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Tufts University

Transcript: Teacher in the Spotlight Professor David Kaplan helped in make revolutionary steps in the medical world with the use of silk. "Researchers at the Tufts University School of Engineering have discovered a way to maintain the potency of vaccines and other drugs (that otherwise require refrigeration) for months and possibly years at temperatures above 110 degrees F, by stabilising them in a silk protein made from silkworm cocoons. This could be a universal storage and handling system." -Technology Times (September 9, 2012) The Impact "International health experts estimate that nearly half of all global vaccines are lost due to breakdowns in the 'cold chain'." -Technology Times cold chain is the temperature that vaccines must be stored in so that the vaccines do not become inactive important for shipping vaccines to other countries with hot climates If cold chains are not properly maintained diseases may spread quickly From an article by Martin Yakum Tufts is involved and concerned with foreign relations and wants to help struggling nations "Measles is one of the leading killers of children worldwide. Without refrigeration, the MMR vaccine rapidly loses potency. But after six months of storage in freeze-dried silk films at body temperature (37 C) and at 113 F (45 C), all components of the vaccine retained approximately 85 percent of their initial potency." -Technology Times Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available. In 2013, there were 145 700 measles deaths globally – about 400 deaths every day or 16 deaths every hour. from World Health Organization "Jeney Zhang, a graduate student from Tufts University, working in the lab of silk maestro David Kaplan, showed that silk can stabilise two antibiotics - penicillin and tetracycline - as well as the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine." -Technology Times she is now Professor Kaplan's adviser students appreciate their time at tufts and after graduation want to stay involved with the Tufts atmosphere Tufts has programs to help graduates get jobs internship opportunities are very helpful Job outlook for Biomedical Engineers looks quite promising Job possibilities: Tissue Engineering for Bone and Cartilage Replacement Advanced Polymeric Materials Characterization and Rheology Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cells, Tissues, and Organisms Plasma Reaction Engineering for Pollution Control and Disinfection Biomass Conversion to Energy by Enzymatic/Catalytic/Thermal/Plasma Methods Advanced Computational Methods in Materials, Catalysis, and Transport Solid State Materials Synthesis and Characterization Average Salary of a Biomedical Engineer: $86,960 Can range from $52,600-$124,000 In America at this time there is a movement being made to get more females to get involved in engineering The job outlook for females in biomedical engineering is even higher than for males because of this Engineer Girl Not too far from home but not too close to from home Suburban school Family friend attended Tufts really enjoyed the school and recommended it 99% of Classes are taught by professors 19% acceptance rate Average class size:20 and 9:1 student to teacher ratio and in the engineering program it is 7:1 allows students to obtain good relationships with the professors- which will help with getting a job out of college a plethora of study abroad opportunities available and encouraged Roughly 5,255 undergraduates and 10,837 total students medium sized college Is part of the "Little Ivies" Ranked #15 in research universities by Forbes Has the rare campus style of being both a liberal arts college as well as a research college Must have a certain number of credits in specific areas such as English and Math however these courses can be chosen by the student based on their strengths #27 of national Universities and #28 for best value by U.S. News 50 to 50 male to female ratio No cars or pets on campus 23% instate and 77% out of state Fenway Park about 5 miles from Medford campus student discount for tickets to TD Garden and Fenway Park Tons of events on campus Homecoming game (hosted by Greek Life) Theater Productions Dancing Spring Fling Freshmen and Sophomores required to live on Campus and Juniors and Seniors are not guaranteed on campus housing special interest group housing Bush Hall dorms a double is 12 feet by 16 feet Internships, work study, and student jobs available and encouraged Tufts was established in 1852 Boston businessman Charles Tufts gave land to the Universalist Church to start a college in the 1840s Universalists believe in eventual holiness and happiness of all the human race, as revealed to the world in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ this has become a policy of Tufts 1852 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts chartered Tufts 1954 Tufts went from "Tufts College" to "Tufts University" Mascot Jumbo the elephant was a real animal one of the only mascots found in the Webster Dictionary PT

D2d - Tufts

Transcript: All recruitment activities are completed by D2d team with your approval ~10% per year progress to diabetes A multi-center trial to determine whether vitamin D supplementation delays the onset of diabetes in people at risk for diabetes. Key Criteria Benefits to Participants and Clinicians Local lab: A1c fasting glucose Informing patients of D2d Examples: Patient 2 A diabetes prevention trial to determine whether vitamin D supplementation delays the onset of diabetes in people at risk for diabetes. 4,000 IU Central lab: A1c fasting glucose 2-hour glucose (OGTT) to do: insert map w/ new sites Examples: Patient 1 2,382 US adults; 112 in Boston metro area (Tufts) 1. EMR-based Querying EMR for A1c, glucose, weight, age, meds Send invitation letter to patients that pre-qualify On behalf of the PCP [see example 1] * BEST * “with permission by PCP” [see example 2] 2. Brochures, flyers, risk assessments in waiting rooms Patients are always followed by their clinicians 1. Educate and support 2. Seek additional modifiable, safe, inexpensive, acceptable interventions. “My doctor keeps telling me to lose weight, but it is tough. If I qualify, every morning I take the study pill, it will be a reminder that I need to do something about it.” A1c 6.1% (pre-diabetes) Fasting glucose 92 mg/dL (normal) Glucose after OGTT 196 mg/dL (diabetes range) OGTT results helped patient and clinician concentrate on post-prandial efforts Where is D2d? 1. Assessing diabetes risk [A1c, FPG, OGTT] at baseline 2. Monitoring for diabetes [A1c, FPG, OGTT] every 2/year Results shared with patient and clinician 3. Participants receive education on reducing risk of diabetes (NDEP and D2d-specific material, groups sessions) 4. Participants take pride in participating in a landmark trial and contributing to research to prevent diabetes

Tufts University

Transcript: In 1852 ,Tufts college was founded by Christian Universalists who worked for years to open a non-sectarian institution of higher learning.The French-american nutritionist Jean Mayer became president of Tufts in the late 1970s and,through a series of rapid acquisitions, transformed the school into an internationally renowned research university.In the 1840s, the Unilateralist church wanted to open a college in New England, and in 1852, Charles Tufts donated 20 acres to the church to help them achieve this goal.Tufts expanded in the 1930s with the opening of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the first graduate school of international affairs in the United States and a collaboration with Harvard University. My college supply list includes many things like the following:Bathroom supplies Foot wear clothes Jackets Laundry basket mini fridge dishes utensils laundry detergent trash can bath towels TV drinks snacks power strips laptop printer book shelf bedding wall decorations art supplies lamp make up camera.The total volume will be 230.80 ft cubic units.I will need 15 boxes for all of my belongings. photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli I choose Tufts University as my collage beacouse when i grow up i want to study medicine.And also because when i was in fourth grade i got to go and explore the collage.And most importantly i saw students happy as they started and ended there classes. My Personal items My project was very difficult because we had to pack every thing we would need.As if we were moving out to collage.So in my project i include planning,boxes,my collage supply list,and packing all of my belongings.So i hope you enjoy my presentation. My Moving Day!!! Melissa Benitez 5A Tufts University Tufts University Tufts is not just a collage it is called tufts dedicated to their mascot who is an elephant who died for saving another baby elephant's life. Tufts University Truck The length of the truck =10 ft the width =6ft the Height =4ft the total is 240 ft. The total miles from my home to my school is 6.1 miles.I will need to pay $1,503.06 for the gas. The math skills i used were addition and adding decimals and multiplication. My collage

Tufts Presentation

Transcript: PYD'ed Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development 4H Study of PYD What are the "positives" in positive youth development? What are the "strengths" in strength-based? Thank You! "YD programs are marked by the "Big 3" characteristics (1) positive and sustained adult-youth relations; (2) life skills-building activities for youth; and (3) opportunities for youth participation in and leadership of valued community activities...longitudinally, PYD predicts both community contributions and lessened likelihood of risk/problem behaviors. (in essence thriving)" Provide our data sets to enterprising PhD students & data analytics firms Continue to augment our business based on learnings from our eval system Improve training and professional development for our mentors Adapt agency goals based on PYD outcomes Vision Statement 6 PYD Where do we go from here? Earnest Coulter Youth Enrollment assessment + Volunteer Enrollment assessment + Matching / Pairing Documentation + Training materials + 6-month cycle ongoing evals + Staff training and assurance + Big and guardian intentionality = Full integration of our PYD system 2 Common Scale Common Sense Identify risk Isolate unwanted behaviors Address weaknesses directly Rely on outside resource Liang, Spencer, West, & Rappaport, 2013 Identify potential Whole child Re-enforce strengths Opportunities for learning Leverage Inside resource Richard Lerner The goals of youth mentoring have broadened from redressing youth problems to promoting positive youth development. Yet, many of the principles associated with contemporary conceptualizations of development found in the positive youth development (PYD) and community psychology (CP) literature have yet to be fully integrated into mentoring research and practice. These approaches place greater emphasis on youth as assets to their communities and the promotion of positive development through the cultivation of these assets, often by fostering collaborative partnerships between youth and adults to effect social change. 5 Our vision is to inspire, engage and transform the communities of Mass Bay by helping youth achieve their full potential, contributing to healthier families, better schools, brighter futures and stronger communities Mission Statement The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay is to partner with under-resourced families to provide their children with transformational, one-to-one professionally-supported relationships with caring adult mentors, so that their children will thrive 1. Brain = curiosity; 2. Hand = connection; 3. Spine = confidence; 4. Feet = character; 5. Heart = caring; 6. Face = competencies 3 Deficit-Based "….make the little chap feel that there is at least one human being in this great city who takes a personal interest in him, who cares whether he lives or dies." 1 The 5 Cs On the horizon 3.00-2.00 = exhibiting positive behaviors a majority of the time, area of strength, celebrate and re-enforce 1.99-1.00. = exhibiting desired behaviors inconsistently, area in need of improvement, build a strategy with all match parties 0.99-0.01 = few/no positive indicators in this domain, pursue additional resources (support, referrals, etc), supervisor should be consulted PYD Evaluations Strength-Based 4 Character Connection Confidence Caring Competence +Curiosity The Journey to Becoming a PYD Agency Big Brothers Big Sisters

Tufts University

Transcript: Tufts University 50% men 50% women Average age: 20 77% of students are from out of state 23% of students are from in state Total undergraduates: 5,177 Student to faculty ratio 9:1 Badminton Baseball Basketball Cheerleading Football Lacrosse The school is part of the NCAA All of the NCAA teams are in division III Some other levels of the sports are intramural, Club, and intercollegiate For more Information on the sports at Tufts University visit: Location Tufts is located in Medford, Massachusetts, which is right outside of Boston. Sat Scores I chose to research Tufts University because It is a great academic school and I want to go there. Attending this school is a great goal to have because only 17% of applicants are accepted. Another reason I want to go to this school is because it is close to Boston. I have been there a couple of times and it is very fun. Also, This school isn't to far from Madison, so I would be able to drive home When I want to. Tufts University is the college I want to attend after highschool. For more information on Tufts University visit: Highschool Requirements Academic Information Most popular bachelor's degree is social sciences at 31% of students 9% Engineering 7% biology 7% Psychology 7%Visual and Performing Arts 6%Foreign Languages and Literature 6%Interdisciplinary Studies Why I chose this school For more extra information on Tufts University visit: Tour of Tufts campus With the tuition fee and all of the other expenses the estimated cost per year for living on campus is about $65,900. Student Body Cost Sports Activities


Transcript: TUFTS UNIVERSITY Requires SAT or ACT No need for subject test (SAT) Value what YOU have to say in your admission Need two letters of recommendation: one from college counselor, one from teacher Questions: Why Tufts? What course would you create? Early Decision: 11/1 and 12/1 All financial aid is need based Interviews are optionl (Tuft alumni School of Nutrition Science and Policy School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging School of the Museum of Fine Arts Fletcher School of Law School of Medicine Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine School of Arts and Sciencces School of Engineering College of Civic Life School of Dental Medicine MISSION STATEMENT Freshman housing assigned; sophomore lottery system; upperclassmen live off-campus Greek life (present) Campus community (clubs, cannon, mascot, etc.) BASIC INFORMATION “Tufts University.” Tufts University, “Tufts University.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 12 Sept. 2018, ADVISORY PROJECT STUDENT LIFE ACADEMICS CLASS STYLE WORKS CITED "TO PROVIDE TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIECNES FOR STUDENTS AND FACULTY IN AN INCLUSIVE AND COLLABORATIVEENVIRONMENT WHERE CREATIVE SCHOLARS GENERATE BOLD IDEAS, INNOVATE IN THE FACE OF COMPLEX CHALLENGES AND DISTINGUISH THEMSELVES ACTIVE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD" LOCATION: MEDFORD & SOMERVILLE TYPE: PRIVATE UNIVERSITY URBAN/SUBURBAN: SUBURBAN SPORTS: DIVISION 3 EXTRACURRICULARS: 300 ORGANIZATIONS SELECTIVITY: 16% FACULTY IS HIRED IN CLUSTERS EMPHASIS ON RESEARCH WHEN TEACHING DON'T COMMIT DURING FRESHMAN YEAR EVERY SUMMER, 100 STUDENTS DO FULL TIME RESEARCH ADMISSIONS TO TUFTS QUICK FACTS: “Tufts University.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 12 Sept. 2018, SMALL DISCUSSION BASED CLASSES 9:1 STUDENT FACULTY RATIO PROFESSORS ARE AVAILABLE DURING OFFICE HOURS DOUBLE MAJORS ARE COMMON

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