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U of M

Transcript: The Minneapolis Campus has 176 Majors, Duluth has 85, and Morris has 36 to see which Majors are available: The "U of M" Mascot is Goldy The Gopher. THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Housing is Safe, In a good location, and is full of opportunities to meet new people! there are plenty of more information here Male B+ Female B+ By Major Accounting A Aerospace Engineering A- Architecture A- Biology B Business - Management and Administration B+ Chemical Engineering B+ Chemistry B+ Civil Engineering A- Communications A Computer Science B- Design Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etc C+ Economics B Education B Electrical Engineering C+ Engineering Department A- English B+ Finance B Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc B- Genetics B Geography and Geosciences B+ History/Histories (art history/etc.) B+ Journalism B- Kinesiology A Language - French/Spanish/etc. A Math C+ Mechanical Engineering C Natural Resources A Other A- Perfomance Arts A Physics B Political Science A- PreDent and Dentistry A Psychology B Public Policy A Sociology A+ Undecided B- Urban Planning B+ 2000 Acre Campus Average GPA for admittance is 1700 or higher $11,176 per semester and that means $22,352 per year. ACT Scores 24 or above are requied. There are 60 scholarships available here are the available scholarships Extracurricular activity breakdown list.

U of M Presentation

Transcript: - The school has an acceptance rate of 41%. The deadline for application is Feb. 1. - SAT Range: 1300 - Student to Faculty Ratio: 12:1 - In-State Tuition: $12, 634 - Out-of-State Tuition: $37, 782 - Financial Aid Acceptance Rate: 90% - Popular Majors Include: - Economics - Pre-Med - Pre-Law - Psychology - Political Science/Government - English Language - Business Administration and Managament - Hosts some of the greatest schools in Law and Medicine, as well as STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) About U of M Academia & Admissions - U of M colors are maize and blue. - The sports teams are called The Wolverines - U of M is part of the Big Ten Conference, and all NCAA Sports except Men's Hockey. - U of M has the biggest football field in the world known as the The Big House. - They also have a water polo team. Tom Brady NFL Quarterback Undergraduate Racial Diversity African American: 5.8% Asian American: 12.1% European American: 65.0% Hispanic American: 4.1 Native American: <1% International students: 5.7% - Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. City setting, a lot of greenery, nice place. - 45 Minute drive from Detroit - Not too far from home. You can visit during holidays - Climate similar to Chicago...maybe colder. - U of M has a lot of services and organizations. Here are a few: - Democratic Society - Marketing Club - Mock Trial There are also services for career and graduate school to help students and alumni alike. Larry Page CEO of Google Ibrahiem Mohammad 3.26.13 Student Organizations and Services Location NO. Also, there is a 10,000 square foot mansion called the Inglis House, which is used just for parties. Notable Alumni Population: 47, 716 27, 407 are undergraduates Housing is not required for freshmen students but it is guaranteed. Apartments Coed dorms Gender-neutral communities Wellness housing Women's dorms Also you can rent fridges. University of Michigan University of Michigan--Ann Arbor is a public institution that was founded in 1817. It is ranked as the 6th best university in the Midwest. It is a full university with degrees in Bachelors, Masters, and PhD. It is ranked 29th in the top 100 research universities in USA. Lucy Liu Actress Kill Bill, Kung Fu Panda Housing Any religious affiliation? Male: 51% Female: 49% - The Ann Arbor campus is divided into four main areas: the North, Central, Medical, and South Campuses. - The physical infrastructure includes more than 500 major buildings (none of the buildings have creepy vines) - There's a golf course, a shopping mall, plenty of restaurants and cafes Student Body Sports Campus

U of M

Transcript: Cost and Financial Aid If students have done well in their past eduacational path the have the chance to earn scholarships such as: Beinecke Brothers Memorial Scholarship,Rhodes Scholarship,Marshall Scholarship,Mitchell Scholarship,Churchill Scholarship,Fulbright Scholarship,Goldwater Scholarship,Luce Scholars Program, Truman Scholarship,Udall Scholarship Wallenberg Fellowship The cost to attend U-M is : Tuition and fees: In state- $13,856 Out-$43,476 Attendance(per Yr): In state-$27,812 Out-$ 57,432 Sports Academics/Career Majors Review The U-M has many sports that students can enroll in such as: Baseball,Basketball ,Cross Country,Football,Golf,Gymnastics, Hockey,Lacrosse,Swimming & Diving Tennis,Track & Field,Wrestling. Basketball and soccer are among some of the most popular sports at the University. About U-M U-M has many career choices to choose, but among those are : Law, Social Justice, Kinesiology, Dental hygiene, Musical education / Musical Composition, and Womens studies. You can choose these as your course of study also known as your major I think that I would go to the University of Michigan because it has so much to offer that I would like especially the sports such as soccer and basketball. It also has one of the highest graduation rates so it has a very good education system Michigan State The University of Michigan is a public University that is currently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Presidents house is one of the oldest buildings on the campus and was built when the University was relocated from Detroit, Michigan to Ann Arbor and was built in 1837. The 2015 attendance of the University was over 43k students on the Campus. Around 90.7 % of the students at U-M graduate leaving it with one of the Universities with the highest graduation rate in the country

U of M

Transcript: Defense Attorney A defense attorney defends alleged criminals in court. Anyone who is arrested in the U.S. is guarunteed the right to a defense attorney. I am planning to get a Juris Doctor, or J.D., which takes 3 years, but first I need to get an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, which takes 4 years. A J.D. is needed to practice law legally. To become a defense attorney, it takes a graduate degree. There are a lot of the courses required for the J.D., but some are punishment, law and development, legislation, and many many more. The average beginning salary is 57,000 to 94,000 dollars per year. The top salary is about 120,000 to 140,000 dollars per year. Architect An architect designs buildings. Probably every building that you've seen was designed by an architect. I am planning on getting a Master's Degree in Architecture. It will take approximately 6-8 years to earn this degree. To be an architect, some of the classes you are expected to take are Architectural Design, Site Planning, History of Architecture, Environmental Technology, and Structures. The average beginning salary for an architect is $76,750 a year. The top salary an architect can earn is about $145,333 a year. Computer Engineer A computer engineer designs, develops, and manages systems I am planning on earning a Bachelor's Degree for Computer Engineering. This will probably take 4 years. Some of the required classes that I would need to take to be a computer engineer include Introduction to Signals and Systems, Introduction to Electronic Systems, Electromagnetics 1, and Electronic sensing systems. The beginning and average salary for a computer engineer is around $88,000. U of M requires 3 years of both math and science, but it recommends 4 years of math and science. You can apply to the University of Michigan through essay and application forms. I am choosing U of M because I'm a die-hard Wolverines fan and I believe it has the best classes for my job The cost per credit hour is $1,174. It will cost approximately $30,000 to complete a Bachelor's Degree. I could apply for the Saginaw Community Scholarships. U of M Opens Opportunity Kris Erich Michael I am choosing this school because it is one of the top law schools in the country All of the necessary credits for the J.D. are $31,030, but each additional credit hour is $2,294 It will cost $308,140 to complete my degree I could apply for the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor Men's Baseball Scholarships. I am choosing this school because it is arguably the best school for architecture in the country The cost per credit hour for a graduate is $459.80. It will cost approximately $258,000-$344,000 to complete a Master's Degree in Architecture I could apply for the Al-Rawiya Teen Writing Competition for a scholarship. Bibliography

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