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tows matrix

Transcript: TOWS MATRIX Reported by: Shairyll Kaye B. Malleta What is the TOWS Matrix It is an extension of the classic analytic tool, SWOT Analysis What is the TOWS Matrix The acronym TOWS was developed by the American international business professor Heinz Weirich. The Other Way Around The Other Way Around First, an external environment analysis; the threats and opportunities. Next the company’s strengths and weaknesses are considered. It is to write several strategies in four different groups by: a) Strengths with opportunities b) Weaknesses with opportunities c) Strengths with threats, d) Weaknesses with Threats Strategic Options Strategic Options Helps businesses to identify their strategic options Finding out the strengths and weaknesses within an organization and what opportunities and threats there are in its environment. External Environment External Environment It emphasizes the external environment. Strategic tactics emerge by opposing: a) S-O (Strengths-Opportunities), b) W-O (Weaknesses-Opportunities), c) S-T (Strengths-Threats) d) W-T (Weaknesses-Threats). Transform the SWOT analysis into a TOWS Matrix Transform the SWOT Analysis into a TOWS Matrix SO strategies: Strengths are used to take advantage of opportunities. WO strategies: They aim to overcome weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities. ST strategies: These strategies use strengths to avoid risks. WT strategies: It aims to reduce weaknesses to avoid risks. TOWS Matrix Template TOWS MATRIX TEMPLATE TOWS Matrix Example TOWS Matrix Example A medium-sized maintenance and painting business that mostly works for large housing co operatives and office. Example Template Example Template Strategies (Strengths) Strategies (Strengths) S-O – How can the organization employ the expertise of its own professionals to respond to the needs of vocational education centers? S-T – How can the organization use its skilled staff to compete with cheaper workers employed by competitors? Example Template Example Template Strategies (Weaknesses) W-O – How can partnerships with vocational education centers help the organization to improve itself and put more effort into customer acquisition? W-T – How can the organization better position itself in the market and thus reduce the threat posed by competitors? Strategies (Weaknesses) Example Template Example Template Key Points Key Points The TOWS Matrix is a relatively simple tool for generating strategic options. It stands for: • Threats. • Opportunities. • Weaknesses. • Strengths. It's a variation of SWOT analysis, but differs because SWOT focuses on internal factors (strengths and opportunities), while TOWS focuses on external factors (threats and opportunities). References: References powerpoint-template Thank you! The End Shairyll Kaye B. Malleta 4bsa

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