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By Cise Balik

Transcript: By Cise Balik Period 6 Ismael Beah is the author of the book "A Long Way Gone" He was born in Sierra Leone, on November 23, 1980 He is also the main character of the book He is a human rights activists His first novel, Radiance of Tomorrow, which was published in 2004 He wrote "A long way gone" in 2007 Sierra Leone Today Information about the book A photography of Ismael Beah Like many countries in Africa, Sierra Leone is going through hunger and poverty It has natural sources like diamonds, gold, titanium ore, and etc. In Sierra Leone there is diseases like HIV/AIDS but there are many other deadly diseases that go around the country such as Malaria, Ebola, yellow fever A big major problem in Sierra Leone is that there are land pollution and water pollution caused by poor farming Between 1991 to 2002, the civil war happened and just left absolute poverty to country but it still remains high compared to many other countries in Africa A group of child soldiers RUF A girl from Sierra Leone who has carved initials of RUF. The Revolutionary United Front (RUF), used to carve their initials to a people whose lives had spared and use them as messenger to send messages to next village they were going to settle in. Ismael Beah This book was written in New York, on 2007 The book takes place in Sierra Leone, which is on the lower west of Africa The time period of the book is around late 1980s and early 1990s to early 2000s During early 1990s, a rebel army called RUF (Revolutionary United Front) started a civil war, ending in early 2000s, later developed into a political party in 2007 This book is about a child soldier who was happening to see the war and was forced to be soldier by the government A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a boy soldier Presentation


Transcript: UFL IFC Greenland Tundra Indiapolis Vipers? Denver Falcons Baltimore Nighthawks UFC South Green Bay Crushers Note: not actually from that country just they repersent them and have a stadium there, but usaully play in america, EX: New York City and LA Madison Ascenders Austin Team UFC East Houston Cosmos Pittsburg Team Victoria Huskies Algeria Solar Augsta Ravens Washington Zephyrs Quebec Irises UFC North Sacremento Team Milwaukee Sentinels? Omaha Team Cleveland Team Defunct/Rebranded Teams Winnipeg Jets Lemurs Raliegh Rams India Elephants Honolulu/Hawaii Team San Antonio Dreadnaughts Arizona Sol JFC South Baltimore Sparrows Japan Drift UFC West Buffalo/Brooklyn Team Madagascar United Kingdom Wolfpack Dallas Mustangs Saudi Arabia Red New Zealand Serpants JFC East Winnipeg Whitecaps Calgary Wrath? Tampa/ Tampa Bay Team Mexico City Tigres Memphis Team China Wrath Carolina Typhoons Santa Fe Diablos Portland Eclipse Honolulu SonicWaves Dallas Calvary Vancouver Vortex Austin Golden Jays Oklahoma City Team Atlanta Thrashers Detriot Wolverines South Africa Pride Nashville Sounds Charleston Typhoon Minnesota Eclipse? Detroit Force Halifax Nova Philadelphia Paladins New England Phoenix Egypt Pyramids Cameroon Rhinos Las Vegas Aces Charlette Team Los Angeles Galleons UFC Central JFC North San Diego Jaguars IFL Philadelphia Wings Toronto Tigercats Virginia Beach/Richmond Team Baltimore Ocelots Vancouver Whitecaps Sante Fe Chargers Louisville Union Philidelphia Wolves Birmingham Team Fresno Team Newark/New Jersey Team Las Vegas Silversmiths Phoenix Silverfoxes France Elites Miami Hurricanes New York Empire Nashville Paladins Indiapolis/Indiana Team Brazil Gazzeles Orlando Orbits Germany Vipers Seattle Eagles Milwaukee Team Columbus Inferno Haiti EarthQuakes Nashville Titans Providence Team JFC Central New Orleans Celtics Golden City Hyperion JFC West New Orleans Brass Montgomery Roughriders Jacksonville/Florida Team Cinncinati Team Athens Team Calgary Team Greece Gryphons Boise Hawkeyes Edmonton Avalanche Denver Summit San Francisco Hyperion Virginia Beach Terrapins? Minnesota/Minneapolis Team Hartford / New Haven Team Chicago Inferno Anaheim Legion Kansas City Team Toronto Citadels Australia Devils Columbus Voyagers Ottawa Mavericks Little Rock Oranegwaves Dakota Rush San Diego Surge Valley City Stingers San Jose Team Iowa City Cyclones Seattle Evergreen FFC Montreal Knights Niagara Sabers Houston Voyagers Salt Lake City Caloes Portland Thorns Juneau Jade St. Louis Silverbacks Juneau Ciscos Argentina Dragons Oklahoma City Talons?


Transcript: University of Florida UF receives $2.5 million to support ongoing studies of HIV and alcohol use - Dr. Robert Cook Consortium Administrative Director The End The Southern HIV Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC) facilitates new research studies, provides training and research to support and create partnerships with Florida county health departments and HIV clinics. Previous studies have shown that 20 to 30 percent of women with HIV and 50 percent of men with HIV consume high levels of alcohol. These behaviors can lead to adverse health effects such as lower medication adherence and increased risky sexual behavior, as a result, higher levels of HIV virus in the body and more rapid disease progression. “The ultimate goal of our work is to implement research findings in clinical & public health settings, help people reduce high-risk alcohol consumption & improve health outcomes in persons with HIV infection.” University of Florida off subject but here"s a little video on how amazing the U of F is. - Dr. Robert Cook Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Fl., are ranked first and second, in the U.S. in terms of HIV infection rates per 100,000 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By: J'Kari Calixte “Over the next five years, we expect the SHARC will become one of the premier HIV/alcohol research groups in the U.S. and represent an outstanding example for quality clinical trials research involving high-risk alcohol use and HIV infection,” UF receives $2.5 million to support ongoing studies of HIV and alcohol use

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