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Todd Beamer:

Transcript: Who was Todd Beamer? Todd's Death Thank You! Todd Beamer was a very, very brave man. He fought against the terrorists on his 9/11 flight, flight 93. He was truly a hero. He called the flight supervisor and told her what was happening. He told her that the pilots had been wounded, and that one of the passengers had been killed. His last audible words were, "Are you guys ready? Let's roll." While trying to take control of the plane, the plane crashed, killing most of the passengers, including Todd Beamer. Todd Beamer: The Man Who Tried Todd Beamer's Life Later Life Early Life Todd Beamer was born November 24th, 1968 to David Beamer and Peggy Jackson-Beamer in Flint, Michigan. Him and his 2 sisters grew up with a strong Biblical value system. He grew up very good at athletics, including basketball, baseball, and football. He went to Fresno University to play baseball, but then later left to go to Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois to learn more about christianity. There he met his future wife, Lisa Beamer. "Are you guys ready? Let's roll." -Todd Beamer My Inspiration: Todd Beamer Todd Beamer died the next day in the 9/11. He was called to work, and he could have left that night, but he wanted to spend more time with his family, and his wife was pregnant. So he left the next day, planning to return that night. Todd was one of the 1st to board Flight 93, scheduled to leave Newark. While on the plane, the hijackers jumped up and knifed the pilots, then killing a passenger. All of the other passengers huddled together in the back of the plane trying to get ahold of their loved ones. Todd tried calling someone as well, but instead hooked in with the flight supervisor. He told her what was happening, and that some of the passengers were planning a take-over of the plane. Before hanging up, Beamer asked Jefferson to call his family and tell them he loved them. His words to everyone aboard were, "Are you guys ready? Let's roll." They eventually got ahold of the plane, but it was too late. Todd Beamer later earned his Masters' Degree in business adminastration at DePaul University. He began his career at Oracle Registration, later becoming an accountant there. Lisa and Todd later started teaching high school Sunday school. They then had 2 sons, David (4 at the time) and Drew (2). In 1994 they got married, and in 2000 they moved to Cranbury, New Jersey. Because of Todd's job he had to leave up to 4 times a month, and because he was a top reporter, he and his family earned a 5-day trip to Italy. They came back September 10th, 2001. 62 ECG bpm

Todd Beamer

Transcript: The event of flight 93's hijacking occurred roughly a hour and a half after take off was when the terrorist attacked the pilots and after taking control of the plane announced to the passengers that they have a bomb on board. At this point in time they were over Cleveland, Ohio. When did the event happen? After the plane had been hijacked the terrorists made everyone go to the back of the plane. Once there passengers rang loved ones to tell them that their plane had been taken over and they were told about the other hijacked planes. People started to conclude that the same would happen to them so a group of passengers decided to try and take back the plane How did it effect others? After the horrific actions of the terrorist attacks an investigation site was put up around flight 93's crash site. Only close relatives were allowed onto the site but people put flowers up and other things on a fence as a temporary memorial to remember the people aboard the plane. Today there is a permanent memorial plaza were they have the names of all the passengers on the plane. Why did I choose him? The event happened on the day of September 11, 2001 when terrorist had hijacking 4 planes and crashed them into major American landmarks. An example of one landmark that was destroyed is both of the World Trade buildings which unfortunately crumbled to the ground. After the hijackers had taken the plane they made the passengers go to the back of the plane. Once there, a group of passengers, including Todd, discussed to each other what they should do to take back the plane. Todd's role in the plan was to contact the air phone operator. Once he had made connection he told the operator that the plane had been hijacked and that they had a plane in progress. I chose Todd because of his heroism during Flight 93’s hijacking by helping devising a plan to take over the plane. Unfortunately for him and the other passengers, the hijackers were forced to crash the plane into a field in Pennsylvania instead of the White House. by Dan Mills What caused him to act this way? why did he act as he did? Todd Beamer Where did the event occur?


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Praise Beamer

Transcript: Praise Beamer has a powerful but simple built-in song editor for adding songs to your database. Besides creating songs you can also download songs from the CCLI database (requires a CCLI account) Within the song editor you can easily input a song and seperate it into parts using the powerful text editor To break a song into it's parts either right-click to insert a part or simply type the part name in (for example 'Verse 1' and the editor will automatically detect it. You can also use the text editor to arrange the sequence of a song by simply repeating a parts tag. For example, if a chorus repeats after each verse simply type the tag 'Chorus' after each verse and the chorus will automatcally be duplicated when the song is displayed. For each song you can set the font and background properties or you can default the font and background properties to either the schedule settings or the program settings In the font settings dialog you can set the colors, border and shadow properties. The font size in songs will automatically be adjusted to best suit the song depending on how it is displayed The Background properties lets you set the background to either a solid color, a gradient or an image. There are plenty of settings that let you adjust the image to what you need. You can also insert slides that allow you to arrange and format any number of text boxes containing text or images in a slide. Each text box can have it's font and background settings set independantly. In addition to songs and slides you can also insert Embed Items. An Embed item is any type of web content that generates an embed code. Some popular embed items might be a YouTube video, a Picasa web album, a Flickr slideshow, a Slide Rocket presentation or a Prezi presentation (yes, just like the one you are viewing now) or any other type of web content that generates an embed code. Praise Beamer is provided for your use as donationware. If you are a church that does not have the budget for presentation software then please use Praise Beamer with no worries. We desire to be a blessing and hope that you find Praise Beamer to be a capable presentation software However, since Praise Beamer is internet based there are hosting fees which come due every month as well as a lot of time put into management and development. If you are able to donate we ask that you please do. Embed Items Summary Features Settings OK, but how much does it cost? An Embed item can be any type of web object that generates an embed code. The possibilities are endless Songs So What is Praise Beamer? Slides Praise Beamer is a cloud based (that's internet based for all of you old-schoolers) worship presentation software for presenting songs, videos, picture slide shows, presentations, (this is getting exhausting listing all of the things Praise Beamer can present) . . .


Transcript: Beamer The characterstics of a Beamer are: -The Beamer has spikes to defend himself -The Beamer has long fur to keep him warm during Winter -The Beamer has web feet to help him swim My animal is called a Beamer. The beamer can fly, and it has webbed feet to help swim. The Beamer has long fur to blend in to its surroundings. The Beamer lives in the forests of Africa. The Beamer eats deer and moose. The Beamer can run, fly, and walk .No any animals eat my animal. The Beamer is only orange. The Beamer loves the sun. The Beamer gets it energy from food Where it lives .The beamer lives in the forrest of Africa. What eats the beamer? .Nothing eats the Beamer What eats the other animals .The Beamer is the only natural predator Beamer 1. List of characteristics and adaptations 2. What the adaptations do 3. Where it lives 4. What it eats 5. How does It moves around and interact with its environment 6. What eat the Beamer 7. What eats the other animals Answers 1. Spikes, flys, long fur, web feet. 2. Long fur- helps it not be cold, spikes- to help eat, fly’s- to get away from animals, web feet- swim. 3. The Beamer lives in Africa. 4. The Beamer eats deer, moose. 5. The Beamer runs, fly’s, walks. 6. Nothing eats the Beamer 7.The Beamer is the only natural predator The deer eat the plants . dead deer Then the deer dies Plants take the sun light and make food Plants give food for the animals Then the beamer eats the deer deer plants sun What it eats .The Beamer eats deer and moose The sun gives light for the plants an animals What the adaptations do .has long fur to help it not be cold Beamer

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