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Transcript: UFCFHC-15-3 Usability and Interaction Design Presentation Group Member: Kong Chun Man But Ka Cheuk Lau Yiu Chung Ho Ka Ming Overview Overview Background Research method Result of the research Summary Our Product Screen capture Main page capture - 9 different area Tutorial of Web coding PHP , HTML , JavaScript Guideline of photoshop GIMP Our product description: Sub page capture PHP Sub page capture JaveScript Sub page capture HTML Sub page capture GIMP Goal of the Evaluation: Goal of the Evaluation: Improve the Usability Make it more User-friendly Two Approaches to evaluate o... Two Approaches to evaluate our product: Usability test Cognitive walkthroughs Questionnaire Time task Three question Cognitive walkthroughs Cognitive walkthroughs Purpose : To study about the ease of learning. Why choose cognitive walkthroughs to do? Find out the efficiency of the product Expert go throughs the senarios Guide by the questions each step 屠油Question for Experts - Cognitive walkthroughs 屠油Question for Experts - Cognitive walkthroughs Will the correct action be sufficiently evident to the user? Will the user notice that the correct action is available? Will the user associate and interpret the response from the action correctly? Practical issues - Cognitive walkthroughs Practical issues - Cognitive walkthroughs Q 1 Q 2 Own computer How can we find the equipment? Computer room Group member How can find the experts Procedure - Cognitive walkthroughs Procedure - Cognitive walkthroughs Step: 1. Click the “php” button in the home page 2. Click the “next” button in the bottom to the next page, if the page does not have the title 3. Click the text of the title they want Task: Search the PHP explode function Step 1 - Cognitive walkthroughs Step 1 - Cognitive walkthroughs Question No. Q1 Q2 Q3 Answer Click the “php” button in the home page Yes, when the user finish the step, the website will switch to the page of the PHP page Yes, the user Interface will show the button in the top of the page which can easy to find Yes. When website to the next page, the user can know the step is finish and the page is they want Click the “next” button in the bottom Step 2 - Cognitive walkthroughs Step 2 - Cognitive walkthroughs Question No. Q1 Q2 Q3 Answer Yes, when the user finish the step, the website will switch to next page Yes, the user Interface will show the button in the bottom of the page which can easy to find and suitable for the user when they are look all of the page Yes. When website to the next page, the user can know the step is finish and the page is they want Click the text of the title they want Step 3 - Cognitive walkthroughs Step 3 - Cognitive walkthroughs Question No. Q1 Q2 Q3 Answer Yes, when the user finish the step, the website will switch to the page and show the information they need. Yes, the user Interface will show the text of the information which can notice user. Yes. When website to the next page, the user can know the step is finish and the page is they want by checking the information and know whether the action is correct Screen Capture - Cognitive walkthroughs Screen Capture - Cognitive walkthroughs Usability test Usability test Target user : Students or developer Purpose : Know more about the response of the product and find out the problem of the product Why choose usability test to do? Data similar to the real user Practical issues - Usability Test Practical issues - Usability Test How to select user? Invite the people who have experience or interested in developing website How to do the test? Venue : computer lab Ask the user to do the different tasks Observe the time of the task finish, any difficulty of doing the task Ask the user to do the questionnaire to collect the user experience Ethical issues and solution - Usablii... Ethical issues and solution - Usabliity Test How to protect user personal privacy? Encrypt personal information Clean all data when finished research Tasks Tasks We will ask the user to the following tasks: Searching information about PHP Find how to use some functions of the HTML included in the site Find how to use some function of the JavaScript which is not included in the site Observe the user and compare with other website In questionnaires, tester will use the grade to mark the site. (1 is the worst ,5 is the best) Usability test - Questionnaires Usability test - Questionnaires 1. Usability test - Questionnaires Response Result and Analysis Result and Analysis 2. Usability test - Comparison 3. Task Comparison 4. Analysis - Usablitiy Test Usability test - Questionnaires Response Around 40% user give 4 mark Usability test - Questionnaires Response Above 48.6% user give lower than 2 mark Above 45.7% user give higher than 4 mark Above 78.6% user give higher than 4 mark Around 37.1% user give lower than 2 mark Above 48.6% user give lower than 2 mark Usability test - Comparison Usability test - Comparison User interface design(1-5) Our Product(Webtech) Comparison Product (W3CSchool)

UI Presentation

Transcript: Appointment Scheduling for small businesses Universal Login and social networking tie-in Terrible existing attempts Customers Business Owners Employees The Customer View Scenario: Reschedule Appointment Calendar interface displays upcoming appointments, time appointments may be scheduled, and unavailable time Simple display shows upcoming events Buttons clearly labeled for actions Therapist picture helps with recognition over recall Current status clearly displayed Options identified Language options explicitly confirm or reject actions Therapist image was requested by Customer walkthrough user Inclusion of therapist image helps customers familiar with social networking sites feel comfortable with the interface Additionally, the image helps the therapist maintain a more personal connection with the customer The OWNER / OPERATOR View Scenario: Confirm Appointment Request The OWNER / EMPLOYER Modifications Lessons Learned Simplify, simplify simplify Those Heuristic walkthroughs were nice for evaluating our design Breakthroughs: History management was a really good idea Total Failures None We feel that this is a solid design for managing/maintaining a schedule where new users and power uses will feel like they are able to be productive and the UI will help facilitate their actions instead of hinder them. General Impressions: Ryan Glasspoole William Palmer Jeff Larsen Jemiah Aitch Confirm Appointment Set Availability Change Appointment Cancel Appointment Persona: Andrea - Self-employeed sole proprietor - Moderate techinical skills - Highly organized - Requires a flexible scheduling package Employees The user can select the employee to take the assignment Translucence used in the calendar area to overlay employee availability Persona: Bruce - Trained massuese - New business owner - Has two employees - Web and technology savvy Confirm Appointment Set Availability Change Appointment UI Presentation Blue highlights draw attention to the most recent changes Temporary buttons in case of error User Tasks The accordion area maintains visibility of data and reduces pop-ups Extended customer information is available with a button press The Problem: Business Owners Use alternative log-in Schedule Appointment Cancel Appointment Reschedule Appointment Who are the users? Color used to highlight notification Attention drawn to potential action and its effect on the schedule Persona: Brett - Former pro-athelete - Not very tech savvy, but uses email and Facebook - Changes schedule often - Choosy about his masseuse Customers Team Indecisive

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Transcript: RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE IN MALAYSIA #PRAY4SYRIA Article 12 - Rights in Respect of Education; there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of birth. Malaysia is the country that tolerates the practice of diverse religious faiths. There are provisions in the country's law that protects all Malaysians of their own identity and heritage.Lastly,as a Muslim,we must applying a good relationship with non-Muslims to show them Islam is a true religion. JAZAKALLAH FOR YOUR ATTENTION!! Q&A CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION RELIGIOUS TOLERANCES IN MALAYSIA & RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSLIMS AND NON-MUSLIMS The Concept of Tolerance #PRAY4EGYPT INTRODUCTION WHAT ISLAM ALLOWS FOR MUSLIMS RELATING NON-MUSLIMS Article 11(1)- Freedom of Religion ; every person has the right to profess and practice his religion. Constitution Right Constitutional Right National Public Holidays Vernacular Chinese and Tamil Schools The Federal Constitution also guarantees the right of education by stipulates there is no form of discrimination on the grounds of religion,race,descent or place of birth. The Chinese and Indians are allowed to send their children to Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools in which the medium of instructions are Mandarin and Tamil,respectively. The Malays have no qualms for their existence as there are also Islamic religious schools run by states through the Department of Religious Affairs. Muslim festivals and observances, such as Eid Celebration and Maulidur Rasul are declared as official public holidays. Similarly, other celebrations in Malaysia such as Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas are also declared as national public holidays. Other important festivities that are declared as public holidays are Thaipusam, Wesak and Tadau Keamatan. For the Malaysian, the many festivals spanning the many racial and ethnic groups express the true racial and religious harmony and tolerance. Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.[Surah Al Baqarah:verse 256] O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).[Surah Al-Hujurat:verse 13] Religious tolerance is one of the important aspects in multicultural society in the world including Malaysia. In this presentation,we are going to discuss on what had been done by our country about this situatiom. HOW TO DEAL WITH NON-MUSLIMS ACCORDING TO SHARI'AH Commercial transactions The development of friendship and social relations Visiting each other Calling on the sick Marriage Giving and receiving gifts Business Vernacular Chinese and Tamil Schools Literal Meaning : To bear, to endure or to put up with. Tolerance comes from Latin, 'tolerantia' which means flexibility, softness of the heart, broadmindedness and volunteering. From Islamic perspective : The term "tolerance" in Arabic, which refers to al-tasamuh which defines giving and receiving, not only hoping for some to give and others to receive. In respective to 1 Malaysia concept, the celebration of every religion is celebrated as a symbol of respects to all Malaysians. However, due to the lack of understanding about the limitations on the concept from the Malaysian community eventually gives various controversies like in allegation of apostasy and polytheism among Muslims. Article 13 (1)-Religion of the federation; Islam is the religion of the federation, but other religions may practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the country. Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just..Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and support (others) in driving you out, from turning to them (for friendship and protection). It is such as turn to them (in these circumstances), that do wrong. [Surah Al Mumtahanah:verse 8-9] National Public Holiday RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSLIMS AND NON-MUSLIMS The laws provides equal right of each citizen to continue with the tradition inherited from his forefathers and this laws also give the freedom to citizen to build their own house of worship such as mosques ,temples and churchs. 1. Muslims are commanded to call non-Muslims to Islam with wisdom and beautiful preaching and by debating in manner is better. 2. The Muslims should give the non-Muslims the opportunity to hear the words of Allah. 3. The Muslims should differentiate between different kinds of non-Muslims in their dealings with

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Transcript: A report into how we're doing... Domain: Welcome to a report on the progress so far on our business idea: Harisson Mall! The Team Gaurav Goel 8613507 Aditya Jobalia 8632067 Dharti Patel 8621066 People visit mall as it has everything one need in their daily life. There are various shops in mall like cafe, telecom offices, supermarket and clothing accessories. For entertainment there are theater and game zones too. People often enjoy coming to mall for shopping as they can get everything from single place at reasonable price. Cherry on top is that people can also win deals while shopping from mall where they are given exciting prizes. There are membership plans for customers where they are given deals and holiday vouchers as complimentary for their loyalty. Objective Objective Efficacy is the ability to produce a desired or intended result after gathering all the data and information of our business. Marketing is the best way to grow any business by providing exciting deals and offers Making attractive offers on product based on demand. Mall Membership Card- get daily deals and offers via push notification. For that, the UI design is designed in such way that it shows new offers and deals on the homepage and they also get notified through email. Services we are providing at our Mall- Online Booking for Movie and Event tickets Order Placement for Groceries and Supermarket Stores New Arrivals and Promotions Notifications Efficacy Efficacy Effectiveness means to achieve accuracy and specific goals in particular environment by particular users. To evaluate the effectiveness of User Interface Design, the aspects to assess are: Quality as to which extent it works Accessibility of system functionality To assess UI interaction Experience Constantly website will be checked for bugs and if discovered it will be resolved in time. Website will be designed with reusable components for scalability. Promotional offers will be updated time to time so that user can get maximum benefit from it. Feedbacks will be taken from user to improve UI design. Effectiveness Effectiveness User Interface is the key component of any Web Application. The acceptance of a Web Application by its users depends critically on its user interfaces. Due to a Bad Interface Design, there may arise many usability problems and there Is always a possibility of users sabotaging the system because they don’t understand it. Before we being Designing our User Interface for the Application, we have vitally researched about what are the best practices to follow to make an Interactive User Interface: Learnability. Flexibility. Robustness. Feedback. Layout Concepts. Efficiency Efficiency UI Research Target Audience According to the survey, we saw that old-aged people, working adults, student visit mall on weekend while college students visit mall in weekdays too. In this survey, we asked certain questions to people and we learned that majority of people like to visit mall in weekends. People prefer mall because one can get everything s/he needs from one stop. For knowing our Target Audience, we performed a small survey where we recorded response of the people in neighborhood, friends and relatives. Competition Nowadays, we have a lot of malls in Canada such as Conestoga Mall, Fairview Mall or Frederick Mall. People visit mall as it has everything one need in their daily life. There are various shops in mall like cafe, telecom offices, supermarket and clothing accessories. For entertainment there are theater and game zones too. Conestoga Mall which is situated in Waterloo, Ontario has various stores and showrooms like Hudson’s Bay, H&M, Rogers, SportChek, Zehrs, Subway, etc. and for entertainment there is Cineplex where we can enjoy movies. People can buy groceries from Zehrs and for shopping of clothing/apparels, Hudson’s Bay and H&M. Another good thing is people can also have food as there are different types of cuisine available from different restaurants. Competition Domain Domain Registration WireFrame WireFrame Sketch Sketch WireFrame Sketch WireFrame WireFrame Sketch SiteMap SiteMap SiteMap Interaction Prototype Axure Human Interaction Interacting with user to help locate a store or find promotions Sign Up Form, Live Chat to resolve Customer queries in Real Time and News Letter Subscription If the Live Chat is not available at the moment, the user can raise any query via the contact us form. Usability Testing Accessibility Accessibility Accessible Parking We will provide accessible parking with curb ramp which will be reserved for disabled people. Motorized Scooter Rentals We will provide complimen-tary motorized scooter for people finding difficulty in walking. Wheel Chair Facility Wheel Chair Accessibility f0r dining at all restaurants with wheel chair accessible table. Website Accessibility Accessibility features on the website to serve the physically challenged Google

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Transcript: General interest in food systems According to CUFBA the number of college and university food banks in 2007 was 1. In 2015 the number was 185. However, 14.2% of Johnson County residents are food insecure No comprehensive study of food insecurity among college students Representative studies: Patton-Lopez, 2014: found 59% of students at Oregon State reported food insecurity Nellum, 2015: 40% of students at City University of New York (CUNY) 25% of students in the UC system Reflection Activity Why add a session on food insecurity to the BUILD curriculum? 12.7% of Iowa's population is food insecure - below the national average of 14% From the K-12 literature (Cady, 2014): Do not achieve at the same level as food secure peers Increased behavioral issues Decreased memory Lower scores in reading and math Increased risk of mental illness Local and State Resources Two Why's and a What Why choose to present on food insecurity? Why add a session on food insecurity to the BUILD curriculum? There is currently no comprehensive study on the effects of food insecurity on educational outcomes in higher education (Cady, 2014). What questions do you have for me? What would the session (tentatively) cover? Experiences at Iona College What would the session (tentatively) cover? A state in which "consistent access to adequate food is limited by lack of money and other resources at times during the year." Food insecurity is NOT hunger Food insecurity is about access to nutritious and desirable food Why choose to present on food insecurity? Iowa-Specific Statistics (2014) Growing issue in higher education Hunger Free U: Awareness, Reflection, and Resources on Food Insecurity in Higher Education

UI presentation

Transcript: Device: By: Charlie C In this presentation the "hardware" is stuff like YouTube's servers, and the back-end of the site, its the stuff going on in the background. The UI will be YouTube's front end, it will be of things like its looks, and how the site is structured. So About YouTube's Front/Back-end A Quick Note Before we Start Early age YouTube was created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karin. It's first ever video is me at the zoo The Beginning Now look at this monstrosity This is back in 2005, the site had just been born. Pretty ugly right? Pretty ugly right? The UI in the beginning sucks It used Flash Video Player, it was reliable and safe, especially compared to other sites that used their own proprietary players. The proprietary video players were sometimes loaded with malware too. This made YouTube appealing as it was safe, reliable, and most people already had flash installed. What made this ugly just created site special? The Back-End is why this site is so popular Rising Popularity YouTube is beginning to pick up steam. The UI is updated to be significantly more user friendly as you're about to see. Rising Popularity A better look As you can see now YouTube has a real home page, everything looks better now and its all smoothed out some. Its a Step Forward I Suppose June 2007, YouTube now supports mobile playback. November 2008, YouTube upgrades max resolution to 720p, and the aspect ratio of videos is changed from 4:3 to 16:9. November 2009, YouTube is updated, now supporting videos up to 1080p. Times a changing With new look comes new features Entering the modern Design Were beginning to enter the modern age of YouTube. The site will soon enter its current state, but nooot yet YouTube's modern age Things are looking pretty familiar As you can see the site looks pretty close to its modern counterpart. One noticeable thing is it still uses the star rating system. Starting to Look Familiar So a lot happens, and we see YouTube's back-end transition to its current state. In 2010 they introduce 4k video. In 2011, people can now live stream on YouTube. 2014 Video playback up to 60 FPS is supported, this is a pretty big update. The final truly big update is in 2015 when they make the sites default player HTML5, which is more versatile, less laggy, and overall better than flash. They also introduce 8K support in June of the same year. Modern era of video playback Big changes are a coming Modern Style This is the YouTube you are all familiar with. It uses a like system and is pretty smooth and easy to use. Modern YouTube Sources sources Thank you for your time UwU That's all folks.

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