Science Cluster Approx. 280 life sciences firms that employ more than 6,000 people are located in the Ann Arbor region. U-M and its Life Sciences Institute (LSI) – cornerstone of the region’s life sciences success. Michigan Medicine, and North Campus Research Institute critical role in launching life sciences startups. New venture - partnership with major international pharmaceutical research company Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC). Thriving companies and laboratory space also support this region. Ann Arbor IT Zone Cluster CONCLUSIONS Conclusions Title Conclusions University must have a significant base of research aligned with the needs of that cluster The role of geographical proximity for tacit knowledge exchange and technology transfer considered as a basic for the development


Transcript: My career Curfew UIC There are lots of free events for UIC students. Sources The Mascot is Sparky D. Dragon and the colors are blue and red. There are no real requirements to enter UIC. The minimum is 2.50 but people who have higher gpa have a more chance of getting into UIC. Money cost to receive bachelors degree 4 years of college.4 years of medical school (being a medical student)3 years of general pediatric training in a hospitals and other places (being an intern and resident) Safety on campus There are more than 1,500 emergency call boxes on campus. There have been accidents but they were off campus and near the campus but not on it. They also advise to not display valuables in public.Try to travel in groups when possible, particularly after dark. Use well-lit walkways. At UIC there is no curfew since the students are adults. Security measures are put into place to ensure a safe living environment for all. What i will need to become a pediatrician. It will cost 120,000 or more. It will cost 30,000 a year. Also in my field i will be making 175,000 a year. My dream university Sports I want to be a pediatrician. I want to help kids that are in trouble like adults that helped me. My parents have told me they'd like me to be a pediatrician. They have tennis,swimming and diving,baseball,and gymnastics just to name a few. The sport i care about is soccer. I hope that when i go to UIC i can join the soccer team. That is what i want to do if they think im good enough Gpa requirements Events About UIC


Transcript: University Of Illinois at Chicago Location & Directions *16,1911 Undergraduates *8,012 Graduates *2, 657 Professional = Mary Dillon: -Gradauted '83 -President and CEO, U.S. Cellular Billy Branch -Graduated '74 -Emmy winning blues musician Andy Cukurs - Graduated '85 -CEO,Suzlon Wind Energy Corp. (Wind Turbine Pioneer) Jeff Bzdelik - Graduated '76 -Head coach, Wake Forest Men's backetball Men's basketball had made more NCAA post-season appearances in the last 12 years than all Division I schools in the area combined Freshmen & Undergraduates 67 Doctoral Degrees Public Red and Blue Sparky D.Dragon Upcoming Fashion Show Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is this meaningful to you? Fun Fair Friday Night Live UIC Heart Walk UIC Fashion Show Common App Fall 2013 Apply for FAFSA Opportunities vary Based on UIC Admission Application Possible Scholarships: -P.A.P -Transfer Merit Tuition Award or Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Honors College ROTC Private/Public? Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. 82 Bachelors Degrees & 93 Masters Degrees Famous Alumni For help: Scholarships Majors Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? NCAA Division UIC will not be boring! Demographics The End :) Any questions? -42% Caucasian -22% Latino -21% Asian -8% African American 27,580 Total Student Mascot & School Colors Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? Fun Activities $50.00 Nonrefundable fee Tuition & Room and Board List of scholarships:: Essay Questions $6,969 to $8,945 Per Semester In-State $13,164 to $15,140 Out-Of-State Common App/Fee

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