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Thesis Proposal Presentation

Transcript: Thesis Proposal Presentation Roia Dagher Representation of Diverse Cultures in Children’s Picture Books Local Library Intro Roia Dagher Chapter 1 Introduction & Rationale Chapter 1 Background In today's society, cultural diversity is seen as an important aspect of learning how to grow as a person with the knowledge and understanding of cultural differences. Public libraries serve an important role A library collection, which contains books of diverse characters and backgrounds, completely reaffirms young people's sense of identity and the importance of their tradition (Williams & Deyoe, 2014, pg. 98). In early childhood education, Children begin to develop a sense of what is being represented in the world Educators can bring value to children's literature Multicultural children's books can be used widely by teachers to help students develop diverse perspectives (Iwai, 2015, p.82). Problem Statement Multicultural literature, especially when combined with exploratory practices has been shown to increase cultural sensitivity and appreciation among young children (Howrey & Whelan-Kim, 2009, p.125). The types of children's picture books accessible to the community in the public library have an impact on children's recognition and awareness of diverse cultures. Specifically, the diverse cultures represented in the community can have an effect on the types of cultures portrayed in children's picture books in the local library. Purpose of the Study examine whether the various cultures represented in the community can affect the types of cultures represented in the children's picture books of the local library. Research Question How is cultural diversity represented in children's picture books at two local libraries? Rationale Over the past century there has been a dramatic increase in cultural diversity within communities in Ontario. It is important that those who influence the development and distribution of children's books have the expertise and cultural insight they need when dealing with texts. Themes in children's stories tend to be similar and provide a common ground that can serve as a basis for respectful and substantive discussion of differences (Howrey & Whelan-Kim, 2009, p.125). Chapter 2 Theoretical basis & Literature Review Chapter 2 Theoretical Basis Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory The ecological system model consists of five levels of the environment— the microsystem, the mesosystem, the exosystem, macrosystem and Chronosystem—with each level having a different effect on each individual's development (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). Ecological viewpoint is useful because it enables a simultaneous emphasis on the individual child's features, the vital home setting, and the pervasive cultural environment (Jordan, 2004, p. 196). Literature Review Key Themes Importance of Multicultural children’s literature Excellent platform for educators and children to focus on cultural issues (Howrey & Whelan-Kim, 2009, p.125) Educators Reflections on Multicultural Literature Teachers who want to connect with the concept of diversity will either review collections of children's books that can be found on the web or visit their local public library Literature Review Importance of Children Seeing Themselves in Books When children cannot identify with a book or see their lives celebrated through stories, it may have a negative impact on their self-image (Koss, 2015, p.32). Chapter 3 Methodology Approach Chapter 3 Research Design Qualitative study Content analysis, as a technique, provides new insights, increases the understanding of specific phenomena by a researcher, or informs practical actions (Krippendorff, 1980, p.21). Content analysis Research technique for constructing replicable and accurate inferences from texts (or other relevant subjects) to the context of their use (Krippendorff, 1980, p.21). Sampling Technique Homogeneous sampling "Certain sites or individuals are selected because they possess a similar trait or characteristic" (Mertler, 2019, p.168). Data Collection Selection of books Ten children's picture books from Hamilton public library Staff recommendation list Ten children's picture books from St. Catharine's public library Librarian used advanced search bar Data Analysis Coding Process Deductive Categories are predetermined Template Analysis Refers to a group of techniques which thematically organize textual data Scope and Limitations Scope The main focus of this study is to explore the representation of cultural diversity in children's picture books at two libraries in Southern Ontario. Limitations Researcher bias Sampling bias recommendation list Q & A Any questions, comments or feedback? Thank you! References Bronfenbrenner, U. (1979). The ecology of human development: Experiments by nature and design. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Creswell, J. (1998). Qualitative inquiry and research design, Thousand Oaks: Sage Howrey, S. T., & Whelan-Kim, K. (2009). Building cultural responsiveness in

Thesis Proposal Presentation

Transcript: TIF Synergy Chanté Fleming (0919020) 22.03.2018 Thesis Proposal Main Objective Main Objective To identify a potential strategy for the introduction of the new (international) digital platform Company Company To analyse the companys' current and future business model and their organizational structure. Business Model Canvas & McKinsey 7S Model Business Model Canvas & McKinsey 7S Model Desk Research - Company Reports - Categorization according to topics Semi structured interviews (Internal) - Company Employees (Management & IT) - Transcription --> Coding Financial Services Industry Financial Services Industry To analyze the financial services industry and compare TIF Synergy with its competitors PESTLE PESTLE Desk Research - Company Records - Categorization according to topics - Articles related to current trends Porter 5 Forces Porter 5 Forces Desk Research - Company Records - Categorization according to topics Semi-structured interviews - Company Employees (Management & Operations) - Transcription --> Coding Competitive Benchmarking Competitive Benchmarking Desk Research - Company Records - Categorization according to topics - Translate into table - Competitor Websites - Translate into table Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy To identify which segments/ target groups should be approached for the digital platform STP Model STP Model Desk Research - Company Records - Clients - Business Model Semi-structured Interviews - Company employees - Company clients - Transcription --> Coding RACE Model RACE Model Desk Research - Company Records - Clients - Business Model Semi-structured Interviews - Company employees - Company clients - Transcription --> Coding Marketing Communication Marketing Communication To set up a feasible marketing communication strategy that can be implemented by TIF Synergy. RACE Model RACE Model Desk Research - Company Records - Focus on communication methods Semi-structured Interviews - Company employees - Communication methods - Company clients - Preferences Cases - Succesful campaigns - Identify succesful elements regarding communication 6 Categories E-communication Tools 6 Categories E-communication Tools Desk Research - Articles - Focus on communication methods Semi-structured Interviews - Company employees - Communication methods - Company clients - Preferences Cases - Succesful campaigns - Identify succesful elements regarding communication Questions? Questions?

Thesis Proposal Presentation

Transcript: A positive government attitude towards immigration, with measures taken and reflected in policy-making that encourage acceptance of immigrants' values, results in a more accepting attitude towards immigrants among the population. BUT... Discovering whether different government policies on immigration lead to different social outcomes. Interesting for comparison purposes in their different attitudes towards immigrants: multiculturalism vs. integration. My methodology is comparing the way two member states' governments deal with changing patterns of immigration and assimilation, and subsequently inducting a framework from that analysis. How does this relate to Identity and Integration? Why Sweden, why the Netherlands? It is an issue that, by all accounts, has not being addressed adequately by EU member states' governments. "Kanadamodellen" - The Canada Model Research Question and Hypothesis Immigration in the Netherlands and Sweden How have the policy choices the Swedish and Dutch governments made historically affected the status of immigrants in the respective countries today? Has the multiculturalism model or the integrationalist model proven to be more successful? Its subtitle is, tellingly, “How immigration leads to work,” which explains the obsession with Canada: In Sweden, immigrants – the largest group of whom are refugees – are typically unemployed, marginalized and far poorer than the native-born population. Jan Rath: the waves of immigration in the Netherlands Gary Cretser: immigration patterns in Sweden. Goran Rosenberg: the evolution of Sweden's attitudes towards immigrants. William Rogers Brubaker: methodology and framework. Gary Freeman: defining the research field. Comparison of the Immigration Systems Immigration Patterns in the Netherlands (Provisional) Argument and Conclusion A large number of immigrants have come from nations that are not neighboring states. Sweden: Multiculturalism and a state-enforced ideology of helping out those in need based on moral compassionate reasons made immigration possible solely through aiding refugees. Relevant Literature Historically a country of immigration from other Scandinavian countries. Immigration for economic purposes tapered off in the mid-20th century. When economic migration was no longer a necessity for Sweden's economy, the Swedish political elite almost overnight redefined immigration into a moral duty... The political vision of the ideology of immigration was altered from total integration to multiculturalism. Immigration is an issue dealt with in some respect by most European nations, whether it results in overpopulation or a brain-drain. The Netherlands have also historical been a country of immigration. Up to the early 20th century. Immigrants from former colonial areas and from around the Mediterranean predominate. Widespread assumption that immigrants are to be defined primarily in ethnic and religious terms and that their behavior subsequently links back to these factors. There is an idea that the "problem" of immigration can only be resolved by diluting ethnic and religious differences: integration, and if need be, coercion. No recent history of a government skilled economic immigrant intake system *I draw this methodology from William Rogers Brubaker's "Immigration, Citizenship, and the Nation-State in France and Germany: A Comparative and Historical Analysis. Methodology Immigration Patterns in Sweden “We looked at Canada, and we saw that it worked – even though Canadians don’t always say this, from a Swedish perspective we felt that Canada is a model that should be followed,” said Martin Adahl, one of the book’s editors and a fellow with the Stockholm think tank FORES.

Thesis proposal presentation

Transcript: 1. How do farmers engage in nested markets in Het Groene Woud, concerning some key features of nested markets made by Van Der Ploeg et al (2012)? 1.1 What is the length of the chain farmers deliver to and is this chain horizontal organized? 1.2 Is the definition of quality of the products/services commonly shared by producers, processors, distributors and consumers? 1.3 Do product or services patterns contribute to regional and individual identities? 1.4 Is synergy created by the interaction among nested markets ? 2. How did the dynamics in relation to nested markets change throughout the years? 2.1. How have activities related to nested markets developed on farm level? 2.2. How have activities related to nested markets developed on regional level? Nested markets Thesis proposal presentation Background information Problem statement Background information Background information The objective of this research is to expand knowledge and understanding of emerging nested markets in Het Groene Woud. Questions? - Governmental (EU) since 1962 - Bridge farmers and society - From market support to producer support to income support - Downfall since 1980's: quantity vs quality, surpluses Background information Het Groene Woud More and more farmers are engaging in multi-layered activities. In the beginning of the 2000s, 50 percent of all farmers in the main countries of the EU were involved in extra activities. Sequential research is needed on the topic of nested markets, in order to better understand this phenomenon. - 50,5 % of EU ground used for agriculture (2003) - Not main income source, still economic importance - International rule Content Methodology - High quality products, - Organic products, - Regional specialties, - Direct selling, - Agro-tourism, - Care facilities. - Interviews from 2008 en 2011 - Follow up interviews - New cases? Rural development Research questions (CAP) Common Agricultural Policy The development of nested markets in ‘het Groene Woud’, situated near Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch in The Netherlands. Marijke Spanjer 891026788080 Research objective - From the 1980's onwards - Cost increasing, profit decreasing - Milk quota, wheat prices, globalization Multi-functional agriculture Methodology Nested markets Paul Hebinck Henk Oostindie Background information Nested markets 1. Background information - Rural development - Multi-functional agriculture - Nested markets 2. Problem statement 3. Research objective 4. Research questions 5. Methodology - Own brand - Main focus: process of entrepreneurship, innovation, broadening activities, environmental qualities and the relation with urban cities. Agricultural Squeeze

Thesis Proposal Presentation

Transcript: Introduction Methodology Expected Results Research Questions Elementary school teachers tend to be white and female, but many students (especially in needy schools) are of an ethnic minority Things you know and ways you act that signal your social status to others (Lamont and Lareau 34 and 35) In what ways are elementary school teachers' perceptions of their students impacted by the students' relative cultural and social capital? What are the most effective strategies for white teachers to combat negative perceptions created by this discrepancy of capital, and to better identify with elementary students of different backgrounds to create a more successful learning environment? Large achievement gaps exist between white and minority students The Impact of Cultural Capital on Teachers' Perceptions of Students and New Strategies in Elementary Student-Teacher Relationship Development Sources Books Peer-reviewed articles Teachers Guides “The capacity to perform tasks in culturally acceptable ways,” Literature Review Teacher expectation and student success Teaching strategies for racially diverse classrooms Impact of students' cultural capital on their teacher's perceptions of them Teaching strategies for "diverse classrooms" Questions? Limitations Cultural Capital How to dress How to speak How far apart to stand when conversing How to interact with authority "High status signals used in cultural and social selection” Finding Common Ground Student-teacher racial mismatch and differences in cultural capital impact teacher assessment of student ability, maintaining these achievement gaps Profound impact of student cultural capital on teacher assessment Affects student achievement Strategies should acknowledge racial background (not "color-blind") Encourage sharing about different backgrounds/experiences Recoup lacking cultural capital Field trips Funding issues Analyzing only previously conducted research Age of sources Synthesizing conclusions about one topic from research on multiple topics New strategies in relationship formation Student-teacher racial mismatching Effect of cultural capital on teacher assessment Impact of teacher assessment on student achievement

Thesis Proposal presentation

Transcript: Developing a Multi-PC Administering Software with Packet Data Compression for Better transmission of Unit Thumbnails Introduction How can a multi-PC administration software thumbnail be improved in terms of image quality through packet data transmission? The proposed project can: Computer Laboratory Multi-PC administering software. The main concern of the multi-PC administering software is the quality of the unit thumbnails. Data Compression Research Method Barcena, Jacklyn Jay F. Faunillan, Honey Lynn J. Ganas, Clariece Ann B. Mondejar, Almalyn R. Repoyo, Sheela Mae D. To improve the transmission of thumbnail images in a multi-PC administering software. To compare different compression algorithms in terms of speed in transmission of compressed data over the network. To compare different compression algorithms in terms of speed in compression and in terms of speed in decompression and display in a multi-PC administering software. Monitor the PC of the student in the computer laboratory Transmit high quality unit thumbnails with the use of packet data compression Improve the unit thumbnails when viewed in the teachers monitor Objectives Which compression algorithm allows better transmission of thumbnail image? Which compression algorithm allows quicker decompression when a compressed image is already transmitted? Supplementary questions : Thank you! Process Model Statement of the Problem Applied Research Conceptual Framework Students and teachers of the University of the Immaculate Conception Information Technology Education Program Teacher to Student view is not included Davao Jones Academy Computer Laboratory Management System Scope and Delimitation

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