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Senior Projects

Transcript: J'Nae Carter Teen Club/Cafe What is my Career Choice? Entrepreneur-Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of public or private sector organizations. How will my Career impact the nation? It will impact alot of teens find something to do; hang out with their friends; lets teens get out of the house; and keep them off the streets. Why have I picked to be an Entrepreneur? Dont like to take orders; share my ideas; small town. Who has influenced my Career Choice? My mother and father Where will I work? Hopefully somewhere either in Spencer, West Virginia or Columbus, Ohio. How Much Will I Make? This question is too open ended to give a good answer, but...The cost of opening a teen club/cafe can vary from a few 10,000 of dollars My Life Goals? My life goal is to have a successful company How has the educational path prepared me? Yes; the Career Center and High School helped. My Ideas The Club Main part in the backroom will be the skatepark There will be a wall that has skateboards or they can bring their own. Game Room with the latest games and technology When you enter the building you will be walking into the club/dance floor Stage. Grandstairs will be along both sides of the stage When you walk up the grand stairs, you will walk towards the bar, chairs, and the food is going to be places. The Club will have different themes; and can be rented out. Soundproof area for parents. The Cafe The Main area of the cafe Menu Spiral staircase to lead up to the library The cafe will have wifi

Senior Projects

Transcript: Calendar (some events may be subject to change) What? Senior Projects: The Art of Design Campaign Advocate art side of school Raise enough money to provide art supplies for 2016-2017 school year Keep this tradition of supplying art supplies for future generations Raise funding for school's art department for better and more materials Promote art to community and students Represent the school and what we stand for (art & design) Create and sell art pieces, raise money, promote DVD to middle schoolers, and donate funds to school's art department Data Collection Selling art Donations Outcome Desired/Impact Sell art on Venice Beach or other venue Teach a week long workshop to 7th graders advocating art/school Organize a mini art exhibit Promote campaign and get donations Get 2-3 guest artists Targetting Beverly Hills & South Bay Area Online (Website) School campus Action Research Specific Goals/Events Why? How? Fundraise money for school's art department Raise awareness of student artists in community and school Solution For venue: To book location & make most profit Meetings with others / group Observations For middle school recruitment: Teaching workshops to class Meetings with others / group Surveys Observations For art show: Sell artworks Meetings with others / group For venue: Venice Boardwalk, Community Centers, Gym, Senior Showcase Location Websites For middle school recruitment: Dana MS Academic articles Books Websites For art show: Documentaries Websites Academic articles Issues (Why?) Where? Lanna Lee, Jorge Navarro, Alejandro Campos, Christian Cruz, Emmanuel Ortiz Low to no funding for art materials Scarce art materials available for students during work time Art reputation at school can be higher Create art pieces (sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc.) Sell art pieces via: Art shows (off school grounds) Online School campus Donate leftover art pieces to schools/community Start a fundme account Have students donate

Senior Projects

Transcript: Install, maintain, and repairs heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units HVAC technicians earn on average $41,100 a year Technicians who work for bigger companies have insurance and benefits, as opposed to those who work for smaller self-employed businesses Technicians must have an EPA license in order to work in the HVAC field Oversee employers, and most work as much as the technician Always on call, even holidays Being that they're self-employed,they have to make own benefits EPA contractors and Freon license is required. Training from a technical school or college is recommended. Make your own hours, and you are your own boss. FACTS about HVAC The process of heating and cooling has advanced with modern technology. In Ancient Rome, Kings would actually have servants sit big boulders out at night and bring them back in during the day to cool things down. Now, a slight flip of a switch does the job. Willis Haviland Carrier developed the AC system in 1902. His business is still around to this day. HVAC is projected to grow faster through 2018 than any other occupation that requires secondary training. Unless you live in an amazing climate, your heating and cooling systems use up typically 44% of a home owners utility bill. There are many different types of heat and heating systems. Central Heating Resistive Heating & Radiant Heat Geothermal Heating Ventilation is essential for full house comfort and to maintain a safe environment. Air conditioning and refrigeration is produced through the removal of heat. Job Shadowing w/ Sonny Wilcox Work Cited “Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News. “ Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News 242.15 (2011): 8-48. Web “Central Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems.” Consumer Energy Center- Information for the consumer about saving energy from the California Energy Commission. Web. 5 Feb. 2012. HVAC for beginners. Web. 7 Feb. 2012. Mckay, Dawn Rosenburg “HVAC Technician – Career information for HVAC technician.’’ Career planning-Career planning guide. Web. 13 Feb. 2012. “William Wilcox Interview.” Personal Interview. 3 Feb. 2012. ANY QUESTIONS ???? HVAC Then and Now Air Conditioning Ventilation Heating HVAC business owner HVAC Employment Projection HVAC Technician/ Owner Jimmy Lee Sartin HVAC Technicians Interesting Fact Hydronic Heat There were 308,000 HVAC technicians employed in the U.S in 2008. HVAC Development

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