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Ohio State University

Transcript: Acceptance rate: 65% There are many intramural sports including: Baseball, basketball, broomball, dodgeball, flag football, golf, ice hockey, indoor cricket, innertube water polo, kickball, soccer, and volleyball Other Facts 51.9% males, 48.1% females The 4 year graduation rate is 49% There are over 60 established sororities and fraternities on campus. Located in Columbus, Ohio In State tuition + room & board: $22,725 7.2% of undergraduate guys are in a fraternity About 2 1/2 hours from Cincinnati Ohio State offers more than 175 majors Ohio State is part of the Big Ten Conference in the NCAA, and is in division 1 for football. 71.2 percent of graduates of the full-time program are employed. Fisher College of Business Is ranked among the top 25 business schools in the nation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The most popular majors include Psychology, General; Speech Communication and Rhetoric; English Language and Literature, General; Finance, General; and Marketing/Marketing Management, General. 370,000 square-foot complex is the largest multi-building project ever undertaken by the university and one of the few fully integrated management education campuses in the nation. By: Eric Ward Demographics 75% of students live off campus Total enrollment is 55,014 Average starting salary for undergraduates: $48,039 Ranked 55th in the nation by U.S. news 8.6% of undergraduate girls are in a sorority Social Life Academic Life 27% of students have their cars on campus Student to faculty ratio is 20:1

Ohio State University

Transcript: The average tution cost for a U.S. resident that is not a resident of Ohio is $28,746. It is much cheaper if you are a resident of Ohio, around $11,298. The estimated expense for dorm room, board, insurance, books and supplies is $13,980. A loan is like borrowing money which you will have to eventually pay back with interest. A grant is like money gifted to you to help in your academic studies. Brutus Buckeye Ohio Stae University offers a variety of College Majors. Ohio State is also an amazing research school, ranked in the top 10. I, personally, would like to major in Computer Science & Engineering. The Computer Science & Engineering requirements include courses in computing, general engineering, math, statistics, physics, chemistry, and general education. This major requires a total of 191 hours. Social Opportunities Ohio State provides Residence Halls to its students. The rate for a standard room is $2,140. The dining plan, which is additional, is $1,665. You may reccomend a roommate but it is not assured that you will room with the person of your choice. What I learned About Ohio State Admission Requirements Scholarships The Mascot!!! Scholaships are awarded to students who stand out academically. I may be able to qualify for a the Provost Scholarship if I stay in the top 10% of my class and get high ACT and SAT exam scores. I may also qualify for the Trustees Scholarship if I stay in the top 20% and recieve high ACT and SAT exam scores. College Classes Ohio State University, located in Colombus, Ohio, is a prestigious public university. Ohio State has the third largest campus in the in the United States. The "Buckeyes", the so given nickname of the University, are currently ranked among the top 130 Universities in the world, among the top 20 best public Universities in the United States, and is recognized as the best public University in Ohio. In 2003, the United States Department of Homeland Security decided to base the National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security at the University. Thisis a great honor for Ohio State to house such an important Department. $ College and Money $ Ohio State has many on campus jobs available for students and an abundance of medical position jobs for students who want to pursue a medical career. I really enjoy that because if I would want to pursue a medical career I could already be getting experience while learning and paying off my education at the same time. Kill three birds with one stone. Completed and signed application form ( Be sure to include a major code and essay. College Prep Form completed and signed by your school counselor. Copy of your senior year course schedule, if you are presently in high school. $40 nonrefundable application fee. Official transcript of your high school course work and a profile of your high school. Official ACT or SAT scores with writing. Additional application requirements: If you took college courses while in high school, you must submit official transcripts of your college course work. There is no need for an essay or any letters of recommendation. If you want to go the extra mile, then I would recommend you still do them. Ohio State has 3 primary factors that are considered in the competitive admission process. These are: 1. Successful completion of the college preparatory curriculum while in high school. ( ) = the recommended number of units for strong preparation 4 units of English 3 (4) units of math 3 units of natural science with significant lab experience 2 (3) units of social science 2 (3) units of the same foreign language 1 unit of a visual or performing art 1 additional unit of the above courses *Students exceeding the minimum curriculum in math, natural sciences, or foreign language will be given additional consideration. 2. Performance in high school as shown by class rank or grade point average. 3. Performance on the ACT or SAT. You must get at least get a 3312 on your ACT and a 1592 on your SAT. Information from- Bachelors of Arts, ussually less specified than a Bachelor of Science. Associated mostly with majors like languages, literature, other humanities, and history. Bachelor Of Science, more specific and specialized. Involves technical fields and includes majors such as physical and biological sciences, engineering, and agriculture. Ohio State University BA Vs. BS Introduction Ohio State is great overall university. They excell my standars in both sports and academics. I learned that they just dont accept anyone and if I want to recieve a scholarship from them then I have to put in the extra effort so that they can notice me and my scholastic intentions. Dorms By Pablo Jared Nunez Plagariasm Policy Application Process Ohio State provides the students on campus with many drug and alcohol free recreational events for the students to partake off. There is also many associations like the Black

Ohio State University presentation

Transcript: Ohio State University has free programs such as honors and Excel just like Helix. Ohio State prefers students with high class ranks, GPA and standardized test score. Helix accepts everyone in there boundaries but also does a lottery for students that live outside those boundaries. 53% of students got into Ohio State and 40% of students got into Helix Ohio State's mascot is Brutus Buckeye and Helix's mascot is Scottie Dog. Tuition Bradly Roby plays for the Denver Broncos Ryan Shazier plays for Pittsburgh Steelers Why Would You Go To Ohio State University? Ohio State University was established in 1870 Ohio State offers over 200 majors Sends students to Harvard Med school Offers many resources such as internships, co-ops, and opportunities to study abroad They send students across the globe to do economic development in unprivileged areas Programs and Degrees How to get in Ohio State University? Ohio State University offers: Certificates Associates Bachelors Masters Doctoral Comparison To Helix Admission to Ohio State is $10,037 Nonresident of Columbus is $26,537 To live at the college is $11,666 Ohio State also offers honors programs, internships, and accelerated programs. These programs are free for the students This college is interested in students that have: a solid GPA a good class rank a nice solid score on the standardized Test Recommendation Letter On the SAT you must have 43% of 600-699 On the ACT you must have a 54% of 24-29 College Fair: Ohio State University Ohio state sports include: Football Men Basketball Women's Basketball Baseball And more Players that made it to the NFL in 2014 Thank You For Listening To Our Presentation! Ohio State's Sport Ohio State is well known for their football program.

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