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Uber Presentation

Transcript: References: Brown, M 2016, ‘Uber – What’s fueling Uber’s growth engine’, Growth Hackers, viewed 23 August 2013, Brunton, C. 2003, 2002 National Taxi Users Survey Report, prepared for Department of Transport, Western Australia, accessed on 29 August 2016, <> Flegenheimer, M 2013, '$1 million medallions stifling the dreams of Cabdrivers', New York Times, 14 November 2013, <> Hawkins, A 2016, Uber is trying to make you forget that surge pricing exists, The Verge, viewed 27 August 2016, Konrad, A. 2016, "Uber Raises $3.5 Billion From Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund, Keeps $62.5 Billion Valuation". N.p., Web. 1 June 2016. Nicks, D. 2016, Uber really wants to get rid of surge pricing, Money, viewed on 28 August 2016, N.P., 2016. Web. 28 July 2016. Shontell, Alyson. "Uber Is Cleverly Controlling Its Stock So It Doesn't End Up Like Facebook". Which business model did Uber emulate? Uber - History Porter's 5 forces Service regulations Initially founded as UberCab by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009. Uber initially offered only luxury vehicles, but has since begun offering a lower-market option called UberX which is intended to directly compete with conventional taxicabs. Company partners with independent drivers ( subcontractor basis) and takes a share of each transaction (20%) (fixed commission). Uber currently operates in major cites across 58 countries. The Uber Story! Threat of New Entrants Threat level - Dependent on location: Cities were licenses are capped due to regulation = more protected New York, San Francisco and (some degree) Sydney. However jurisdictions that have deregulated their taxi industry: E.g. UK (2003), Ireland (2000), and Netherlands (1999) - experienced an influx of supply. Dublin Demand has only risen 6% over 1997-2008, while supply has increased by 530% during the same period (Nicholls 2011). Asset light model - easy to replicate No switching costs - no membership requirements. Fierce retaliation from the Taxicab Industry - strikes, marketing campaigns, government lobbying. Improvements in technology Smartphones, social media and GPS navigation devices open the market to novo ride sharing apps (Burbank, Brinckerhoff and Nigro 2012). We know that ride sharing companies are stealing market share directly from the taxi industry. HIGH "Eight-Forces" Analysis What happens when supply remains steady and demand goes up? Price regulations Varies from Jurisdiction - NSW: the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) recommends maximum taxi fares (and fare structures) to the Director-General of Transport who almost always adopts them (Abelson 2009) . The basic fare includes a flag fall fare and distance and time charges. Night time surcharge and booking fees. IPART does not distinguish between peak and off peak periods although there is considerable excess demand for taxis in peak hours and excess supply in off-peak hours (Abelson 2009). Pricing information is widely known – set taxi rates therefore no possibility of price discrimination - increase in BUYER POWER. Power of Buyers Customers do not need the service on a day-to-day basis - Taxis only used in specific circumstances. No alternatives for point to point transportation in this price range. However high bargaining power if there is a large supply of different cabs. No factors to keep them attracted to a single service Switching costs - very low However when there is high barriers to entry-like control then customers often experience low buyer satisfaction Colmar Bruton (2002) found: 38% of respondents in inner Sydney tried to get a taxi in the last 6 months and failed. MEDIUM -> HIGH Identify the critical resources and activities Uber used to add value or cut cost? Rivalry among existing players Competition on costs/margins Very low switching costs No product differentiators - easy to imitate Sydney market: In 2009 there were 5 semi independent networks: - CCN (Cabcharge) 3200 taxis (3400 with subsidiary St. George); - Premier 825 taxis; - Legion 520 taxis; - Manly/RSL taxis 380 taxis. Cabcharge controls over 60% of the taxis on Sydney's streets. Between the Cabcharge, Premier and Legion networks control about 90% of the taxi operators (and taxis) in Sydney. MEDIUM Answer: $380,000. Extra-Credit Time! Regulation The economics literature (Bekken 2007) identifies three main forms of regulation on the taxi industry: quantity (entry regulations), quality of service; and price regulations How Uber Moves Your City Forward with Innovation | Uber Threat of Substitutes Competing in the Network Transportation Industry: Novo ridesharing apps, public transport, livery services (premuim paying

Uber Presentation

Transcript: References Paid for advertisement on social media Sponsored tweets - pre-video YouTube adverts Use of Tracx to learn about content of customer conversations Save customer favourite locations Privacy breach to store locations on drivers handsets, yet got to be stored somewhere? - Cloud The above table shows the gradual increase in the amount of Twitter followers the main Uber account (@Uber). Began at 459,000 on the 29/2/16 and on the 11/4/16, 496400 followers Gradual increase in number of YouTube subscribers from 25,694 on 29/2/16 to 29,983 on the 11/4/16 How? Course Materials 2 University of Oxford. (2016). Software and Systems Security.Available: Last accessed 13/4/16. How does Uber use Technological Trends? Cloud: Uber on YouTube: Uber's future changes: Robbie Hopkins: Twitter account creation Proposal on the future use of new technologies: Cloud suggestion Use of course materials Drivers and customers both make use of the app Customers request a driver and GPS is used to triangulate their location Drivers are assigned a job based on how close they are to a customer Lecture 5: Cloud Business and Computing 2 Data opportunities that the Cloud offers Cloud is here to stay Maximise opportunity of mobile productivity Lecture 6: Technology Internet as a technology Uniform Resource Locators Lecture 7: Cloud technologies Evolution of the Cloud Machines on the Cloud Cloud as a platform Team responsibilities 2 Use of Course Materials Zeta on Twitter and YouTube: Without the cloud difficult for Uber to operate, app would be impossible without the cloud Services: How does Uber use Technological Trends? The Case of Uber Lia Helme Josh Samberg Adam Malik Robbie Hopkins Bhavesh Patel Uber's presence on social media: YouTube Services Suggestion: Uber’s customer base is limited due to the nature of the business, Uber cant reach non-smartphone users as Uber is fully based around the idea of the app. Uber could aim to include these customer in their customer base Social Media Suggestion: At present, Lyft have been proven to have a greater (Week 3, CASE) engagement with their customers on social media To increase their engagement Uber need to convey their company message/motive to customers better Uber is based around the use of an app Provide service through use of the app Uber's future changes: Uber's Social Media Presence: Twitter Established in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp They can do this by allowing customers to order Uber’s by simply calling them up. This also allows the self-employed Uber drivers to gain a strong customer base. They can also have more platforms such as allowing customers to order Uber’s on laptops and PC’s. Adding a NetApp Multistore: This is a software which creates multiple storage systems which includes one physical system. What this does is it allows the users to share storage resources without compromising privacy and security. For example when one uber user splits the cost when ordering a taxi. A bit about Uber How? Course Materials 1 Uber was estimated to be worth $62.5 billion at the end of 2015 Store customer payment info Customer only enters card details once One of main pro points for Uber One main Uber acount @Uber Account for Uber in each American state @Uber_CONN: Uber Connecticut @Uber_Florida: Uber Florida Outside of America, Twitter accounts for countries @uber_schweiz: Uber Switzerland @UberUK: Uber United Kingdom Uber developer account Directed to informing customers about the app and any changes Hailo also have twitter accounts for American states and countries Adam Malik: Analysis on the current use of technology in Uber: Cloud Uber on Twitter Proposal on the future use of new technologies: How Uber can use Cloud in future Use of course materials table Cloud Suggestion: Security issues arise with use of the cloud due to easy breach of details as shown by this 2015 BBC article (, 2015) Social Media: Build a network through social media Form connections between customers Build a community Receive immediate feedback @Uber_Support Reach out to target audience more effectively Direct certain information to certain customers Build different persona's for customers On twitter, retweet customer relevant content Specific area twitter accounts e.g. Madrid Increase brand awareness Greater number of customers Smaller presence on YouTube Only 25,694 subscribers compared to 459k followers on Twitter YouTube is more visual Provide customers with more information about Uber Less interactive though Uploads don't get shared across the social media network Link YouTube account and twitter together Reach a greater number of customers Adding a data security system so for when threat is detected it will temporarily close the cloud and all data servers so that it can not be hacked into. Having a data warehouse as well as the cloud as an alternative to store the data incase the cloud is hacked. Cloud Security: A software which protects

UBER Presentation

Transcript: Excitement Generators Additional (External) Pros of uber: Introduction 2.Different service tiers are available. Uber is able to cater to passenger needs in almost every city, in almost every way. No direct contract between Uber and the drivers. Uber does not offer medical insurance nor damage/collision insurance, but always back them up in situations like the taxi strike and getting back their licenses. Age/ Education attainment/ gender doesn't make any difference in compensation level, it may only result in higher ratings They do not accept anyone with a criminal record or has even failed to pass the drug test. . It all depends on the success of the drivers, some people have started off as drivers and ended up becoming owners of authorized offices. Performance Payoff $250 million to the MENA region, a large portion of it to expansion in Egypt Tens of thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities across the country. Over 2000 work opportunities for drivers each month in Egypt. Over 40% of the drivers had previously been unemployed prior to joining Uber. The number of female drivers joining the platform has also increased, (Having onboarded over 100 women in the last six months.) Impact on the Economy Driver provides name, address Social Security number, drivers license and car Registration to Uber on the "partner’s" web site. Background check clears (usually about 2 weeks) the driver is shipped an Uber iPhone or can now use his own iPhone to access the driver ap 4. It is very easy to contract a vehicle to use through Uber. To use Uber, just install the company’s app on your mobile device. First Driver Interview Uber Crisis in Egypt Matching: Needs & Services Revenue Steams Should uber be made legal in egypt : THANK YOU DRIVERS Evaluation of UBER services Excitement Generators Name :Mohamed Age: 27 years old Driving : his cousin’s car Working in Uber until he travels abroad 10 hours per day/ 6 days a week Must-be Quality Egypt Entreupruenuership Launched in Egypt in November 2014, and invested around $200 million. It provides the service in Cairo and Alexandria with 3000 drivers. Introduction of cash payment Second Interview 2. it takes time to become an Uber driver. Although it is easier to become an Uber driver compared to driving for a taxi company, there are still some time restrictions which must be considered. Globally Removes Friction Points UBER Mostafa Mohamed, Age : 35 Has been working with Uber for 6 months. He uses his own car that is Kia Carens. He earns up to 10,000 pounds a month and sometimes more. He is married and has two kids. He used to work as a driver on a truck and earn 5,000 pounds per month. It was not his car. He is now operating in better work conditions, and earning more money. Conclusion Everyone's private driver Performance Payoff ////// INSOURCING Uber partners with offices that do the hiring process that is done through many methods like: flyers -Facebook ads The office has to have: Segel Togary Beta2a Darebeya Beta2a Se7eya The office provides Uber with 25 cars at first, then 10 cars each week. Cars’ model has to be from 2010 and onwards, and they ones before 2015 must undergo checkups. Office gets 200/300 LE each month from each driver The drivers must be above 21 Methods of recruitment 1. Ratings help to form the basis of relationships. Drivers are under a lot of pressure to offer outstanding services to their customers. 1. There is a dispute on how to classify drivers for Uber. When Uber was first formed and began to offer services, the drivers for the company were treated as independent contractors. White taxi drivers : " Uber and Careem must be suspended in Egypt because they function illegally, as they use private cars whose drivers do not have taxi licences and do not have the financial and legal obligations imposed on taxis. Uber's operations manager in Cairo Abdellatif Waked said Uber is --> "licensed as a technology company in all the countries in which it operates," stressing that they pay taxes and carry commercial registers. 3. Uber charges surge pricing and primetime pricing. Uber operates on a supply-and-demand principle. Name : Salma Abdel Aziz Age : 28 Driving a Nissan Sunny Car It’s a Part time job originally an accountant (full time) Covering expenses of masters in London Techne summit : in Alexandria for #Uber7antoor, and anyone with 10 minutes and a good idea can get the chance to pitch. Investors will listen to your ideas in the back of a pimped out 7antoor roaming along the Alexandrian corniche! Rise up summit Gouna Tok Tok ==> Launched from 2 months 20 Egp per ride Q&A Contract and employment Uber In Egypt Uber Tok-Toks in Gouna. 20 Egp per ride Planning on expanding in other cities The company was founded 8 years ago in San Francisco. Now, it comprises 1.1 million drivers worldwide, making revenues of $3.5 billion last year. Company's value is estimated to be of $50 billion. Service available in 58 countries, and 250 cities around the world.

Uber Presentation

Transcript: One main issue that Uber has not yet addressed is the fact that the Uber drivers are on their cell phones while driving the cab. In order to learn your location the driver must look at their mobile, from a safety perspective, this is a major drawback. Uber tells drivers that drive for more than one service that it is illegal and they will be fired if they continue to do so but in reality it is not illegal and the drive has no right to be fired. Uber Now Although the usual percentage of earnings that a drive would have to pay the company is 20% or lower, Uber has demanded 25% from its drivers in some cities Operation SLOG is a program in which Uber hires contractors to take rides from a competing company called Lyft and urges the Lyft drives to switch services. These contractors will also call in then cancel Lyft rides which compromises Lyft drives making the service less reliable. Driver Behavior Only Drive for Us God View Despite what some people say, Uber may not be one of the most unethical companies currently operating, but even so they are still a very reliable service that helps thousands of people every day Multitasking Drivers People are uncomfortable with how Uber knows your whereabouts Rating System Ethical Issues UberCab was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. Services and mobile app launched in San Fransisco in 2011, raised $44.5million in the same year. At the end of 2011 changed name from UberCab to Uber. Backround In order to ensure that customers are not treated poorly, customers can review and rate their driver on the Uber app. On the other hand, drivers have the same ability. Drivers can rate riders to ensure that no customers are acting poorly towards drivers. A customer who has repeatedly gotten bad reviews may loose access to the service. Surge Pricing Now Uber operates 60 counties. Worth near $50billion Thousands of drivers. Operation SLOG High Commission Ethical or Not? During a very serious hostage situation during which 2 people were killed and 4 were injured, the people of Sydney, Australia ordered Uber cabs only to find that the fare was quadruple the normal rate Although Uber has been extremely successful, and is a very commonly used service in many cities, it does not have a reputation of being the most ethical company... Uber "Plays Dirty" Recently Uber has been known to partake in some less than moral behavior. Stealing drivers from other companies and tampering with the competition. Throughout Uber's history there have been many alleged cases in which a driver had sexually assaulted a customer or a driver had behaved less than professional. Although Uber says that they do extensive background checks they are still a privately owned company that is not as heavily regulated as other taxi services. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says "There’s nothing wrong with giving drivers information about a competing service — and paying them to listen to the pitch in the form of a fare." Garrett Camp: Uber Founder

Uber Presentation

Transcript: Uber Project ABOUT UBER ABOUT UBER SHORT BIO SHORT BIO Uber was founded in 2009 under the name UberCab. Their headquarter are based in San Francisco California and their CEO is Travis Kalanick. Uber provides a ride sharing service where people can contact a driver who uses their own car as a taxi. The customer can contact their driver and communicate with them. Cons of Uber Cons of Uber No Tips The rating system is flawed Its a 5 star system and 4 stars is failing and can lead to termination Drunk riders Wear and tear on the driver's car Convienient ride service Meet new people Flexibility See new things Pros of Uber Pros of Uber History History When Did It Start When Did It Start Uber was founded in March of 2009 in SanFrancisco, CA Who Founded It? Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp In SanFrancisco, CA Who Founded the company? What did it look like in the beginning What did it look like in the beginning Logo and name 2009-2011 What was it meant for? What was it meant for? It was designed to make getting around easier and for a cheaper price. It was designed to make getting around easier and for a cheap... OUR CUSTOMERS OUR CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS Riders Drivers TESTIMONIALS "It's lit fam" "I love it" How it works. How it works. Rider App Prices Rider App Prices Uber uses a formula to calculate how much you pay. There is a $2.50 base fare plus $.35 a minute as well as a $1.60 per mile WE ARE ON THE RISE U.S.A On the Rise... Uber is only available in the U.S right now but there is talk of global expanison

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