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Template For Presenting Data Related To Age On A Presentation

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Presentation on presenting

Transcript: Presentation on presenting By Adrien Aliphon Psst! Click here.... What tool is best used? In my opinion, Prezi is a great and interactive way to present information to a group of people. It's engaging! It allows the user to make engaging, useful content without much work as it's already set up for you through templates. It also allows you to edit anything on each page and how you want certain things to interact with each other. For example: The image placeholder to my right is editable all by just clicking on it & uploading your own! You can freely move it around your page, edit the size of image, add GIFs or stickers (instead of a static picture, as seen on the right!) all with a click of a button. Prezi allows the users to have a professional looking presentation done without a few minutes! Presentation ideas & what works best! The best way to use Prezi: Click here to find out how to use Prezi effectively! Prezi allows you to tell a story with your presentations. In this way, it's best to utilize Prezi's very own templates as they're already beautifully made. If you're feeling extra creative, you can also create your own and the list of what you can do is extensive and you can make your thoughts come to life. You can use 3D backgrounds, add videos to your presentation. This allows you to use both written content and spoken content throughout your presentation. Tip: You can use the little right arrow on the right side of the page to go back to the parent page! :) What not to do: Because Prezi is such a creative way of doing presentations, something that you should definitely not do is not use Prezis functions to their full potential. This is what sets Prezi apart from every other Presentation App (like Powerpoint!). It's extremely easy to make something look great with the tools they provide. Use them! Click here to find out what NOT to do.

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