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Transcript: Conclusion Perseverance: The Future of Space Discoveries Purpose Thanks to Perseverance, we might be able to, for the first time ever, discover life outside of our planet Knowing that Mars and Earth had a lot of things in common, we have hoped that this amazing rover can help us learn more, so that one day we can join our fellow rovers with greater knowledge and explore the planet for ourselves. Why we need to know this Similar to Earth, Mars once had an electromagnetic field protecting it from the sun. Earth v.s Mars Mars millions of years ago Earth right now Also like Earth, using it as a guide, we have found traces of lakes and rivers; Which is a good sign there may have been life on Mars. Lakes and Rivers Jezero Crater now This is Jezero Crater millions of years ago (as Scientists and Astronomers believe) How? Perseverance is a very special rover. Different from the others, it has an electrical arm that drills into the ground and collects rock samples. Perseverance will then release the sample and leave a trail of them to be picked up. We will have a new rover built to go and retrieve the samples and fly back to Earth so we can test for biological discoveries. Perseverance's Robotic Arm Engineers inserting rock sample tubes Artist's rendering of Perseverance in action In addition to Perseverance's really cool rock-collecting arm, there is a drone, Ingenuity, that is stowed away under Perseverance's belly and is going to be used to scout out terrain for future missions on Mars. This is also super cool for the Wright Brothers, because what started as a 21 sec. flight, turned into a robot flying on a different planet (Rober). Ingenuity Human Exploration and Expense We're almost in grasp of the technology to get there, however, it all depends on the financial situation (Ahmed). NASA only gets a whopping 0.5 percent of the nations taxes and funds a year and they have to use every last bit of it (Rober). So it could take a couple of decades to achieve the amount of money they need to send a manned mission to Mars. Some scientists at NASA believe that it is possible to achieve this goal by the mid-to-late 2030's. Perseverance's amazing technology is going to help us learn more about the planet, so when we are on it ourselves, we will have better understanding of the place around us. Perseverance's technology Perseverance is out on Mars collecting and releasing samples right now. Engineers at NASA hope that by the end of this decade, or by the beginning of the next, we will be ready to send a sixth rover to go and retrieve the samples that Perseverance left behind and take them back here, to Earth. When? This is the design and model of the future Mars rover that will collect Perseverance's "poop". (Rober) Why? Scientists have been trying to figure out more about Mars ever since it was discovered. The more we learn, the more we see how much Earth and Mars have in common, but millions of years ago. Discovering more about Mars would mean that life isn't unique to just Earth and it would open the doors to new possibilities of technology that could help some problems back here on Earth (West). The World to day is so tworn apart, but one thing that has brought people back together, is the wonders of Space. People understand that we have more in common when we look up and see that we live in one World. Unity Perseverance is one cool rover! He will help us make new discoveries and unlock the future of space exploration and solutions.

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