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Transcript: Trump wants Mexico to build a wall "Donald Trump: Sure, I Might Use Nuclear Weapons In Europe. Hell, I Might Use Them In Chicago, Too." By: streiff (Diary) | March 31st, 2016 at 10:00 AM | He is a proven liar he is racist he hates women having power he wants war he wants abortion penalties trump will be the cause of WW III Trump is gonna cut the Department of Educations budget, and lower taxes... if he does that, how bad will the roads be, how bad will our education get because they wont have the funds to even buy new textbooks on his 2nd year of being a president., And he wants to lower the college rates, which is good for the student, until the college cant fund for the courses anymore By Justyn Henderson trump shouldn't be allowed to be president TRUMP'S TRANSCRIPTS FROM official MSNBC transcript TRUMP: I don’t think I — well, someday, maybe. MATTHEWS: When? Maybe? TRUMP: Of course. If somebody… MATTHEWS: Where would we drop — where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East? TRUMP: Let me explain. Let me explain. Somebody hits us within ISIS, you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke? MATTHEWS: No. To drop a nuclear weapon on a community of people that are… TRUMP: No, no, but you can’t say — first of all, you don’t want to say, “Take everything off the table…” He is a genius He is a good man He is smart with money He knows what he is doing He is the man America has been waiting for What other people say Budget and Spending trump also looks stupid To keep the Mexicans out of America... first of all, he can't make anyone build a wall and make them pay for it, it has to go through the branches first... all Trump wants is power... His Education Should Trump be president? Trump also prefers Nuclear energy, which is deadly. He also wishes to bring back the coal industries, which will pollute our environment badly, worse then it already is


Transcript: ~ Clinton wants to make community college and public four year colleges debt free ~ She wants a universal pre-school ~ She wants to use testing to improve standards Information taken from ~ Wants to raise the minimum wage to 12$ an hour across the U.S. ~ Clinton plans to do away with the carried interest tax to benefit the rich Informaiom from ~ Clinton wants to close private immigration centers ~ She wants to create the first ever office of immgrant affairs ~ She voted for comprehensive immigration reform which means she wants to change the current immigration policy in America ~ Protection was weak ~ US diplomats requested more security little was changed ~ Hillarys response after the attack was "What difference at this point does it make"- Hillary Clinton ~ disregard of clear, present, and obvious terrorist threats Information taken from Information taken from By: Seth, Olivia Issues on Jobs and wages Medicare and Social Security Issues on Immigration Trump!! ~Hillary wants to give more benefits to the poorest recipiants ~Raise taxes to people who make over 100,000 a year ~Allowing people 50 and over to buy medicare ~She wants to grow the medicare program so it gradually covers more and more people, then eventually everyone Issues on Gun Rights Information taken from Donald Trump V. Hillary Clinton Issues on Education Who Will Win The Race!?!? Who is Hilary Clinton? The real truth about Benghazi, that Hillary won't admit ~ Voters feel that the government will go to far in restricting gun rights ~ Clinton wants to hold gun manufactures liable for gun violence Information taken from


Transcript: Ok, imagine you are a Republican supporter, what presidential candidates are on offer? How about.....this guy? Who is most likely to be Republican presidential candidate, so far? If you were US president, what would be your precondition for intervening in Libya? What is America's position in the world now, how is it seen? What's wrong with Obama? How widespread is the belief that Obama was not born in the US? Trump takes criticism seriously? Why is he doing this? What is Trump's political past? Vocab. 1.accept fantasy 2.reputation 3.stunned 4.stop 4.last show broadcast 6.wails be punished 8.humiliated 9.movement which doubts where Obama was born 10.collected 11.hoax 12.resistant 13.dismisses 14.lack of concern of elections 16. likely 17. wandered 18.trying to get 19.absolute opposite Who is Julian Assange? Which party is Trump considering running for? Does he have a good sense of humour? What news network does he appear on, often? What is the name of the movement which questions Obama's birth? What is the name of the TV show Trump hosts? Who is Gary Busey? Who did Gary Busey say would make a great president? Who did Trump say he had a good relationship with? What did Hawaii release? Where was Michelle Bachman born? What did Mitt Romney do when he was governor of Massachusetts? What will Trump focus on now?


Transcript: Trump Technology All citizens are required to exercise at least 10 hours a day. You must walk your doge twice a day. All people must play a sport in the community recreation league. The sports in the rec league are Football, soccer,baseball, and softball. You must be playing a sport by age 5 or you will be entered into a sports team. I see u Government Families Families are limited to 3 children except under special circumstances. The families are Patriarchal. All families live in the same dwellings unless they are under 2 or over 65. All families are given a guard doge after a family's second child Everybody has to work to earn money. Each person will make at the minimum 50000 a year. The maximum is one million a year. There isa set currency. T$ is the system of money. 10 laws: 1.No illegal immigrants 2.No murder 3.No theft 4.No public nudity 5.No alcohol under age 21 6.No public smoking 7.8 hours of school each day required. 8.Church is required once a week 9.No drugs 10.Must have a job when you turn 18 8 hours of school a day. Math,science,history,and literature are all required subjects. 4 day week: Monday ,Tuesday ,Thursday ,Friday. All students have an educational tablet/laptop. Teachers are payed 50,000 a year. The principal is Donald Trump. All students are required to take physical education at least once a year. The schools are located in 2 different districts, districts A and C, with district A housing the elementary schools, and district C housing the middle and high schools. Students begin schooling at age 5 and graduate at age 18 when they are assigned a job. Employment. Transportation Doctor: The doctors take care and prevent people from getting sick. Teacher: Teachers teach children so they won't be stupid. Judge: Judges punish people who commit crimes. Police officers: They catch criminals. Mayor: The mayor holds the final say on all town laws. Money Environment The climate in the community is temperate. Summer and Winter are the only seasons. The animals are only mammals and reptiles. There are pets in the community such as Doges and Kats. Some of them are friendly and some arent. But most of them are friendly. It is very warm in our community from time to time. Most community members travel by train or car. The rich people of the community travel by car. The system of mass transportation is called Trumpsportation All houses are identical. All houses are confined to 3 residential districts. The residential districts are gated and separate from the rest of the community. The residential districts vary with some being apartments while others are mansions. Trump is very advanced technologically. The society positively views technology. The cellphone everyone has is the TPhone2016. The lives of people in Trump are very technologically full. Jt ,Gabe ,Carson,Megan 5 important jobs in the community are : Doctor,Teacher,Judge,Police officer,and Mayor. Recreation Housing Education

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