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Template For Writing A 5th Grade Project Presentation

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5th Grade Writing

Transcript: 5th Grade Writing Prompt Prompt Think about the two passages you have read. Choose one of the passages and write a narrative telling what might happen next. The events and details you invent should be based on what you already know about the characters and setting of the story. Include dialogue, and use the same narrative point of view as the original passage Type of Writing Type of Writing For this task, you will read two passages: an excerpt from the novel Heidi and an excerpt from the novel One of Ours. You will write a narrative based on the characters and events in the passages. A Narrative Contains A Narrative Contains Has a clear purpose, or focus. is well organized and has a narrative point of view. uses clear language (dialogue) that suits your purpose. uses correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar gives details about time and place, events, and characters. Just Because 0-4 Rubric Rubric 2 Points 3 Points 1 Point 0 Points The response does not fit the writing prompt or is incomplete. -0 The response is disorganized and undeveloped. It demonstrates little understanding of narrative writing and does not include details of time or place or a logical sequence of events. The writer rarely uses conventions of grammar and sentence structure correctly and makes many mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, which hinder the overall meaning. -1 The response is somewhat organized and developed. It demonstrates some of the features of narrative writing but includes few details and may not present a logical sequence of events. The writer uses conventions of grammar and sentence structure correctly some of the time and makes many mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, which hinder the overall meaning. -2 The response is adequately organized and developed. It demonstrates most of the features of narrative writing but may not have a clear narrative voice. The writer uses conventions of grammar and sentence structure correctly most of the time and may make some mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, but they do not hinder meaning. -3 4 Points The response is well organized and developed. It demonstrates all of the features of narrative writing: details about the time and place, a logical sequence of events, well-developed characters, dialogue, and a narrative point of view. The writer uses conventions of grammar and sentence structure correctly and has few or no mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. -4 Just Because Student Samples Samples SAMPLE-0 -0 SAMPLE- 1 -1 SAMPLE-2 - 2 SAMPLE-3 -3 -4 SAMPLE-4 Just Because Strengths Strengths Students demonstrate that they are reading and using excerpts from the text. Strength Creating Thinking Maps to organize their thoughts. Strength JB JB Areas of Growth Areas for Growth a, b, c, Missing dialogue Weaknesses Undeveloped Did not use the same point of view. Started sentences with -Heidi will -I think she will Writing wasn't written out as a Narrative Weaknesses "What I think is going to happen is that her grandfather is going to be happy because he's going to push her and he always pushes her and he won't need to push her." -Students use their own opinion. Grammar is not transferring over into their writing. Weaknesses Weaknesses JB Next Steps Next Steps Continue the following: Thinking Maps-To organize thoughts RACE-Restate the question/key words Answer the question Cite your evidence Explain what the text evidence means or why it helped support your answer. Peer Editing-Google docs CAASPP Rubric-Use rubric as a check off list and to reflect on their writing. Review and determine the point of view for each of the readings (Do it on a regular basis). Analyze the question/prompt-Circle/underline key words. Strategies Strategies Systematic ELD Sample JB

5th Grade Presentation

Transcript: WELCOME FUTURE GRIZZLIES 12,000+ students Fall 2016 Students from 32 states and 104 nations 42% - 1st one in family to go to college. Why is COLLEGE important to YOU? We built the COLLEGE from the ground up, DESIGNED for STUDENTS by STUDENTS #futuregrizzly Here at GGC, OUR students can study... Our *Students* In the FUTURE.. I want to be a __ ? college athletics 260 Acres Nestled in the HEART of Gwinnett County Office of Admissions 678-407-5313 What's Next ? Created to INSPIRE Follow these steps, & you can attend the college of your dreams Learn to be a good student Read, Read, Read Turn in all assignments Get good grades Study hard Know your strengths and weaknesses In Elementary School? In Middle School? Make a list of what you enjoy doing Find out about jobs that interest you Get organized Challenge yourself in class Get involved in school and your community School of Business Bachelors in Business Administration Accounting Economics Finance International Business Management Management Information Systems Marketing School of Education Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education Special Education School of Health Science Bachelor of Science Nursing School of Liberal Arts Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice/Criminology Psychology Bachelor of Arts English History School of Science and Technology Bachelor of Science Biology Chemistry Environmental Science Exercise Science Information Technology Mathematics What do you think college is like? In High School? Meet with your counselor Continue to get good grades Continue taking challenging courses Apply for scholarships Take the SAT/ACT Visit colleges

5th Grade Writing

Transcript: Rewards: Automatic Choice 3 -Gum/Candy in the classroom -Food in the classroom after breakfast -Passing notes -Talking back -Enter the class with a Level Zero voice. -Begin the Do Now immediately. -Place your binder under your chair. Choice/Strike System Classroom Expectations- During the lesson 25 points per week: Positive phone call home + 15 minutes computer time 20 points per week: 10 minutes computer time -Respond immediately when called to SLANT -Respect the voice level given -Follow classroom procedures at all times -Turn your work in at all time -Write down the assignments and objectives Daily Points 5 Points will be given daily -Voice level -On Task -Staying in your seat -Positive Attitude -Work Completed -Begin independent or group work as soon as directed -Turn finished work in to your folder -If you are finished early, take a sheet from the Independent Work folder and begin. Classroom Rules: -Pay attention to the directions -Raise your hand BEFORE asking a question -Take notes every day. -Show Courtesy -Act with Integrity -Practice Perseverance -Demonstrate Self Control -Live with an Indomitable Spirit Expectations: After the lesson Classroom Expectations- Entering the room 5th Grade Writing -Physically hurting another student/the teacher -Yelling/Cussing at the teacher/another student - Throwing any object -Blatant defiance Automatic Choice 4: -Warning = lose your point -Choice/Strike 1 = move your seat -Choice 2 = Student/Teacher conference -Choice 3 = Phone Call Home -Choice 4 = Office Referral Automatic Choice 2 Specific Expectations -Severe disrespect -Refusal to follow directions, including refusal to work

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