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Transcript: The word "Trendy" Nik, Mugdim, Emily, Scarlett What are Trends "Trendy" A trend is basically something that something else changed to follow or veer towards. In our case, people as a whole are the ones that are changing to veer towards certain things. A very common example is fashion, certain clothing items can become popular with a society and those people tend to use that item more. Although trends can be fun there are many effects of trends that are not always talked about. Examples of Trends Examples of Trends When you think of trends most people think about are Fashion trends but trends can happen in anything and are very common. Visual trends: (Beauty, Style) - Fashion; clothing items, styles. (air force 1s, "Alt" clothing) - Makeup - Hairstyles (ex, Colored streaks) - Even making faces are considered trends(eg, duck face) Music/songs/Artists TV Shows, Movies Internet trends: - Memes/Jokes ( eg, "I ain't never seen two pretty best friends") - Dance - Emojis - Apps, -TikTok trends Social Validation Social Validation is when someone is accepted socially into society. Social Validation is usually the main cause of Trends and popularity. Usually trends are something that a smaller amount of people like and then other people start doing them to be accepted, to receive social validation. This can cause a lot of people to feel pressure to comply with current trends and although trends may be fun, they can have harmful effects on society as well. Trends and Social Validation General Effects Effects on Society Trends, challenges, and social validation places a lot of pressure on people Pros praises/acceptance one can receive from others will improve self-esteem confidence is a key trait for self-love + happiness Cons constantly comparing yourself to others jealousy no individuality lower self-esteem dependent on others *validation itself is not bad, but instead the reasoning behind it -> seeking & wanting praise from others is normal, but NEEDING it is harmful* Beauty trends/standards Beauty Trends Trends in the way we look and dress have consistently appeared throughout most, if not all, of human history and are arguably the most common type of trend. For some reason, a lot of what we think or assume about people is based off their appearances, this leads a lot of people to feel the need to fit in and look the way society deems acceptable. The problem with these kinds of trends is that by setting a standard for what is considered "normal" it often excludes huge groups of people due to their body types, their facial, their race, their age, their economical status, etc. Makeup Many people feel pressure to wear makeup out because they are told that is something completely natural that they need to "fix". Examples of these kinds of trends are contouring, concealing under eye-bags, false eye lashes, eyelid tape/glue, filling in eyebrows, etc. Many trends or trendy brands can be exclusionary towards POC, especially people with darker skin tones. This is often a result very of limited makeup shade ranges or just a complete lack of darker shades at all, meanwhile it seems like there are always plenty of different beige and lighter tan options. Trends and trendy brands can also be exclusionary towards people that choose to wear makeup that aren't women, this usually is shown in the marketing or packaging of products. A study from 2019 shows that 84% of the sponsored posts on Instagram were posted by women. Makeup Fashion and clothes: Clothes and fashion Being on trend usually requires some degree of wealth since trends change so often, whether you buy a whole new wardrobe every season or you choose to only buy the basics, fashion isn't cheap and this can be exclusive towards people that don't have money to spend on new clothes every month. For example Dr marten shoes and Nike sneakers can both range from $90-$500 a pair and one t-shirt from urban outfitters can cost you anywhere from 40 to 80 dollars. Popular fashion aesthetics can also be exclusionary towards plus size people and people of color, if you scroll through certain tags on Instagram or Pinterest, like e-girl or cottage core, nearly everyone of the pictures that come up are pictures of skinny white girls. This can make people that aren't skinny or white feel like that aren't allowed to wear certain styles since it wasn't meant for them. Trends and Culture Cultural effects - Most trends start from a group of people doing them first and then spreading. A lot of times these groups of people are certain groups of people. Many trends come from certain cultures. - Now with the internet and growing integration of cultures in the US, many people are being exposed to different cultures and pick up the practices. These practices can become trends and become popular among other people, and a lot of times people can forget the origin of the trend. Which can turn into appropriation. Performative Activism Performative Activism Performative Activism is when people post and

Trendy Tiffany Presentation

Transcript: Demographic Single 31 year old female Fast paced lifestyle One bedroom apartment owner Inner city living Northeast (CT to VA) Midwest (IL-MI-WI) Colorado or Texas Moderate Education High school & Associate Degree Entry-level job in service industry Server at local restaurant Low household income: $35-$50K Trendy Tiffany Who is Trendy Tiffany? Affordable Designer Bargains Trend Setting Attention Grabbing Bright and Bold Colors Trendy Tiffany A glance at her lifestyle Basic Needs 1. Designer Labels 2. Fast turnaround of product 3. Good customer experience "I've Gotta Look Good!" Lifestyle Influences Trendy Tiffany in the Media Now Introducing: Remarkable Mark Moving Forward... Urban Contemporary music Reality T.V. Celebrity Gossip Video Games Newest Electronics Social Media outlets Ultimate trend setter Knowledgeable Desires luxury fashion products Finds designer bargains Trend savy Brand conscious 11% of ShopNBC customers 17% of US population Video Trendy Tiffany Rachel Zoe Rihanna Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Madonna Sarah Jessica Parker Style Board By: Lauren Sutmar As a Consumer Professional life Works to make ends meet Worries about paying bills Social life Active and upbeat Large network of friends Social Climber Life of the party Personal Style Image & appearance conscious Designer brands Young and fresh lifestyle Stay updated on current and upcoming trends in the marketplace Further market research Wider range of products that fit into a younger age group Stand out products (bold colors, textures, patterns, glitz) Small percentage of product aimed at Trendy Tiffany in each department Trendy Tiffany Video Breakdown

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