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UCI presentation

Transcript: UC Irvine UC Irvine By: Caleb Pak and Frank Zhuang UCI Info A Suburban Public State University located in California Coeducational Academic quarter system 32754 Students in total, 27331 Undergraduates Offers Bachelor's Degree, Post-Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree Admissions Requirements: Median GPA: 4.11(weighted) 3.89 (unweighted) SAT range: 1160-1440 UC essay is required No admission interviews The applications are due November 30th Transcript requirements 4 years of English is required. 2 years of a foreign language is required, a third years is recommended. 2 years of history is required. 3 years of math is required, 4 years is recommended. 2 years of science is required, a third science recommended. 2 years of lab science is required, a third science recommended. A year of visual/performance art is required. A year of academics electives. Services 4 Libraries on Campus 1500 computers available at any one time Network in dorms and near the Campus Provides group and individual career counseling Job opportunities on campus Provides Career Classes, Career Groups, Job Shadow Program, Workshops, Job Fairs, and Resume Preparation. Student Life Greek Life, Sororities, and Fraternities available. Many clubs and groups available, including musical groups like Choir, A theater club, A student Run News paper, a student run Radio station, and more Student Life Cont Popular events on campus include the Celebrate UCI even, the Homecoming, and Shocktoberfest Many sports including Archery, Badminton, Fencing, and more. Recreational sports are also available Athletic scholarship are available Students spend free time participating in rec sports, studying, driving an hour or two to San Diego or LA. Student life Cont. A residential school Many surrounding parks and open spaces near the School Fairly uncluttered environment Near a large bay and creek Campus Information graduation rate of 4 year students is 69% graduation rate of 6 year students is 83% Cost of tuition Average cost of in-state students before financial aid $33,469 On campus $31,268 Off campus $24,856 At home Average cost of out of state students $63,223 On campus $61,022 Off campus $54,610 At home School demographics Race/ethnicity 13% White 17% non-resident alien 4% 2 or more races 2% Black or African American 36% Asian 26% Latino 1% Ethnicity Unknown Gender 52% Women 48% Men In-state and out of state 98% In-state 2% Out of State Thanks for listening

UCI Case Presentation

Transcript: UCI Medical Center Med/Surg Overview Case Presentation Patricia Tortone, MSWi Case Presentation: Patient M -Admitted 1/17/17 Social History: Emigrated from Mexico 15 years prior; No familial relationships due to conflict with his sexual orientation Staying with a friends home in Anaheim (sleeps on couch) Unemployed (previously employed as a landscaper) Pt. Concerns Social Work Referrals Pt demographics: 42 y.o. undoctored male; Spanish-speaking only 5 month Hx of abdominal pain & rectal bleeding Pt has cirrhosis of the liver & HX of alcoholism (18 beers/day X 18 years). Sober since August 2016 when he was notified of his cirrhosis. HIV positive (next day it was confirmed as AIDS diagnosis) Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis & colitis; Ulcers in colon Ability to work Disclosing to friends Judgement and discrimination Cost of treatment (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy [HAART]) Transportation to appointments Interventions Med/Surg Overview Drug/ETOH abuse Homelessness DV APS Placement referrals Coping New diagnosis AHCD Empathetic and reflective listening Non-judgmental posture and communication Undivided attention Culturally competent Strengths-based Perspective Spiritual counsel (referral) Resource Referral: Individual Counseling Services 211 Alcoholics Anonymous (closed meetings for HIV/AIDS & LGBTQI) For AIDS: APAIT (Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team); Delhi Center Telemetry floors - under observation due to a critical health concern or condition. Medical floor - been admitted with a diagnosis that is treatable without the need for surgical intervention and are often not in critical condition. Patients on both floors will typically only stay in the hospital for a few days and have little to no needs. EDHU CSWi Concerns Countertransference Harm Reduction Interventions (PrEP & PEP) Did I do enough?


Transcript: tuition on campus is about 14,700 with all supplies needed it will sum up to 31,000 if you need financial aid it is available but first you have to complete a packet with its standard and wait to see if you are eligible SAT and ACT are required Recommended: SAT Subject Tests 41% of applicants admitted Campus Ministries Choral Groups Concert Band Dance Activity Drama/Theater Film Society Fraternities Government or Political Activity International Student Organization Jazz Band Literary Magazine Marching Band Model United Nations Music Ensembles Musical Theater Opera Pep Band Radio Station Sororities Student Newspaper Symphony Orchestra Television Station Yearbook Introduction I picked UCI because I got an unexpected email from the school and got interested. it is a public research university located in Irvine, California, and one of the 10 general campuses in the University of California system. UCI's Orange County campus is the fifth-largest in the UC system, with over 29,000 students, 1,100 faculty members and 9,000 staff My first choice for a major would be business administration and management and my second option would be business/managerial economics UCI Info/Plan/Post College You must apply for readmission if you are a student who wishes to return to UCI after: withdrawing from a quarter of enrollment; or a period of absence of one or more quarters; or the loss of student status by not paying tuition and fees or not enrolling in classes by the end of the third week of instruction. Transferring/summary Getting In This project helped me realize how important and difficult it is to be in the right future and to play smart. Budget/Job/Finance Social Opportunities at least a 3.5 GPA for major campus has an independent studies program in order to keep in track $58,000 per year in 2011 c it offers many kinds of jobs including business management, accounting, administration etc. average student loan would be about $210 per month.

UCI Presentation

Transcript: - Done on time and on budget - Limitations - Based on a relatively small group to the total amount of cycling fans - Based on local respondents of the events where the data was collected - Recommendations - An integral part of the role of the UCI is servicing their fans Repeated once a year Possibility to make a standard reoccurrence throughout UCI events hosted each year Creates fixed reference points for measurement - Ideally results should be based on a relatively larger population Will achieve a database of cycling fans' emails or phone numbers to be used for other purposes (online working groups, seminars, promotional activities, etc.) - Combine methods Face to face Online Phone - Marketing Department - For marketing conversations and negotiations with current and future sponsors - Confirm intuitions and brain picking - Communications Department - Measurement of progress - Possibly supplement strategic decisions - Who am I? - What am I doing here? Application of the Results - Marketing and Opinion Research among Cycling Fans for the UCI - Two Parts - Consumer habits and brand recognition driven by the Marketing Department - Perception of the UCI driven by the Communications Department - Independent piece of research Introduction The Project - Survey - Development - Marketing and Communications Department - Road test - Collaboration with Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) - 3 languages - Conducted across all 4 Olympic disciplines - Face to face - Quicktap Survey - Online Google Forms - Creation of potential opportunities with other organizations Conclusion Methodology


Transcript: April 21, 2019 Period: 3 University of California Irvine Alondra Vargas About The College College Facts UCI opened in 1965, and it is known for it's academic achievement award, premier research, and for it's anteater mascot UCI has over 24,000 trees on campus UCI is also the 3rd best college in the United States, and it has won 3 Nobel Peace prizes Location Location Located in Irvine, CA Near the beach Inspiration Point is about 15 minutes away (Popular at sunset with a view of the ocean) 5 minutes away from the Irvine Museum Tanaka Farms in about 10 minutes away (A farm with different fruits throughout the year; offers cooking classes Students Students There are currently 36, 742 students enrolled 52% are female and 48% are male 62% of undergraduate students live on campus Off campus housing options include: Park West Apartment Homes and the Toscana Apartments Calendar, admission, costs Calendar The year is in quarters The academic year starts on September 24 and it ends on June 14 (For the 2018/2019 school year) Admission Admission Tests required for admission include the SAT and ACT 36.5% of applicants are accepted The minimum requirements are completing the A-G requirements with a C or better, an average GPA of 3.92 or higher, an SAT score average of 1240, and an ACT score average of 25 Meet the English proficiency requirements for success Costs Yearly Costs The estimated yearly costs include a total of $34,419 The estimated cost for tuition is $15,000 About 63% of students receive financial aid Majors, important info Majors The most popular majors are social sciences, engineering, psychology, business/marketing, health professions, biology, visual and performing arts, and computer and information sciences As of now I am not sure what major I would be interested in Campus Life Support Services The student-faculty ratio is 18:1 Support services for students include programs for students with disabilities, academic support programs, and counseling and wellness For campus life, some sports are: basketball, archery, cross country, golf, soccer, lacrosse, bowling, etc Activities include: opera, sororities, yearbook, marching band, radio station, jazz band, etc Important Numbers Important Info Financial aid office number: 949-824-8262 Admissions office number: 949-824-2951 Housing services number: 949-824-6811 Important deadlines: May 10-Drop a course without receiving a W, June 7-Withdrawal from course, but W grade is assigned, June 7-Withdrawal from term, but readmission is required for future term Thoughts on The College One of the best things about this college is that it is in one of the safest communities in California The most memorable thing is that UCI has several points of pride. For example: They are the 7th best public university in the U.S I still have questions about exact admission requirements I would not go here just because I do want to attend a college that is close by Thoughts on college Works Cited Works Cited

UCI Presentation

Transcript: Harper & Quaye, 2009 Reaching out to colleagues who may not be facilitators Asking current facilitators for recommendations Ensuring Safe Zone participants can indicate a desire to facilitate following their workshop Connecting with supervisors who would support potential facilitators Involving students Coming out To Self To Family To Communities Identity development Internalized Homophobia Mental health Substance use and abuse Intersections of identity Race and SO/GI A little about Craig Notes Peer group LGBTA and intersections Access to campus LGBTA community Role models & mentors Campus, Society, Media, Politics Advising Relationship Support Sexual Health Service to the Community Rankin et al., 2010 Works informing this presentation Beemyn & Rankin, 2011 Community/Society Concerns and Needs Welcoming, affirming climate Educated campus Visibility, representation, policies Active community Healthcare, counseling, housing, Greek community, athletics, orientation, study abroad Engaging allies Safety, Reporting Structures Questions? Thank You! Craig Leets July 15, 2013 Candidate, Program Coordinator LGBT Resource Center University of California, Irvine Expanding Campus-wide Programming Student-sponsored service activities Volunteering and service with local organizations Alternative Breaks Trips Increasing social media presence Expanding the Safe Zone facilitation team Expanding campus-wide programming Serving the community Trans* Inclusion Conclusion Queering UCI: Supporting LGBT Students On Campus Campus Concerns and Needs Expanding the Safe Zone Facilitation Team Safe housing Social life Internships, service-learning, civic engagement Careers Allowing for sexual diversity Addressing phobias and -isms Navigating sociocultural/sociopolitical context Election, Chick-fil-a Leadership and Advocacy Visioning for the LGBT Resource Center Sanlo, 1998 Increasing Social Media Presence Visibility Increased awareness Faculty Recognition of identity Housing, bathrooms, locker rooms Preferred name, name change Healthcare Inclusion in LGB spaces A little about Craig Works informing this presentation Concerns and needs of LGBT students Intrapersonal Interpersonal Campus Community and Society Trans* Inclusion Visioning for the LGBT Resource Center Thank you and Questions An Outline for Today Evans et al., 2009 Intrapersonal Concerns and Needs Interpersonal Concerns and Needs Programming Intern Student Programming Committee Additional Signature Programs Student Organization Involvement Continued collaboration

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