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Transcript: When teens hear something about someone they usually don't go to the source to make sure what they are hearing is true. Teens generally continue to spread gossip until it has stretched far from the truth. This causes lack of communication because the gossip most likely isn't even true, while the person in which the gossip is about may not even be aware of what is being said about them. In the end it is easiest to go to the source right away because a lot of drama and trouble will be saved. Today teens are surrounded by ways where they can communicate without face to face interaction. Social networks are a big contributor to this. Nowadays it's not uncommon for a teenager to have multiple accounts for different social networks. When teens see something, such as a rude status on Facebook they often assume its about them. In reality they are just guessing it's targeted at them. Also it is considered easier to communicate with someone over the web or through texting, but your not getting that same connection you get when talking to someone in person. Also when using social media it is more common for people to take something the wrong way, once again because you don't have that same connection. You aren't able to see people's facial expressions and body language. In the movie the Social Network there is lots of miscommunication, which is ironic considering Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook because of his incapability to communicate with others. A specific example is when the Winklevoss twins propose their idea to create a Social Network at Harvard to Mark. He agrees that he will help them. The Winklevoss twins get concerned when they are not hearing much about the progress form Mark, so they continue to e-mail him trying to find a time to meet. Mark responds to their e-mails saying he is busy and can't meet, but that the site is making great progress. While in reality Mark was creating his own site, known as Facebook. This is an example of miscommunication because the Winklevoss twins believe Mark is working on their site, while he really is creating his own. Tragedy on the Titanic A nonfiction example of miscommunication is the sinking of the "unsinkable ship", or the Titanic. #Lack of communication There is lack of communication here, because the passengers thought that the ship had all proper safety precautions if something were to happen. What they didn't know was that there was not enough life boats equipped on the boat. The reason there weren't enough boats was because they cluttered the deck, and made the ship look ugly. # Titanic Tragedy Unfortunately the unthinkable happened. The "unsinkable" ship sank, and people thought they would be able to get off safely only to find out there wasn't enough life boats. There is lack of communication present here because the passengers believed there was proper safety preparations while there wasn't, which lead to a tragic ending. #The unthinkable happens to the unsinkable .com Lack of clear or adequate communication #Where there is lack of communication there is often tragedy. c How does this effect teens today? Miscommunication- I I -Gossip is always more exciting then the truth I This PSA has been brought to you by Kory Scherer. Thanks for your attention! n & So remember LISTEN before you ASSUME, and THINK before you SPEAK. Don't get caught up in miscommunication, because after all it only causes tragedy. -Teens live in a world of technology


Transcript: Markdown's Formatting Syntax by John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) as a simple way for non-programming types to write in an easy-to-read format that could be converted directly into HTML. Why this works for me basic text for blog posts or bulk text in html Created "'s simpler than HTML and you don't have to worry about opening and closing tags. It also doesn't have all of the menus associated with most text editing programs. To format text, Markdown uses punctuation and characters you're already familiar with." Markdown Markdown’s syntax is intended for one purpose: to be used as a format for writing for the web. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML). This means: For text editing "One of its key strengths is that you can use HTML in Markdown. If there's something you can't do in Markdown, or if you can't remember the Markdown syntax, you can switch back and forth freely between HTML and Markdown within one document." What it is Rich Text A document file format with published specification developed by Microsoft Corporation from 1987 until 2008 for cross-platform document interchange with Microsoft products. In addition to simplifying post texts it will make adding extra word content to my blog easier. Pages like 'contact information' and 'about me' will be easier to write in Markdown and then convert it to html. . . Plain Text Text that is not computationally tagged, specially formatted, or written in code. Formatted text Styling information beyond the minimum of semantic elements: colors, styles (boldface, italic), sizes, and special features (such as hyperlinks).

Markdown Workflow

Transcript: Markdown Workflow Forecast / Model Pickeld Files Data Read (BigQuery) UseConservativeForecast UseInventoryBasedForecastAdjustment InventoryBasedForecastInventoryThreshold InventoryBasedForecastLossCoefficient NumSigmaUncertaintyBands Grouping Optimization Financials Aggregation Auto-Approval / Export GCS File per grouping PersistToWeeklyForecastProductStore FinalPriceSalvageCoefficient ApplyDealsToSalvage DaysOfSupplyForecast DaysOfSupplySale AutoApproveMarkdowns ImprovementAlertThreshold AllowZeroDepthChange MaxDaysBetweenMD MinMarginPct LastStepEndingNumberSetIdSellThruTargetPct MarkdownAllowedWeeksSettings MarkdownAllowedWeekOverrides MarkdownNotAllowedWeekOverrides MarkdownRemoveStartDate MarkdownRemoveEndDate NextActionableMarkDays ForecastOnlyOptimization TemporaryMarkdowns TempStepEndingNumberSetId FirstPermStepEndingNumberSetId MarkdownScheduleId FirstStepMaxMarkdownPct Coherence (product, store, product-store) PriceFamilyCoherence Timing Coherence StyleCoherence (Style, Color, Size) MDStartDaysAfterFirstReceipt MDStartDaysPriorToExitDate DefaultMarkdownDurationDays EventCreationRoundingMethod MarkdownGroupingDayOfWeek EventCreationLeadTimeDays NoTouchPeriodDays Strategy Reoptimize LeadTimeDays PriceType MaxNumMarkdowns MinDaysBetweenMD MinPricePctChg MaxPricePctChg PctOffLattice AmountOffLattice AllowedMarkdownDaysOfWeek EndingNumberSetId BlendedInventoryWeight MinNumMarkdowns LastStepMinMarkdownPct LastMarkdownMinDays MinStepSize MinPriceChg LastStepMinPrice MaxNumberPossibleMarkdownDates MaxNumberMarkdownTimeSamples


Transcript: Ex. 2. A bicycle which originally costs P5500 was sold for P3000. How much is the markdown? Markdown = P280 = 0.20 Markdown = Selling Price - Sale Price Markdown = Selling Price x Markdown Rate Markdown Markdown = Selling Price - Sale Price Sale Price = P520 = 0.35 Selling Price = Sale Price / 1 - Markdown Rate Selling Price Markdown = 700 x 0.35 Ex. 2. The selling price of a bluetooth earphone is P1000. How much would be the markdown if it is sold with a 70% discount? Markdown = 800 - 520 Selling Price = 8,000 / 0.80 Sale Price = P8,000 Ex. 1. Mrs. Joy is trying to sell her bag which costs P700. If she put a 35% off to her bag, how much would be the markdown? Ex. 2 . What is the markdown if a customer paid P90 for a book with a 10% discount? Markdown = P2,000 Case 2: Given Selling Price and Markdown Rate Ex. 1. A sweater that has a selling price of P800 is on sale for P520. How much is the markdown? = P 10,000 Sale Price Markdown = 10,000 - 8,000 Businesses generally use markdowns to generate sales or to clear an inventory. Selling Price = P700 Seatwork Compute for the markdown. 1. A speaker with a sale price of P600 was marked down by 20%. 2. A branded shirt which is marked down by 60% is currently on sale for P350. 3. For three boxes of cookies, a markdown of 50% will be given so that you will only pay P225. Selling Price = P800 Case 1: Given Sale Price and Selling Price Markdown Rate = 35% Terms to remember Selling Price = 8,000 / 1 - 0.20 SALE!!! SALE!!! SALE!!! - Discount - Reduction in price of a product or service Markdown = P245 MARKDOWN Ex. 1 . An Avengers toy collection was sold for P8,000 after reducing the original price by 20%. How much was the discount? Markdown Rate Case 3: Given Sale Price and Markdown Rate Markdown Rate = 20% Cases to consider when computing for the Markdown


Transcript: ... or an 8% increase in price per pound 1. Figure out what the actual tax is. The tax was: C. 45% of 50 0.66 = (x)(6.95) 81 - 75 = 6 A. 45% of 20 B. 45% of 40 Answer: A. 45% of 20 Steps/Rules 55-13.75= 41.25 1st and 2nd hour What is 35% of 80? The item is sold for $35 Visual Examples 45% of what is 9? Vocabulary 2. An item that is originally priced at $55 is marked 25% off. What is the sale price? 1. A shoe store uses a 40% markup on cost. Find the cost of a pair of shoes that sells for $63. 2. The price has gone up six cents. Now find the percentage increase over the original price. C. 12% 2. Then the sales tax is some percentage of the price. Or in mathematical terms: Markup/Markdown D. 850 Question Five 1. Your friend diets and goes from 125 pounds to 110 pounds. What was their percentage weight loss? Answer: A. Twenty Eight is 35% of 80 To calculate the markup or markdown in absolute terms (you find by how much the quantity changed), and then you calculate the percentage change relative to the original value. 1. A computer software retailer used a markup rate of 40%. Find the selling price of a computer game that cost the retailer $25. x = (0.35)(80) The sales tax rate is 9.5% 1. The markup is 40% of the cost, is 0.40x. And the selling price of $63 is the sum of the cost and the markup. So: D. 45% of 90 Example Three Question Three Question Two 2. By subtracting this markdown from the original price, you can find the sale price 1. Find the absolute increase: 2. Growing up, you lived in a tiny country village. When you left for college, the population was 840. You recently heard that the population has grown by 5%. What is the current population? Example Two 3. Solving for x you get... Question Time!!! "I Can..." B. 882 C. Twenty Eight is 35% of 70 D. Twenty Eight is 35% of 90 Example Five Visual Example The markup is 40% of the $25 cost, so the markup is (0.40)(25)= 10. Then the selling price, being the cost plus markup is 25+10+35. What is 35% of 80? Steps Example Four C. 815 Suppose you bought something that was priced $6.95, and the total bill was $7.61. What is the sales tax rate in this city? (Round answer to one decimal place.) The sales price is $41.25 Steps Answer: B. 882 Example One Question One Markdown: A reduction in price, usually to encourage buying. 63= x+ 0.40x 63= 1+ 0.40x 63= 1.40x 63 divided by 1.40= x= 45 Question Four Twenty-eight is 35% of 80. 6/75 = 0.08 The shoes cost the store $45 Steps "I Can... solve equations dealing with markups and markdowns." Steps 7.16 - 6.95 = 0.66 A store may have a rule that the price of a certain type of item needs to be increased by a certain percentage to determine how much to sell it for. This percentage is called the markup. *x will represent the cost* A. 13% C. 12% Answer: 1. Find the markdown. The markdown is 25% of the original price of $55 so: x= (0.25) (55)= 13.75 0.66 divided by 6.95 = x = 0.094964028... = 9.4964028...% A. Twenty Eight is 35% of 80 B. Twenty Eight is 35% of 50 B. 15% D. 19% By: Sadie Adams Suppose a certain item used to sell for seventy-five cents a pound, you see that it's been marked up to eighty-one cents a pound. What is the percent increase? A. 800 What percent of 20 is 30? Thirty is 150% of 20 x = 28 Steps 1. Markup: When a company produces or purchases a good at one price and then sells the good for a higher price.

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