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Ohio State University

Transcript: College sizes: ACT: 23 or above SAT: 1640 or higher GPA: B+ or higher Student to teacher: 19-1 Male to female: 53-47 Fashion product association Women in medicine College of pharmacy student council Medical student transplant educator program Art school student union College of medicine wellness team Minors: Design Fashion and Retail Criminal Justice Human Nutrition Business Acceptance Rate: 10/10 What year was the University founded: 1870 Merit scholarships: Eminence Maximus Provost Scholarship Trustees Scholarship National Buckeye Scholarship for non-Ohio residents International Undergraduate Scholarship To build the Stadium a bend in the Olentangy River bed was straightened, and natural drainage ditches and gullies were routed into trunk sewers. Also the land east of the river was graded and paved. The river has been reclaiming what the Stadium occupied. During spring break in 1927, the Olentangy River broke its banks, flooding the south towers and the track, but sparing the football field. The Ohio State University The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the premises of The Ohio State Smoking is not permitted in any indoor area Students are generally not required to work during breaks or university designated holidays and are not paid for this time. In the classroom, students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate, dignified and respectful manner. There is to be no plagiarism You can't drive as a freshman You may not buy your own apartment as a freshman in college Rate: Majors: Dental Hygiene Nursing Medicine Arts and Sciences Pharmacy Ratios: They offer many residence halls, with mostly two-person rooms and a limited number of singles, triples and quads. Suites house three or four people and have a study room and bath, and some are in clusters of four suites. By: Sia Vonortas There can be as few as 20 students or as may as 400 students. Scholarships: Estimated cost for attendance: FUN FACT: 63.4% Clubs And Activities: POLICY: $20,429 I plan to live on campus. Residence Halls: President: Gordon Gee How Long Has He Been on The Job: 30 years

Ohio State University presentation

Transcript: Ohio State University has free programs such as honors and Excel just like Helix. Ohio State prefers students with high class ranks, GPA and standardized test score. Helix accepts everyone in there boundaries but also does a lottery for students that live outside those boundaries. 53% of students got into Ohio State and 40% of students got into Helix Ohio State's mascot is Brutus Buckeye and Helix's mascot is Scottie Dog. Tuition Bradly Roby plays for the Denver Broncos Ryan Shazier plays for Pittsburgh Steelers Why Would You Go To Ohio State University? Ohio State University was established in 1870 Ohio State offers over 200 majors Sends students to Harvard Med school Offers many resources such as internships, co-ops, and opportunities to study abroad They send students across the globe to do economic development in unprivileged areas Programs and Degrees How to get in Ohio State University? Ohio State University offers: Certificates Associates Bachelors Masters Doctoral Comparison To Helix Admission to Ohio State is $10,037 Nonresident of Columbus is $26,537 To live at the college is $11,666 Ohio State also offers honors programs, internships, and accelerated programs. These programs are free for the students This college is interested in students that have: a solid GPA a good class rank a nice solid score on the standardized Test Recommendation Letter On the SAT you must have 43% of 600-699 On the ACT you must have a 54% of 24-29 College Fair: Ohio State University Ohio state sports include: Football Men Basketball Women's Basketball Baseball And more Players that made it to the NFL in 2014 Thank You For Listening To Our Presentation! Ohio State's Sport Ohio State is well known for their football program.

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