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Is Twitter Good for Students?

Transcript: Twitter is only as much of a distraction as anything else. Someone who wants to study will study and won't let anything get in his or her way. On the other hand, even if Twitter didn't exist, procras Bibliography The Good The Bad When you are inevitably sufficiently addicted to Twitter your time will start to vanish. As a student, one of the worst things you could do to yourself is throw away your precious time that could be used for studying or other beneficial activities. A study conducted in Lock Haven University by Dr. Reynol Junco had results that were consistent with Twitter being more beneficial to a student that harmful. The experiment was set up with two separate groups of people in pre-health professional programs. The curriculum of one group had Twitter incorporated into it such that the students had to tweet about shadowing a professional or something along the lines. The other group did not have Twitter woven into the curriculum. The results showed that the Twitter group had twice the involvement and engagement with also a tangible .5 increase on their GPA for that semester. The Reality Is Twitter Good for Students? The Worse Drexler, D. (2014, February 21). Twitter: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Soltero, A. (n.d.). 5 Reasons Twitter is Better for College Students than Facebook. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Kessler, S. (2010, November 4). Twitter Increases Student Engagement [STUDY]. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Lytle, R. (2012, October 29). Study: Twitter Improves Student Learning in College Classrooms. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from November, A., & Mull, B. (2012, October 18). Twitter as a Powerful Educational Tool | Using Twitter Hashtags. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Dwyer, L. (2011, May 25). Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Ferriter, W. (2010, February 1). Membership. Retrieved November 10, 2014, from Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Miller, S. (n.d.). 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from 10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Raise Smart Kid. (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Davies, H. (2013, January 8). Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Twitter, bad for our brains? (2012, February 24). Retrieved November 19, 2014, from Collins, B. (2009, March 5). 20 good and 20 bad things about Twitter. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Warning: Social media may be bad for you - (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Crum, M. (2014, September 10). Is Twitter Bad For Language? Statistical Analysis Says No (NEW BOOK). Retrieved November 16, 2014, from McKinney, L. (2011, July 18). 6 Scientific Reasons Social Networks Are Bad for Society. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Jung, B. (n.d.). The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Henderson, J. (2012, December 29). 3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media In 2013. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from Parrack, D. (2012, April 12). The Negative Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Society [Opinion]. Retrieved November 16, 2014, from

Prezi Template for SS8 Students

Transcript: Constitutionality The one that upholds laws, maintains laws. LEGISLATIVE The People When?? REAL OUTLINE What does each of the first ten amendments mean? Why are there two separate parts of Congress? I Social Consequence means to approve and put into effect. How does the American political system really work? How long? Precedent Media Inpeach, Approve Constitution What powers do the other two branches have over it? ratify Upholds laws Surpreme law of United States Money Example 1- Patriot Act The only reason why the patriot act came to action was because the government was scared that another terrosit attack will happen agian. The fear of this is taking away our freedom and privacy. Commander n Chief VIII Pork When the government gives money funds, or favors for personal gain What powers does it have over other two branches? Judicial campaign funds- money from contributions to help a candidates campgain How long? 9.11 Intrest Group- A group with an intrest. Based on an idea or an belief. Example 1) Senators only had 15 minutes to read a 315 paged bill. The only 2 people that have claimed to read the whole bill had voted against it. To read this bill, you would need to entire United States criminal code to be able to decode the actual bill. These things should be taken to consideration because we are talking about the people freedom. Previous laws about the same topic Civil liberties- privacy, religon, speech -deported immigrants -Guantanamo -Hamoui Family Legislative can impeach, declare war, maintain a budget, and override/ Judicial can judicial review Patriot Act 9 out of 13 colonies approved it Nominate FEAR Who? Where? What? Economy Legislative Justice, there are 9 people. One of them is called the cheif. Antonin Scala and Steven Creyer Why? VII What does the President swear to do? Why? Judicial review. They can say what they are doing that goes against the constitution. to both exacutive and legislative. Insider trading- When you have access to non public information and use it for personal gain or your company What are the Bill of Rights and what is its purpose? Ear mark- A statemant that supports something else. IX How long? Interprets laws Veto Miranda Rights It gives the Justice Department the power of domestic and international surveillance of American citizens and others within its jurisdiction. What powers does it have over other two branches? Example 2) The Patriot Act, goes against the Bill of Rights. They take away people's freedom, and their rights. In Amendment IV: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. In the patriot act, it gives the power to the FBI, to go inside your house without you knowing and plant microphones and listen to your whole conversation, search through your email, listen to your phone calls, without you knowing for 18 months. This gives the people's freedom away and basically the government is taking away peopls privacy and freedom in a blink. Other Countries IV Active Liberty Examples 3) The government is being very racist by mainly assuming all muslims are terroists. In a video, it has been said the FBI has been searching and assuming that all muslims with a beard and go to the temple a lot are terroists. Because of this, the FBI have been taking many innocent muslims to jail with no reason. For this reason, the actual terrosits themselves have been shaving and don't go to the temple as much anymore. The government are just taking the Patriot Act as a privilege to throw innocent people in jail. An example is the Hamoui Family, a muslim family. Philadelphia V Is the part of the constitution which descirbes the structure of government Which amendments define the rights of individuals suspected or accused of crimes? Why? Inpeach, Override, War, Budget conflict of intrest- somone has a personal intrest and it conflicts with a profficnal intrest. It can veto the legislative, and it can nomintate justices. What? EXECUTIVE Makes laws Who? Signing Statement- addtional attacthmet that shows HOW the president is going to interrupt the law Originalist Judges should think about the rule world consequences about their decisions. II What are the different approaches to deciding on cases before the Supreme Court? Conclusion- In conclusion, I think that the government is giving a negative effect to the people's rights and freedom. They are just like robots that do what they are told. Their opinions don't matter, its the PEOPLES OPINON. We should let the government control our lives. They shouldn't be going through our privacy, they have no business too, Popular vote Judicial Restraint Fear is insidiously invading the US

Template for SS8 Students

Transcript: THE CONSTITUTION JUDICIAL EXECUTIVE LEGISLATIVE Constitutionality Outside Forces Legistative What does each of the first ten amendments mean? Why are there two separate parts of Congress? Can Veto laws Disision made in court I Social Consequence How long? Precedent Partisan What powers do the other two branches have over it? City council VIII City Level Most Power to Big States Press The people Rich indaviduals Rellection Other goverments Family members Historic figures Advertising Terrorists Protesters Wall Street Religion Political action commity (PAC) Lobbyists Judicial Branch Legistative What powers does it have over other two branches? How long? Can rule enforsment of laws unconstitutional U.S. Supreme Court 9 Justices--> senate for life The president nominates Senate Confirms Infer part Laws--> senate whether theLaws are (Constitusion) Small States get no power Both parties form commitee toghether. Executive Food inc. Who? over rule veto it 2/3 majority Can rule laws unsonstitutionaly Where? Partisan Politics What? President/ Vice President + Cabinet (Security) Comaner in Chief of the milatary 4 Years term (2 years cabinet) Can impeach justicies Why? VII What does the President swear to do? Why? What are the Bill of Rights and what is its purpose? IX How long? Miranda Rights senate confirms justice What powers does it have over other two branches? nominates justicies Senate 2 from every state 100 toatal 6 years term Politicians need money to advertise Pay to play Campain finance IV Active Liberty State Congress Which amendments define the rights of individuals suspected or accused of crimes? Executive (Carrys out the Laws) V Why? Executive (Mayor) What? Who? Innocent until proven guilty Originalist Judacial county/ court What are the different approaches to deciding on cases before the Supreme Court? II Judicial Restraint Who? Who? Why? Where? What powers does it have over other two branches? Congress State Supreme Court Bi-partisan House What is the Electoral College and why is it important? Where? Where? Prosecutor--> lawyer who tries to preserve guilty National Level Self-Incrimination How does a bill become a law? Tires Impeachment Politics where they vote only to support their party. Democrats and republicans vote against each other. What? Legistative Due Process Can rule laws unconstitutional House of Representatives 435 members chosen by % of population 2 year term 50% Majority passes a bill--> Must go through both The Balance of Power Bipartisan What? III Senate Indrustries/ Corporations buy food/ Control market Regulators (goverment) ex-employees of the corporations Nothing changes when children die (infected meat) Lobbyists: Persuade goverment officials to make laws Meat indrustries pay lobbyists CORUPTION Officials need money to get elected: donations from people or organizations with money Hard money- money given directly to politicians ($5,000) Soft money- give to party/ organizations (PAC) Political Action Commtee Subsidy-Paying money to the indrusty by using taxes Burden of Proof Governor Impeach What powers do the other two branches have over it? VI What powers do the other two branches have over it? State Level What is the main job of the President in regards to armed forces? Hung Jury Due procese Burden of proof Hung jury Self incrimanation Mranda rights What is an amendment? Make Laws What is an article? X Judicial Review

Template For Students

Transcript: Stories & Legends Winter 1. Powerful Central Image with an inquiry question to guide your thinking 2. Three main idea subtopics to refine your thinking: 1) Geography/Topography - 10 pictures (5 for land, 5 for water) relating to geographical terms with definitions for each 2) Natural Resources - Food: What types were available? - Where did they get it from? - How did they get it? - Transportation - What natural resources did they use for travel? - Natural waterways? - Did they make vessels or tools to aid their travel? - Clothing - How did the seasons/climate change what they wore? - What was the clothing made of and why? - Housing: 5 Facts - Did they change/move depending on season? - What were they made of? - How many people/families did they support? 3) Lifestyle & Cultural Practices: At least two of each: - Stories/Legends (2) - Ceremonies (2) - Beliefs (2) 3. At least 3 short video clips (less than 5 minutes; one for each main idea) Transportation/Tools From Resources Picture Hunting From the Land Agriculture What is it made of? Canoes? Snowshoes? Different styles? Using the Land as a Lifeline Spring Summer Fishing How does where one lives, affect how they live? Beliefs Clothing From Resources Picture Hunting How do the seasons/climate change the clothing? Food From Resources Picture Women were usually the ones that gathered the berrys Criteria Ceremonies From the Natural Waterways Geography/Topography Picture of Land Housing From Resources Picture Fall Lifestyle & Culture Natural Waterways Gathering Quoted From: Geography/Topography Using the Land as a Lifeline Picture of Water First Peoples of Canada Prezi What resources helped them travel? Lifestyle & Culture INSERT CENTRAL IMAGE

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