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Roadmap Presentation

Transcript: One word that encompasses my 10th grade year is grateful. I chose the word grateful because I was grateful to learn the things that I learned this year. These things will help my progress through the year with success. I can now write a lot better and have better paragraphs. These things will help me throughout my life. One thing I wish I could do over would be the last nine weeks. I have not tried my best in the last nine weeks and let my grades get bad. I work got sloppy and it showed. I also got lazy when it came to homework and that also reflected on my grade a lot. That is what I wish I could do over. I liked the daybook idea, I think it helps a lot with showing progress on how you have done. I could tell a big difference in my writing since from when I started at the beginning of the year to the end. I liked most of the assignments that we did on the Lord of The Flies. I thought that it was fun and entertaining some of the stuff we did. Overall I liked doing the daybook. It kept things organized and i always knew where it was. I have many goals but here are the four. One goal is to get better grade. Another goal is to get better attendance. Next I would like to do good in the classes that I need to help me in the future. Lastly I would like to finish and know that I did the best that I could. Two Quotes that represent who I am today are "There may be people who have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anybody to work harder than you".-Anonymous. I chose this quote because there really isn't a reason why someone should work harder than you. Another quote I chose is "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.-Maimonides. I chose this quote because it represents how I learned this year and how I can use it in the future. The symbol I chose is a turtle. I chose this animal because once I came out of my shell and not afraid to learn things I became successful. Just like a turtle that hides in its shell when it is scared. That is one symbol that represents me. I have grown a lot in English this year. I have noticed my paragraphs and MLAs have got a lot better. As a student I have realized the importance of things. I have also looked into what I would like to do in the future. These things that i have done academically have helped me with my future career and furthered me in knowledge for my career. By: Cody Lundy My Do Over Praises How I've Grown The process of it took a little longer but it was well worth it. It helped make my paragraphs bigger and better. Also it made my paragraphs look a lot better. It gave every point and information that you need to get a good grade. This is a good process if you have a hard time making and filling a paragraph. A Symbol My praises are the many fun memories that I had this year in many classes. I thought that this class was one of the funnest ones. There were so many fun times that I can't name all of them. I also enjoyed some of the assignments this year. Those are all of my praises. 10th Grade Favorite Assignment One Word Roadmap Presentation Two Quotes Daybook Reflection TIQA Reflection Four Goals For 11th Grade My favorite assignment was when we made people to represent a character in The Lord of The Flies. I liked it because it was fun. I also liked it because it was creative. I liked making up different things to make as body parts. That was my favorite overall assignment.

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Transcript: VILLA AGNSAA-36 Villa house located around bole alem cinema with 500 m sq ground surface and 200 m sq living area. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 5 car parking space, guardhouse, generator, service quarters of 5 rooms kitchen area AGNSAA-44 Villa house located around bole behind Momona hotel with 600 m sq surface area, 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom AGNSAA-55 Villa house located around Somalia embassy with 700 m sq ground surface and 400 m sq living area. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 7 car parking space , 2 gates entrance, main house has living room with open kitchen 2 bath and 3 bedrooms service quarter with traditional kitchen 2 bath and 2 bedrooms G+ AGNSAA-41 G+2 house with basement of 2 rooms, ground surface of 475 m sq, living space of 300 m sq has a beautiful garden, with guardhouse and a 5 car parking space AGNSAA-46 G+1 house located around bole shalla. surface area 380 m sq. 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms with service quarters and a guard house 4 car parking space. AGNSAA-54 G+1 house located around japan road, surface area of 400 m sq and 280 m sq living area Has about 5 car parking space, with a green area as well AGNSAA-59 G+1 house around bole Michael with surface area of 300 m sq and living area of 150 m sq G+1 house around bole Michael with surface area of 300 m sq and living area of 150 m sq Service quarters with 2 bedroom and a bathroom, main house with 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, 4 car parking space and a enjoyable garden AGNSAA-62 G+2 house around gerji, ministers road(behind the airport), 400 m sq surface area and 300 m sq of living area has about 4 car parking space a service quarter of a mini store, traditional kitchen and maid room with bath

Roadmap Presentation

Transcript: Road Map Presentation Walker Ormsby Before Arriving at Auburn Before Arriving at Auburn University Before arriving at Auburn University, my plan was to become a commercial airline pilot for Delta. I had already gotten into the professional flight program, but before arriving I had second thoughts and wanted to think about it longer so I joined the exploratory program. I was going to pursue a career as a pilot because I was somewhat interested in planes and I knew pilots made good money. However, I decided to give it some more time and thought because I had no previous history flying planes. Things I Value in a Major: What I value in a Major Passion for the Major Location of work Salary Ability to have time off Something that involves sports A major that has different routes Ability to serve people Exploratory Assignments: Exploratory Assignments Exploring Experiences were the most helpful assignment we did in this class in my opinion The Strong Interest Inventory was also an assignment that reassured and showed me different skills and career opportunities Exploring Experiences Exploring Experiences: I believe the exploring experiences uncovered the most about what major I was going to pursue. For my first exploring experience I talked with my high school principal about the process to become a teacher and coach. I learned during this conversation that there are many routes you can take to become a teacher. Whether you want to major in education or major in the subject you can still teach. During my third exploring experience I met with a Delta commercial pilot named Kevin Yelkin. He told me his day to day process as a pilot. His work week showed me that I would not be around my family as much as I would want to. This was hard to hear because I value family time. Strong Interest Inventory: Strong Interest Inventory The Strong Interest Inventory was a helpful tool and assignment that gave me a list of different career opportunities. The top career choice on my SII results, was a high school teacher. Before the SII, I had not given much thought into teaching, but teaching fit right into what I wanted to do in my life. My third career option according to the SII results was athletics. There was an obvious major that I could choose that could combine both teaching and sports. Career Advisement Meeting Career Advising Meeting During my meeting with Mrs. Johnson we discussed my future career plans We went over Pro's and Con's of each major, and the career they would provide After meeting with Mrs. Johnson, I decided which Major I was going to pursue. Professional Flight Professional Flight Pro's: I have grown up loving airplanes The average starting salary is $50,000, and quickly increases with experience. Work 4 days then off 3 days. Would get to travel the country, and eventually the world. Con's: Very expensive to attain the degree You have to take Calculus, which I struggle with Would be away from my future family a lot, due to travel Social Sciences/ History Education Social Sciences/ History Education Pro's: Coach the game of football Do not have to take Calculus Being able to teach a subject I care about Time off during summer Serve the younger generation No traveling Con's: Salary will not be as good as a pilot Final Decision Final Decision I have decided to change my major to General Social Sciences/ History Education. I ultimately decided on Social Sciences/ History Education because this major would provide me with a career that I would love going in to work everyday. It allows me to serve the younger generation through teaching history, and it allows me to stay involved with what I love to do most, and that is football.

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