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Tiger, Tiger

Transcript: As mentioned, some people hunt and kill tigers. This causes numbers to dwindle rapidly, because tigers only have about 4 cubs per litter, so killing off too many means they would take a while to recover. Governments of many places have banned tiger hunting, but in some places people still can... and in other, people do it anyway. 1. What is poaching? 2. Are tiger reserves 100% safe for the tigers? 3. Does everyone obey the ban on tiger hunting? 5. Have all countries banned tiger hunting? 6. How many tigers are currently in the wild? 7. What is the average amount of cubs tigers have? 8. When did people start to notice tigers' decreasing numbers? 1992: Over 12.2 million dollars worth of tigers poached Tiger, Tiger Threats to tigers that come from humans Reserves In an effort to save tigers, many governments have made reserves for tigers. They are guarded, but sadly, those guards may be bribed with money out of filing a report for a poached tiger. Reserves still aren't perfect. But as of now, it's all we have. 2005: A town was raided to find many tiger parts. Deforestation 2015: 3,000 tigers remaining in the wild. Have you ever heard the poem "The Tiger"? How it says tigers "burn bright"? Well, sadly, that can be quite literal, as humans poach, or illegally hunt, tigers, sometimes burning them to get rid of evidence. Today, we'll look more into threats to tigers from humans. Poaching isn't the only problem that humans cause related to the endangerment of tigers. Deforestation for farms and developments are also a huge threat to the survival of tigers. The more land developed, the less territory tigers have, and the less land tigers have, the more likely they are to starve. Some tigers, like this one, may only have one cub. Assessment Poaching 1996: people notice tiger numbers dropping "Tiger, Tiger, Buring Bright" Tiger Hunting

Bengal Tiger template (3G, 3M)

Transcript: Problems Unger Inquiry Questions Students need to recognize how their actions & actions of others might affect people elsewhere in the world & how actions of others might affect them. What part can we play in this situation? What are other people around the world doing to showcase the plight of the tiger? Why do people from other countries care about the alarming decrease in the tiger population? Solutions Global Citizenship Can we do anything to help? Appearance Bengal Tigers 4 details (size,weight,color,teeth) 1 interesting fact (stripes) present at least 2 maps, with one showing the tiger reserves. What kind of action is the Indian government taking? How are young children in India becoming involved in saving the tigers? Poaching - list 3 important points (picture, numbers lost each year, other countries involved) Human interaction (2 points, eg. farming,prey animals,burning grassland) Loss of habitat (compare how much space is left for them now, reserves) Identify examples of environmental conditions that may threaten animal survival. Recognize that habitat preservation can help maintain animal populations, and identify ways that student actions can assist habitat preservation. Name 2 large organizations that are fighting to save the tiger. Website References Tigerunger kan blive føodt hele året rundt, og kuldet består normalt af to til seks unger. De foødes med pels, men med lukkede øjne. Øjnene åbner sig først efter ca. 10 dage. Maps ,

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