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Maastricht University

Transcript: Over 35 different types of sports offered Facilities include the two gyms, spinning room and a fitness room Many sport associations Affordable prices A wide variety of three-year English and Dutch bachelor’s programmes 16,000 students Most international students in the Netherlands Non-residential University Housing agencies, land lords, housing corporations to help you find your new home. Many student house in the city center A truly international experience Admissions and selection Maastricht Finance your Studies Sports Group of maximum 15 students Discussion-led education towards the solutions Safe, historic and vibrant city 20% of the city’s population are students 20% of Maastricht’s population is non-Dutch A place to get involved Problem-Based Learning How it works in practice... Join us during one of our Bachelor’s Open Days or other events: Saturday 9 November 2013 Saturday 15 March 2014 For an overview, please check our website Contact us by email: Follow us on Facebook: Maastricht University Opportunities to excel Getting in & Staying Figures from 2012/2013 Centrally located in Europe 6 international airports within 1 hour Within max. 3 hours flying distance from almost all European capitals How it works... Parental contributions Own financial means Working part-time alongside your studies Scholarships and grants For EU / EEA students: Loan Tuition Fee for EEA students Student Grant and loan system for Dutch passport holders (studiefinanciering) Programmes with a European and International outlook Based in Europe, focused on the world. Maastricht University is a stimulating environment. Where research and teaching are complimentary. Where talent can flourish. A truly student oriented research University. Strong culture of student societies, study associations and extra-curricular activities Interesting lectures, exciting debates Rich cultural programme Nightlife: a different bar for every day of the year European and International Law European Public Health International Business European Studies A Challenging Learning Environment ... and leaving? ... and many others! Honours (research) programmes Business case competitions/ Moot court competitions Internships Admissions Financial Matters Housing Student life What is your degree worth? Housing Bachelor's Programmes Alumni of Maastricht University continue studies in: the United Kingdom (UCL, King’s College, Cambridge, Oxford) Continental Europe - Berlin, Paris, Bologna US More Information? Facts and Figures 114 different nationalities 51% non-Dutch students 25.3% non-Dutch academic staff About 900 incoming exchange students per year Maastricht University Student life United Nations Student Association Green Office Student politics Debating Clubs Student Associations Study Associations A stimulating place to live and study Located in the heart of Europe Expenses Associations Welcome to Maastricht University Maastricht is a student city! A truly international experience A challenging learning environment A place to get involved In the heart of Europe A stimulating place to live and study International Classroom Exchange opportunities Financial Matter

Maastricht University: ICAS: Case presentation: Volkswagen

Transcript: Adam Smith, author of „The Wealth of Nations“, 1776 What is the difference with learning curve? Inventories 3. VW - Case Founded in 1937, by Ferdinand Porsche 3rd largest car seller in the world 2012: Revenue: 193 Billion € Profit: 11.5 Billion € 502,000 Employees Goal: Become largest car producer until 2018 These parts can be used for many different car-types Large Assembly lines to produce single parts of a car How can we link the theorem of “THE DIVISION OF LABOR“ to economies of scale? 4. Discussion Questions Economies of scale and scope. (2008, 10 20). The Economist, Retrieved from 2. C. Sources of Economies Who is the gentleman on the picture? Key persons and tools or machines might be overburdened The scenario Physical properties of Production Bureaucracy 1. Introduction of VW 2. Theoretical review 3. Case Analysis 4. Discussion Questions 5. Conclusion Horizontal boundaries: HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION: VERTICAL INTEGRATION: „bigger is better“- average costs decrease as output increases. The acquisition of additional business activities that are at the same level of the value chain in similar or different industries Volkswagen is selling all product types of cars/vehicles Definitions: Density R&D: References Table of content How can Volkswagen make further economies? Shared modular construction: 3 different types: (Car Size) MQB MLB MSB What types of economies can you identify in this case? Starting in 2012 Strategy of "modularer Baukasten" (MB) ->modular toolkit MB allows various brands, to be manufactured at the same plant -> saving costs 2. Theoretical Review Purchasing Spreading resources too thin Costs decrease as variety of goods increase by leveraging core competencies Economies of scope: Advertising Spreading R&D costs among several brands. Development of Platform. Diversification: "MB a "strategic weapon"" Ulrich Hackenberg (chief of R&D) Sources of Diseconomies 2. B. Economies of Scope Larger the bigger: cost per potential consumer Advertising Reach Main feature: Uniform position of all motors and transmissions The expansion of a firm backward or forward of the production path Use MQB for about 40% (5 millions vehicles) by 2020, (IHS Automotive and Bernstein Research estimate) "Economies of scale were the main drivers of corporate gigantism in the 20th century. They were fundamental to Henry Ford's revolutionary assembly line, and they continue to be the spur to many mergers and acquisitions today." (The Economist, 2008a) “Economies of scale, however, have a dark side, called diseconomies of scale. The larger an organization becomes in order to reap economies of scale, the more complex it has to be to manage and run such scale. This complexity incurs a cost, and eventually this cost may come to outweigh the savings gained from greater scale” (The Economist, 2008b) 5. Conclusion “The Division of Labor is limited by the extend of the market“ Quick facts Indivisibilities? Alex Beck I6010779 Amaury de Francquen I6015942 Spreading fixed costs: 2. A. Economies of scale Higher Wages MC have to be less then AC Quantities and varieties of products and services that can be produced Thank you for your attention Case: The Horizontal Boundaries of the Firms Advertising: Total R&D costs 2012 8.9 Billion 5.1% of Revenue (only behind BMW) Are there any disadvantages of the modular toolkit? (Numbers of cars sold 1st Toyota, 2nd GM) Retailers can access a central database of powerful and compelling marketing communications which they can customize to meet their specific requirements- Saving of preparation costs 1. Introduction of VW R&D

Maastricht University

Transcript: Faculty: Department of Knowledge Enigeering Research Groups: - BioMathematics and BioInformatics - Robots, Agents and Interaction - Networks & Strategic Optimization BioMathematics and BioInformatics Research teams: - Complex Systems and Mathematical Systems Theory - Signal processing and image processing - Statistical data analysis and data mining, with emphasis on Machine Learning Group Leader: Dr. R.L. Westra Robots, Agents & Interaction Research Themes: - Learning, swarm intelligence and game theory in multiagent systems - Negotiation, argumentation and communication in multiagent systems -Robust coordination in multi-agent systems - Interoperability of information and services Group Leader: Prof. dr. Gerhard Weiss Networks and Strategic Optimization Research Themes: - Evolutionary game theory - Stochastic game theory - Biological and Biomedical application of game theory - Monte-Carlo tree search - General Game playing - Development of general search techniques - Developing game solvers Group leader: Dr. Frank Thuijsman ALICE Research Groups: - Cognative Modeling - Multi-agent Systems - Sensory Cognition - Autonomous Perceptive Systems Scientific Director: Prof dr. L.R.B. Schomaker Johan Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Onderzoek in Nederland- Zicht op ICT Rijksuniversteit Groningen Maastricht University Computer Science research in: - Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering (ALICE) - Johan Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science


Transcript: By Jun Oh and Ji Won Students There are about 525 studetns in the college. The estimate amount of studetns in 2014 is 950, more than a total of 40 nationalities. (2-18 years) The students are required to graduate with an IB diploma, as in all UWCs. Approximately 200 are the boarding students, while the rest is the day students. History Uwc Maastricht was finished setting up in September 2009 as the 13th college. UWC committees in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany all put effort into the foundation of this college. The college is made up of 2 schools, International School Maastricht, and the International Primary School Joppenho. Facilities The facilities in UWC Maastricht are very similar to our UWC. Modernized classrooms, science labortories, 2 gyms and one gym with a climbing wall, and of course a cafeteria. Currently, boarding students stay in the centre of the city. When the new settlement is completed in 2012-2013, students will stay there. UWC of Maastiricht is located in the netherlands, and obviously maastricht. it is located in the east of the city. The UWC Maastricht is part of the Dutch education system, so all the students get the same economic support from the Dutch government as all the other students from other schools. They educate children from the age 2-18. The principal: Dr.Geoffrey Fisher Bibliography Location Accessed on 05/10/10 Education Accessed on 05/10/10 Accessed on 7/10/10

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