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Transcript: TRIVIA QUIZ Geography 1. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world? A. Kamet B. Mount Everest EASY C. Kangchenjunga D. Trisul 2. Which is the world's longest big-ship canal? A. Kiel Canal B. Suez Canal MEDIUM C. Volga-Don Canal D. Rhine-Main-Danube Canal 3 . Which of the following countries is famous for livestock ranching in the world ? A. Brazil HARD B. Colombia C. Argentina D. Venezuela Animals 1. What is the biggest animal in the world? A. Brown Bear EASY B. Saltwater Crocodile C. Whale Shark D. Blue Whale 2. What is the smallest animal in the world? A. Slender Blind Snakes B. Bee Hummingbird MEDIUM C. Paedocypris D. Pygmy Rabbit 3. What is the most predatory animal in the world? A. Komodo Dragon B. King Cobra HARD C. Great White Shark D. Orca History 1. The first person who entered into space was.. ? A. Yuri Gagarin EASY B. Neil Armstrong C. Alan Shepard D. Alexey Leonov 2. Who was the first person to climb Mount Everest? A. Sir Edmund Hillary MEDIUM B. Tenzing Morgay C. George Mallory D. Tom Bourdillon 3. Who was the first person to discover Australia? A. Willem Janszoon B. Amerigo Vespucci HARD C. Ferdinand Macellan D. Christopher Columbus Places 1. What is the oldest settlement in Turkey? A. Çatalhöyük EASY B. Gobekli Tepe C. Ephesus D. Aspendos 2. What is the oldest habitation in Germany? A. Rothenburg MEDIUM B. Heidelberg C. Trier D. Bremen 3. Which is the most owner Cittaslow country in the world? A. Spain HARD B. Germany C. Poland D. Italy Planets 1. What is the largest planet in the solar system? A. Saturn EASY B. Jupiter C. Venus D. Neptune 2. What is the hottest planet in the solar system? A. Mercury B. Mars MEDIUM C. Venus D. Earth 3. Which planet is farthest from the Sun? A. Mercury HARD B. Uranus C. Jupiter D. Neptune Sports 1. Who is the fastest runner in the world? A. Michael Johnson EASY B. Justin Gatlin C. Usain Bolt D. Maurice Greene 2. Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 22 medals? A. Ryan Lochte B. Michael Phelps MEDIUM C. Grant Hackett D. Aaron Peirsol 3. Who is the most winner of Australian Open? A. Margaret Smith Court B. Victoria Azarenka HARD C. Maria Sharapova D. Serena Williams


Transcript: QUIZ TRIVIA GET READY 1 GEOGRAPHY NIGERIA NEW ZEALAND CUBA MALTA ALASKA TEXAS CALIFORNIA MAINE Introduction 1. What is the capital of Australia ? Introduction 2. What country does not speak English ? Introduction 3. Name 3 cities in Kent. Introduction 4. Where are the headquarters of the United Nations ? Introduction 5. What is the biggest state in the U.S.A. ? 2 HISTORY GET READY Introduction 1. When did COP24 happen ? Introduction 2. In what century did Shakespeare live ? Introduction 3. What year did Agatha Chrisitie publish Murder on the Orient Express ? Introduction 4. What month is Thanksgiving celebrated in the U.S. ? In Canada ? Introduction 5. Who was the 1st black president of South Africa ? 3 THE NEWS GET READY Introduction 1. What is the name of the activist representing the school strike for climate ? Introduction 2. What is the name of the UK Prime Minister who quit in May 2019 ? Introduction 3. What man won the French Open Roland Garros in June 2019 ? Introduction 4. What is the # on social media to support Sudan ? Introduction 5. What country experienced heavy floods in April 2019 ? 4 FILMS / TV SHOWS GET READY Introduction 1. What is the name of Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary about climate change ? Introduction 2. What is the name of the cowboy in the Toy Story movies ? Introduction 3. What TV show has the best rating on the website IMDB ? Introduction 4. Where was Lord of the Rings filmed (country) ? Introduction 5. Who directed Star Wars ? 5 ENGLISH LANGUAGE GET READY Introduction 1. "can", "must", "should" sont : ............................. Introduction 2. Ecrire le mot : ........................... Introduction 3. Le present perfect se forme avec : ........................... Introduction 4. Expliquer en français ce que signifie le nom : " an off license"

trivia quiz

Transcript: candela almonacid The correct answer is "Elemental, dear Watson." The first time the famous phrase appeared was in a 1939 film, nine years after the death of Conan Doyle, entitled The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The writer never put those words into the detective's mouth. When a choreographer say in a dance rehearsal ''from above'' means... Which is the planet with the largest number of satellites? The correct answer is Jupiter. Although all claims are true, it is considered that Jupiter has more satellites because what form the rings of saturn are not considered moons. a- The men. b- The right-handers. c- Englishmen. d- The scientists. a- It is better to look to heaven to live there.-Breakfast at Tiffany's. b- Elemental, dear Watson.-Sherlock Holmes. c- Not all who wander are lost. -The Hobbit. d-I can not go back to the past because I was a different person then.- Alice in Wonderland What country received more Literature's Nobel Prizes? The correct answer is an invisible layer Hyperstealth Biotechnology, a Canadian company dedicated to the creation of camouflage design and technology, created a new material called Quantum Stealth, which renders invisible to the person who covers, this through a process of manipulating the light around the layer and its environment, fooling the observer's brain to think there is no one around. Who lives more? ''Las sin sombrero'' (an important group of women) were part of... Who painted ''The milkmaid'' or ''The girl with the pearl earring''? a) Pierre Auguster Renoir b) Grant Wood c) Johannes Vermeer d) Leonardo Da Vinci trivia quiz a) France b) England c) Ital The right answer is right-handed. According to scientific studies, the matadors live an average of nine years longer than left-handers a- An invisible layer. b- A high-tech washing machine. c- Shoes that do not make noise. d- A robot with personality. a) It means that he want to change some steps b) The rehearsal is repeated again from the beginning. c) It means it's necessary start in the bottom of the stage. d) Any choreographer say that. MARIA BLANES Scientists are working on the Quantum Stealth. This is... What quotation has never been said in the book that belongs? a- Earth, 1 b- Saturn, 67 c- Jupiter, 52 d- Saturn, 22 a) Generation of 27 b) Illuminati c)Masons d) XXI Revolution

Trivia Quiz

Transcript: sexy factual bonus round true or false! ~1 point for name ~bonus point for show/movie name. that. ghost! #30 #26 #27 47. There is no such thing as being a grower or a shower. Trivia Quiz 48. The vagina is Latin for "sheath", or can be translated as "sword holder". #29 #28 7.14.20 49. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, of Kellogg's cereals, created cornflakes and other products to prevent masturbation. who has more followers? sexy bonus question for the sexy bonus round BABY NUT @mrpeanut 50. What country gets the most penis enlargement procedures? #7 Jaden Smith @jaden #10 film plots explained badly Gilbert Gottfried @RealGilbert use your noggin to think outside the box! example: "Guys wife dies, so he gets high." answer: Up Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen example: "A retired Olympian is harassed by a telekinetic monster." answer: Matilda Family Feud 21. Where do kids nowadays spend most of their time? film plots explained badly who has more followers? 5. "Everyone tries to keep a single dad from snapping." Morrissey @officialmoz body parts...IN LATIN 40. How many countries are there in Africa? 23. Name a famous wizard. 4. "Driver wrecks Ford." 33. A Round Ballsack 34. Periodic Anal Odor who has more followers? John Legend @johnlegend #9 NASA @NASA 1 point for correct answer || 2 points for top answer 22. Write something you can buy that costs $1(USD) or less. film plots explained badly geography #8 6. "Everyone tries the ice bucket challenge." 24. Name something that you always keep plugged in. 16. oculus 1. "An overweight loner with poor hygiene and social skills goes on a quest to get rid of the minorities invading homeland." Name a country beginning with the following letters. Bonus point for getting an answer no one else got! 25. Tell me a type of gun that doesn't shoot bullets. Doritos @Doritos 12. G 17. digitus 2. "A schoolboy constantly gets a free pass because his gay principle takes a liking to him." 13. I 18. auris 14. L 19. pectus pectoris 3. "Instead of enjoying Xmas Eve with his pregnant wife, a cop spends all night talking to his new friend on a walkie-talkie." 15. O, V, Y, or Z #11 potpourri Moms Against Buffalo Wild Wings @MomsAgainstBWW 20. nasus who has more followers? celebrity anagrams Mothers Against Dairy @AntiDairyMoms 31. Sweaty Ken 36. Who becomes POTUS should the president and vice president die? Bonus: Who is in that position now? 32. Twisty Flora 37. What symbolizes iron on the periodic table? 38. Which artist sings the hit song 'That's How I Beat Shaq'(2000)? 35. Miserable Tit Junk 39. What brand of car is Matthew McConaughey always driving in the commericals? 46. Most men have 3-5 erections every single night. buckle up.

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Transcript: Victoria Pellerin 18 y\o Experiences EXPERIENCE 2018 2019 Volunteer Cook 2018 2019 Foyer in Bouctuche I was in charge of desserts. I made little hedgehog cookies with crushed hazelnuts. At Thanksgiving i made a caramel-pecan pie. 2019 2020 2019 2020 January-February (same job) The Same Foyer I didn't stay as i was feeling uncomfortable there. 2020 2021 2020 2021 Grade 12 Student Unemployed Most classes are in the 90's. I actually enjoy school. EDUCATION EDUCATION K-5 K-5 Rexton Elementary School Kindergarden - Grade 5 I was in the chess club and I was i star student. 9-12 9 - 12 Bonar Law Memorial School Grade 9 to grade 12 Graduated one year late, but had a pretty nice time. Grade 6 - 8, not my best times. 6-8 FAVORITES FAVORITES CLASS FAVORITE CLASS NUTRITION AND HEALTHY LIVING 110 Grade 11 First Semester Very interesting Had a fun time Liked my classmates Other Facts GMO's are in everything. I stopped eating chicken for a while after a documentary FOOD My favorite foods include; -Cheetos ​ -White cheddar popcorn​ -Cheese​ -Nachos​ -Chocolate FAVORITE FOOD Diet Chart HEALTHY BALANCED UNHEALTHY MOVIE HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN DESCRIPTION: FILM ACTING FAVORITE MOVIE MUSIC A homeless vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas, and other scumbags with his trusty pump-action shotgun. ARTISTS MY FAVORITE ARTISTS My favorite artists - Theory of a Deadman - The Offspring - Russ FAVORITE ARTISTS INTERESTS INTERESTS MY INTERESTS (HOBBIES) My hobbies include; - Cooking - Eating -Walking - Sleeping

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