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Transcript: TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Logo/Mascot . Athletic Program SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES Marching Band Location Basketball Cross Country Fencing Field Hockey Gymnastics Lacrosse Founded by Dr. Russell Conwell in 1884 Started as a night school First four year BA program started in 1897 Number of undergraduate majors: 122 Average class size: 27 Number of campuses in Pennsylvania: 6 Number of computers in the Tech Center: 700 Average first-year financial aid package: $15,373 Distance from Center City Philadelphia: 1.5 miles Baseball Basketball Crew Cross Country Football Golf Total student population: 37,257 Total undergraduates on Main Campus: 25,376 Average High School GPA of admitted students: 3.42 Facts about Philly Thanks Second-largest city on the East Coast Ranked as one of the top five most walkable cities in the U.S. Home to 183 museums focusing on art, history, science, and more 500+ Philly restaurants are rated 4 stars or higher on For Listening Degree Programs Rowing Soccer Softball Tennis Track and Field Volleyball Men Sports Temple University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On 1801 N. Broad Street. STUDENTS Varying in size and personality, Temple's 17 schools and colleges will become your “home away from home” as you work toward your degree. Each offers outstanding faculty who provide a stimulating learning environment where ideas are born and futures are forged. The University Temple boasts more than 100 undergraduate programs on nine campuses, including locations in Rome and Japan Gymnastics Soccer Tennis Track and Field History Of Temple Joined BIG EAST in 2012 For students, tickets to games are free 24 NCAA Division I teams 600 student athletes The Owls won the first national collegiate basketball championship in 1938 and have made 29 NCAA tournament appearances Temple has made 20 NCAA Championship appearances in men’s golf Some students arrive are already set on a career path Others come seeking their path or change their minds One of the hundreds of degree programs should match your personality, aspirations, and talents. Women Sports

Temple University

Transcript: Temple Owls Tuition: $14,096 || Room & Board: $10,296 Student Population: 28,068 Gender Ration M/F: 48:58 Public In-State school 55 miles away from home I'm a very understanding and thoughtful I have experiences of my own that I can share I want to be able to help others find happiness I like talking to people I've always been interested in selling stuff I sell stuff now Majors: - Sales - Psychology History: Founded in 1884 when Russell Conwell began tutoring kids which later turned into a dream to start a college. About me I thought that I would be good at doing sales than With things I've gone through, I think I could use to to help others when they need it. I want to be there for people since I knew how it felt to have no one. Caroline Phetsavan Psychologist/Counselor Conclusion Sales Manager I think I would like to go to Temple University Why? It has both of the majors that I would like to study I know the area well enough A lot of my older cousins attended Temple University GOAL! Temple University Learning Style: ESFP Intelligence: Interpersonal College: Temple My Career Plan Philadelphia, PA Sources Temple University I am a very social person and I think that will help me when I want to sell things. Temple University was in my results with 94% match.

Temple University

Transcript: In-state: Applicants: 310 Interviewed: 128 Enrolled: 63 less than 2hrs American Association of Women Dentists Asian American Student Dental Association Hispanic Dental Association Student National Dental Association Total cost of attendance Residents $ 312,747 Non- residents Why Temple University 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 17 hrs 13 min Biology with lab Targets a community in need Inorganic Chemistry with lab Out-state: Applicants: 3,281 Interviewed: 245 Enrolled: 64 Non-residents Tuition per year: 1st year $55,350 2nd year $55,350 3rd year $55,350 4th year $ 55,350 Residents Tuition per year: 1st year $47,386 2nd year $47,386 3rd year $47,386 4th year $ 47,386 5th largest city Location Earliest Filling date: June 01 Latest Filling date: January 15 Average incoming class is 125 Highly recommended: Biochemistry Physiology Anatomy Histology Being founded in 1863 is the second-oldest U.S. school of dentistry Extensive clinical program Out campus housing ~$600 per each person Center city is expensive suburbs are not ~$400 per person Cheaper than NY 2 hrs 40 min Arts and culture theater dance performances concerts art exhibits visiting lecturers museums art galleries performing arts venues. Total Residents Non-Residents Graduate Program Endodontology Orthodontics Periodontology Oral implantology Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry It is a state of the art school 1,1918 miles away from Miami 915 miles away from Gainesville From Miami $79,006 $82,653 $81,034 $70,054 2 letters of recommendation from science professors or pre-health committee members $86,970 $90,617 $88,998 $78,018 Goals: Good education, clinical experience, exposure to different kind of practices Rate: 8.0 Weather Family lives far Don't have pros Expensive Biology : 8 semester hours Inorganic Chemistry : 8 semester hours Organic Chemistry : 8 semester hours Physics : 8 semester hours (all with laboratory experience) English : 6 semester hours Instruments, books, and supplies: 1st year $8,292 2nd year $7,419 3rd year $5,800 4th year $1,690 Application: Participates in AADSAS Does not accept direct applicants Supplemental application required Interview is required cuisine Organic Chemistry with lab During Dental School... Estimated living expenses 1st year $22,638 2nd year $27,158 3rd year $27,158 4th year $20,288 From Gainesville workout facilities Temple University school of dentistry Cost of attendance $ 344,603 By: Laura Rojas Active student organizations • Average GPA: 3.53 (science 3.48) Average DAT score: 20.2 (science 20.2). 13 h 32 min one of the nation's most diverse universities, with 43.2% of students identifying as non-white Financial Evaluation Craniofacial Biology Research Laboratory Laboratory for Oral Infectious Diseases Oral Biology Research Laboratory Oral Biomaterials Research Laboratory Oral Microbiology Testing Service Laboratory Periodontal Diagnostics Research Laboratory Center for Public Health Research fantastic place to study work play Fees: 1st year $690 2nd year $690 3rd year $690 4th year $690 Weather in Philadelphia Academic counseling and tutoring Internships and exterships Transfer applicants considered High volume of patients both pediatrics and adults nine on-campus residence halls On Average: •July is the warmest month. •January is the coolest month. •July is the most humid month. •February is the driest month. Research Requirements more than 25 dining options Temple

Temple University

Transcript: Majors I Like There is housing 77 percent of students live on campus Cost of a room and board is $11,142 Enrollment is 36,855 The University is a public one Academically Maintain a 3.0 GPA Strong standardized test scores Full time enrollment At least 12 credits Temple news( student newspaper) Student government WHIP( student run internet radio) Leadership development Its in Pennsylvania Lots of activities to do on campus The city-life around temple in Philadelphia Clubs on Campus What food does temple university have? Who are the teachers I will have in the classes I want? Tuition for a resident: $13,596 Non-Resident: $23,422 $250 housing deposit Temple University Per: 1 2/4/2014 Reference 41% of female to 59% male student to faculty is 25,615 students to 1,689 faculty Things I Like About Temple Eligibility for Scholarships The Food Safety in Temple Career Center Tutoring services University libraries Campus recreation Academic Resource Center Liberty Square Philadelphia Mint (Coin making) Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse Philadelphia Zoo On Campus Support Services The location it's at is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Offers 24-hour foot and vehicle patrol Offers 100 million scholarship for its fund raising initiative It is engaged with the community Lots of places to study Russell Conwell started a at night tutoring He recruited volunteer faculty In 1888 the school received a charter of incorporation( a grant of authority). It continued to grow adding programs along with students to the college known today Costs People in Temple About Temple Questions I Still Have Art- concentrations in digital media Film and media arts Management Security Coffee with the cops Campus wide security cameras Shuttle services Nicholas LaBonte History of Temple City Life

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