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Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X University of Conneticut UCONN Application Deadline UConn's main application deadline for freshmen entering in the fall semester is January 15, it is highly recommended that you apply to UConn by December 1. Priority consideration for admission to the Honors Program and for merit scholarships will be given to students who apply by this earlier date. Location Storrs, Conneticut 06269 Enrollment 32,027 (2016) Student Demographic -60.2% White -10.2% Asian -8.7% Hispanic -6% Non Resident Alien -5.6% African American -9.3% Unkown Housing: -Buckley Hall is near the School of Fine Arts and right next door to the newly built Mansfield Downtown establishment. -It has a well-equipped gameroom and provides music practice rooms to any on-campus resident. -All incoming freshmen Honors students are assigned to Buckley and Shippee Hall. -Buckley has a dining hall which allows residents of both Buckley and neighboring Shippee to walk to an eating facility nearby. -Bathrooms are communal and shared on each floor. Buckley -McMahon has two towers, North and South, both of which have co-ed and single sex floors. -The layout for each floor that houses students, is the same. There are 22 double-occupancy rooms on each floor as well as bathrooms and an elevator lounge that's often used by students to study or socialize. McMahon -Werth Tower is a traditional-style residence hall that is focused on supporting students’ personal, interpersonal, and intellectual growth through participation in Living-Learning Communities. -Comprised mostly of first and second year students, but is also home to upperclass students, many of whom hold leadership positions within the Learning Communities. -Werth Tower is located in the Hilltop area of campus, adjacent to the campus athletic facilities and a short walk from the center of campus. Peter J. Werth Residence Tower -67% are college owned -33% living off campus Percentage of students living on campus All Day 3-3 Basketball Registration 8:30am CAW: Coffee Kickoff at the Central Perk 9am InCHIP Intervention Mapping Workshop Master Gardener Class Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Rebecca Germino 11am Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Jiatian Xu 12pm MSA Meeting Microcontrollers Tech Demo MBB JC: Alessandro Rizzo 12:15pm Political Theory Workshop: Steven On Music Mondays 12:30pm Personalized Career Plan Lab 1pm Postponed - BUSN Career Monday - Tyco/JControls and Opus Magnus Egerstedt Breath by Breath Meditation at Copper Beech 2pm Jordan Kiper Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Jordan Nathaniel Kiper Senate Faculty Standards Committee Senate Scholastic Standards Committee 2:30pm Pre-medical/ Pre-Dental Second Year Student Workshop 3:30pm Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Christina V. Saccoccio Interviewing Lab 4pm Microbiology Seminar Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Seminar University Senate Meeting Campus Calender Tests Required For Admission -SAT score: 1300 out of a 1600 scale -4 years of English 3 years of math (algebra I, algebra II, and geometry) 2 years of social studies (including 1 year of U.S. history) 2 years of a single foreign language (3 years strongly recommended)* 2 years of laboratory science 3 years of electives -GPA 3.67 Percentage of Applicants Accepted 53% 2018 - 2019 Estimated Direct Cost of Attendance for Full-Time Undergraduates* Storrs Main Campus In-State Out-of-State Tuition $12,848 $35,216 University & Student Fees1 $2,882 $2,882 On-Campus Housing Estimate2 $7,029 $7,029 Estimated Yearly Cost -80 percent of stuedents use financial aid -33 percent are based off of a merit scholorship Financial Aid Majors Interested In Physical Therapy -The Physical Therapy Program at the University of Connecticut will be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the generation of new knowledge and the education of Doctors of Physical Therapy -Biology Comparative anatomy and physiology (8 credits)* General chemistry (8 credits) General psychology (6 credits) Pre-calculus or calculus Statistics General physics (8 credits). Majors Interested In The student-faculty ratio at University of Connecticut is 16:1, and the school has 51.3 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Student to Faculty Ratio -Students are assigned to a SSS counselor who provides them with one-on-one advising, support, and advocacy during the summer and throughout their undergraduate careers - Each year, approximately 300 students are accepted to UConn through SSS at the main campus in Storrs and at the Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury regional campuses. Student Support Services Susan Herbst President of UConn President of UConn -"The University of Connecticut is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. ... Accreditation

UConn presentation

Transcript: By Anna Spadafora August 11, 2017 Reshaping the Conversation in Advising and Promotion Study Abroad as Professional Development "Why should I study abroad?" The conversation •Live and travel abroad, maybe for an extended period of time. •Step outside of your comfort zone. •Escape the stresses of campus life! The typical answers: The typical answers: Great, (and true!) answers, but many university students are highly engaged in extracurricular activities, with friends and family. These incentives can get lost in the busy life of a college student! ...which sometimes get lost ...which sometimes get lost Students may only concern themselves with not getting a specific internship, or not getting a certain extracurricular leadership position. Some of this messaging may also come from their parents or guardians. Other factors Other factors What can concrete deliverables does study abroad offer? Highlight study abroad as a unique professional development opportunity. Reshape the conversation #1 Soft Skills •Independent decision making skills •Intercultural competency - the workplace is always globalizing! •Confidence to try new things •Effective communication and interpersonal skills •Resilience Study Abroad helps students develop: While dealing with an unruly customer or colleague, they can navigate tough conversations by observing before reacting. When they work closely with colleagues that have different values or backgrounds, they’re ready to listen and understand. When they don’t get selected for an internship or special project, they can bounce back to pursue their next opportunity. Soft skills applications: #2 Hard Skills Experiential learning opportunities offered in some study abroad programs can provide valuable entry-level experience. Internships, volunteering, community service, and research abroad are all unique resume builders and talking points in future interviews. Language immersion! Plan ahead, and set goals! #3 Graduate School applications Including a study abroad experience in a personal statement for graduate school can make you stand out from other applicants. International experiences can be compelling reasons to pursue graduate work! Highlighting courses or research conducted abroad can make him/her memorable to an admissions committee. Look to the data According to IIE’s 2016 Open Doors® report, only 1 in 10 undergraduate students study abroad before graduating. source: Why does that matter? We know the job search is tough! New graduates need an extra edge to make them stand out to a hiring committee. The job market The job market Students should not view study abroad and internships as competing priorities. Students can get an summer internship AND study abroad. Some employers are willing to hold skype or remote interviews while a student is abroad. Do an internship abroad! Study Abroad vs Internship Study Abroad vs Internship Even for uncertain students Studying abroad can confirm students’ career aspirations or inspire new ones. It's okay if a student isn't sure of a specific career path. Study abroad can be a building block to get there! What other departments value students going abroad? Connect on Campus Academic departments: (language/culture departments, engineering, business) Cultural centers (ie LGBTQ, women) Center for career development Key partnerships Key partnerships Unified advising from these departments will encourage students to prioritize international opportunities. Unified advising Unified advising Promotion Freshman orientation and events Parent orientations Campus career fairs Study abroad fair Remind returning students of the skills they just gained! Connecting with parents early on in their student's undergraduate studies can reaffirm them of the support Education Abroad offers. Educate parents of the statistics and professional benefits of their student going abroad. Not losing time at UConn -- Enhancing their undergraduate studies for post-graduation! Regarding parents... Regarding parents... ? Thank you for your attention. Questions?

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