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Thank You For...

Transcript: Thank You For... BY Gilbert Suarez GOD... Thank you God for blessing me with another day of health, and life, giving me the priviledge of waking up to another day is a blessing that everyday is taken for granted, but i am etternally thankful and gratefull for this. Thank you MOM! Thank you mom, for keeping me within you for 9 months, thank you for always being there for me, for raising me, caring for me. Being a single mother was hard for you but you stayed strong; i LOVE you mom... Thanks "DAD" Thank you "DAD" for NEVER being there for me, thank you for all the times you DIDN'T call, thank you for all the times you DIDN't wish me a happy birthday, i am very thankful for all the times you DIDN'T tell me you loved me, i am thankful for all the times you wished i was never born, Thanks to you "DAD" your actions have shaped me into the man I have grown to be because thanks to you i know what NOT to do when I have kids, thanks to you i know what i real father is; the exact opposite of you... Thank You... Thank you father, even though you are my step dad to me you are a true father figure, you raised me, took care of me, and in your path, I will follow. I love you dad. Im thankful for everything you've done for me everything from the little things to the big things I thank you father. Thank You Sisters Kassandra & Marie. even though sometimes i hate them and i wish they would just leave, they will always be my sisters and little do they know but they have taught me so much. Thank You BABY!! Thank you baby SISTER! Being only 9 months old and still so much to grow, and learn you are the best baby sister ever! Even though there are times where you pull my hair, and bite me with your first 4 teeth, and hit me with your bottle or wake me up at night, and keep me up till like 2 in the morning feeding you and making you go to sleep i still love you and all of the tantrums you throw. Thank you Brother i love you baby brother, youre my only brother and my closest friend, even though sometimes you get annoying i couldnt ask for a better brother, one that i share a really close relationship with and looks up to me . I am thankful for, my mistakes they have helped me learn more about myself and they have shaped me into who i am today. I dont regret them for any reason whatsoever because they have been very important to me in life helping me to never make the same mistakes twice in relationships, life choices, or other important steps in life. Thank you santiago, (my manager) even though he is lazy and is always bossing me around and telling me what to do and constantly being sooooo! utterly annoying; he's an awesome manager I am thankful for having him as a manager because i've learned alot from him. I also thank him for seeing potential in me and trusting me enough to promote me into assistant manager, hes guided me and seen me not only as another one of his employees, but as a hardworking and strong-willed individual. Last but not least THANK YOU! Mrs, cruz even though you said not to do this I just have to because you have grown on me. honestly not to kiss up to you, but there isn't really many teachers like you; as patient, and as understanding and helping as you. you're the type of teacher that doesnt give up and will do anything to help out the students; which is a very good and unique attribute about you. I really enjoy your class and you have been a motivation for me as well as others throughout this school year and I am thankful for having you in my life. Ok this is the last one!! Just so you wont get mad mrs cruz i'll do another one. The last thing I am thankful for is the education that I have received that many people take for granted. Many people would love to have the chance to receive the education I have received for a much better life, but sadly not eveyone is able to have it. I am glad that I have been giving the opportunity for an education because with it bigger and better things will come of it; like an excellent career. I am also thankful for the attention I received from my fellow classmates during this presentation thank you!

Thank You for

Transcript: Strategies to reduce child mortality Location: Southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia, with a small European portion north of the Caucasus range Independence date: 1991 18th October Population: 9,5 million GDP: 75,2 billion USD GDP growth rate: 2,5% PPP:16,910 USD HDI: 82nd Azerbaijan Thank You for Your attention! Strategies: Constitution Laws Azerbaijan 2020:Look into the future Concept The 5 countries barely missed the MDG of a reduction of 2/3 Child mortality in 1990, total: 55 000 Child mortality in 2015, total: 20 000 child mortality: under 5 infant mortality: under 1 One of the United Nations' Millenium Development Goals Horthy era Treaty of Trianon Ratkó Anna XXth century: mother and child protection agencies Germany Conclusion significant decline in preventable child deaths (child and infant mortality) additional investments decrease stagnates since 2010 6 deaths for 1000 live births(2015)-> under the 27 EU average Source: Demographic and Health Survey(DHS) 2014 Report Health indicators Hungary Child mortality mother’s high age overweight occupation smoking during pregnancy neglect of breastfeeding neglect of prenatal care Capital: Quito Provinces: 24 Location: Western South America Population: 14.5 millions Annual average growth rate: 1,9% GDP: $ 100 billion GDP per capita: $ 6,322.31 HDI: 98th Ecuador reached 15 awards at the World Travel Awards 2015 . Child mortality rate in 1990s: 97.2 deaths per 1000 live births Main causes of child deaths: Respiratory diseases, diarrhea, asphyxia, low birth weight, short spacing between births UNDP: Millenium Development Goal implementation since 2001 Child mortality estimates Source: UNICEF Child mortality rate: 32/1000 births 11/1000 births Rank:68th Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee Ecuador Source: World Bank Human Development Report 2014, UN Main causes of child mortality Solution: New Constitution National Plan for Good Living 2013-2017: New territorial organization of public health services Policies aligned to the Millennium Development Goals Ministry of Public Health rector of the public health network: Expanded Program on Immunization: Free vaccinations Current state: Child mortality rate: 14/1000 births IGME: 8/1000 births Priority given by the government to social investment by reducing the amounts aimed at paying the country’s debt and increasing social spending, including health. Comparison Source: Data and Analytics Section; Division of Data, Research and Policy, UNICEF Comparison speed in reduction has increased promising strategies running References: 1. 2. 3. 4. WorldBank - metadata indicators 5. Levels and trends in Child mortality. UNICEF development GDP: $ 126.691 billion (58th) $ 12,853 (57th) PPP: $ 255.254 (57th) $25, 239 (49th) HDI: 37th (0.831) Child mortality rate: 6 /1000 births Infant: 5 /1000 births Reasons: 1. lack of adequate facilities 2. tendency to conceal infant deaths fearing penalization 3. lack of high quality nutritious food 4. respiratory diseases Comparison Mongolia Countries Carolin Schanz, Gabriela Merchán, Janraidul Tsogbaatar, Vivien Pető, Zuleykha Shirinova Location: Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin Population: 9,849,000 million Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic Child mortality Comparison Source: Worldbank - Metadata Indicators National Development Goals together with Millenium Development Goals Residence main issues of child mortality Expert centers /more specialization/; better training Improve mother's health Infrastructure & healthcare services Location: Central Asia Population: 3.05 million GDP: $ 12.3 billion PPP: $ 11000 HDI: 103th (0.698) Health expenditure: 6% of GDP Child mortality rate: 18.7 /1000 births Infant: 15.3/1000 births Introduction OECD countries: Germany, Hungary Main causes in developing countries: Maternity care during pregnancy, Place of residence, levels of education Growth and development of the country, Nutrition, housing conditions, Access to drinking water, Heath insurance system Location: western central Europe Population: 80 million GDP: $ 3,8 trillion PPP: $ 47 500 HDI: 6th (0.911) Health expenditure: 10,5 % of GDP Child mortality rate: 4/1000 births Infant: 3/1000 births Rank: 12th Main Issues: Mother: hemorrhaging, high blood pressure and eclampsia sepsis Infant mortality - neonatal events: disorders stemming from length of pregnancy, low weight at birth, pneumonia, bacterial infections of the newborn, respiratory difficulties of the new born ignorance of the importance of breastfeeding Child mortality: Diarrhea disease, Acute respiratory infections chronic malnutrition Measles, Rubella syndrome, Congenital rubella

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