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Transcript: University Of Colorado the per credit hour amount is fifty percent (50%) of the annually set stipend amount. •29,000+ students served annually in Denver, Aurora and online •15,680 students enrolled in fall 2007 •55% undergraduate Bailey Almazan Randy Rodriguez school song General Admission Applies to programs in the College of Arts & Media (except music, see below), the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Public Affairs. You are a strong candidate for general admission if: •Your index is 93 or higher •You have completed all HEAR requirements •AND have no more than two MAPS unit deficiencies complete a minimum of 45 credit hours College of Architecture & Planning College of Arts & Sciences College of Engineering & Applied Science College of Music Graduate School Leeds Shcool of Business LIbraries School of Education School of Journalism & Mass Communication School of Law Two years in college Public Co ed?- UC Consists of Men&Women Degrees offered?-Batchelors Degree&Masters Degree History Misc. State map of Colorado Location Other Information Types of school school mascot - buffalo,boone school colors - gold ,blue and black Colorado's Coldest month is January, With an Average Tempature of 15.2 Degeres, Colorados Average Temp Year round is Shown on the Graph.. Links to all pages Costs •Applications Received: 9,337 •Admitted: 6,683 •Enrolled: 1,231 Founding date;march 3,1864 Student Body Financial aid graph I often stress the value the University of Colorado provides. We offer the promise of educational opportunity, help drive our state's economy, create jobs and engage in research that improves lives and addresses societal challenges. To bolster these critical endeavors, we are undertaking a major effort to allow us to enhance our contributions to Colorado and beyond city population size is 600,158 1250 14th Street Annex Denver, CO 80202 24,473 undergraduates 4,515 graduate students 65% full time 11% out-of-state residents 4% international students Facts


Transcript: - Local Data Directories - Instant Review Tessar Advantages Edelweiss Team Sample Mockup Our Team SPOTPOP is a mobile apps based on data directory that provide incentives to users in the form of point. The points earned through update activity and the points can be exchange with best promo. Buy Point or Voucher in App 20% Merchant Promo 50% Offline Activity 30% Revenue Stream Digital enthusiast 16-40 male/female Merchant Urbanesia Challenge Location Based Advertising and Value Added Services for GoD (Group of Digital) Boi Enriching GoD Database with 'Places/Directories' Enhanced profiling - Next technologies is based on Profiling Market Promotion : Endorse Artist and Community, Ads Placement 50% Human Capital 30% Infrastructure 20% - Exponential growth of Mobile users SPOTPOP Competitor Value Added Services for GoD REVENUE Database Directories Implementation iOS and Android Application Aggregator Company Urbanesia Financial Projection COST Information: - Places (location, address, promo etc.) - Radius / Near location - User Review (Positive or Negative) - Community - In App Purchase - Promo Placement - Recommendation - Offline Activity Product Overview Background Ade User Show favorites places nearby from you Search and Select Places Social activities (Rate, Comments, Recommends and so on) Buy Point to Redeem for special offer! Social Network (Integrate with KompasID) Build and engage Kompasianers - Places Recommendation - Alternate Promotion Channel - Social Activities Solution - Currently there's no Directory database on GoD Our Brand

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