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Historical Figure Presentation

Transcript: After retiring from the show, Frank and I would perform few shows for select causes. I started to make a comeback to showbiz, but in November 1922 I was in a terrible car accident. I fractured my hip and broke my ankle. I was never able to perform again. How I got Started I was born Ann Moses on August 13, 1860. My Father died of pneumonia when I was young, and I was sent away to a poor farm when my mother couldn't take care of my 6 siblings and I. I ran away 2 years later and was reunited with my mother. We had trouble making money so I began shooting game and selling the meat to pay off our mortgage. Life After Showbiz Together Forever How I met my Husband A local hotel owner set up a shooting match between a famous sharpshooter, Frank Butler and I on Thanksgiving Day 1875. I was only 15 years old. To everyone's amazement I won by one shot. Frank and I soon fell in love and we married a year later. I performed my 1st show when Frank's show partner fell ill. He needed someone to fill in, so I stepped up to the plate. I soon became a huge hit and Frank stopped performing and became my manager. Frank and I met "Buffalo Bill" Cody while performing in New Orleans. He was amazed with our act and we soon started working in his show. My Rise to Fame Over our 16 seasons with Buffalo Bill we entertained many very important people. I have performed for Queen Victoria twice, shot a cigarette out of Kaiser Wilhelm II's mouth at 30 paces, and been nicknamed "Little Sure Shot" by Sitting Bull. I was an American sharpshooter and exhibitionist during the Wild West. I could shoot the end of a cigarette held in my husbands lips, and hit the thin edge of a playing card at 30 paces. I have become known as the greatest woman sharpshooter. I am Annie Oakley Who Am I? On November 3, 1926 I passed away of natural causes at the age of 66. Frank was extremely depressed by my death and couldn't bear the thought that we weren't together anymore. He passed away of a broken heart 18 days later. Historical Figure Presentation Frank and I moved back home after my health took an unfortunate turn over the next few years. I enjoyed shooting quail from my roof to keep my spirits high. Special Audiences The Final Golden Years

Historical Figure Presentation

Transcript: Historical Figures Presentation Mireya Peinado EEC1000 Abigail Adams Eliot Introduction October 9, 1892- October 29, 1992​ Dorchester, Massachusetts ​ Graduated from Radcliffe College​ Social worker at Children's Mission to Children​ Studied at Oxford​ Worked at the Massachusetts Minimum Wage Committee ​ Women's Education Association sent her to study at the Rachel McMillan Nursery School Historical Period The Great Depression Era (1920's)​ Difficult time period​ Extreme poverty, unemployment and health issues ​ Children attended school from ages 5-14​ Enter workforce or attend their siblings​ Teaching method was Chalk and Talk​ Focused on teacher's lecture Views and Theories Public School System School system was based on vocational education Due to societal needs Focused on job & trades Student-led classrooms Build social skills & independence Nursery School Movement Established due to difficult time period & lack of care Initially prioritized care over education Feed, clean & care for children Focus on mental & physical health Some provided education Social & classroom skills Views and Theories (cont.) Characteristics of Nursery Schools Appropriate class environment Safe & Clean Furniture for children Colorful & friendly Adequate learning tools Chairs & Tables Accessible materials Surrounding art Inspired children to be creative Work independently Use the materials they desire Trained teachers Understand children emotionally, socially and academically Contribution to ECE Nursery School Movement (1922) Founded 1st nursery school in the U.S (Boston) Method Education, home economics and social work Teach educators and parents Focused on children's health and well being Helped children work independently, interact and explore their surroundings Inspired more nursery schools Graduates established more in the U.S, Canada and foreign countries Contribution to ECE (cont.) National Association for Nursery Education (1926) Became NAEYC in 1964 One of the leaders in this organizations During Roosevelt's emergency relief program Established standards for teachers and children education Serves as a guideline today for early childhood education Resources (n.d.). Retrieved from Abigail Adams Eliot. (2020, October 02). Retrieved from Childhood in the 1920s and 1930s. (n.d.). Retrieved from Liebovich, B. (2016). Abigail Eliot and Margaret McMillan Bringing the Nursery School to the United States [PDF]. Eliot, Abigail Adams (1892-1992). (2017, March 15). Retrieved from Gordon, K. A., Garcia-Nevarez, A., J., R. H., & Valero-Kerrick, A. (2014). Early childhood education: Becoming a professional.

Historical Figure Presentation

Transcript: Born on March 22, 1869 in Kawit, Cavite, Philippines. Nicknamed Miong. Aguinaldo was the 7th of 8 children. His parents were of the Chinese & Tagalog descent. Aguinaldo's father, Carlos, died when he was 9. While in school in Manilla, Aguinaldo had to drop out and reutrn home due to a cholera outbreak. Died of a heart attack on February 6, 1964 in Quezon City, Philippines. Emilio Aguinaldo led his people through the the constant pressure of United States invading and taking over the country. He lead by example, when he was the last man standing, he continued to push forward. Maintained the ideas of the Katipunan. He led with an iron first as a dictatorial leader. Joined the Katipunan in 1895. Quickly rose in ranks from general to the first president of the Katipunan. Became the first and youngest president of the philipines. EX. cavite province, as he drove Spain out of the area. When the Katipunan split into two factions, Emilio Aguinaldo led the faction known as the magdola, which was based in Kawit. Emilio was even able to negotiate the "Pact of Biak-na-Bota" This gave independence to the Philippines within 3 years if he went into exile, which he did on December 14, 1897. On June 12, 1898 Emilio had officially proclaimed independence for the Philippines in Kawit. By: Pledge Detective Lee Pledge Larry the Lobster Pledge Mr. Chow Leadership Style Emilio Aguinaldo Background Story Joined a Pilar Lodge chapter of Freemasonry in 1895. In this chapter he met Andres Bonifacio. Aguinaldo was eager to fight for the cause of Philippine independence in 1985. Aguinaldo led the Philippine-American War against U.S. resistance to Philippine independence. Elected first president of the new republic under the Malolos Congress. Donated his private land and mansion a year prior to his death. Considered a hero Role in Katipunan Led the Katipunan rebellion to many great victories when the other individuals of higher ranks could not. Negotiated the "Pact of Biak-nu-Bota" in order to secure independence for the Philippines as he went into exile for his country. Resisted U.S. when attempts on his country were made. He led a " Face off" against the Americans for as long as he could. Joined the Katipunan in response to the assassination of José Rizal. Achievements How they showed loyalty Historical Figure Presentation

Historical Figure Presentation

Transcript: John A. Macdonald Created By: Bryden Poier What is a National Idenity? What is a National Idenity? > "1the depiction of a country as a whole, encompassing its culture, traditions, language, and politics". > A nations idenity is a very improtant aspect of how the nation is perseved. > Nationalist are individuals that are promoting or representing the nations idenity. “1National Identity Define National Identity at Dictionary.Com.” Acheivements Acheivements Trans- Canadian Railway John A Macdonald was the guiding force in the unification of Canada. His involvment in the connecting of the East and West coasts of Canada with a single Railway, guilded the establishment of our nation. This railway not only created jobs for Canadain citizens but also allowed for the eventual transprotaion of goods and people across our nation. The Trans-Canadian Railway was a stepping stone for Canadians to futher fuel unity under the Canadian flag, to which they were no longer colonies of Britian but thier own nation to which they must define themselves. Trans- Canadian Railway Canadian Constution Canadian Constution John A Macdonald was the one of the main forces behind the confederation of Canada. He brought together the orininal provineces of Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces. J|He then conviced the leaders of each province in the benefits of confederation and how it will benefit all Canadians. He promoted the idea of the Canadian image, supporting and leading our nation to fight for our individualism. He succeed in convinving the British parliment and gaining thier approval for the creation of Canada and securing the creation of the Canadian idenity. John A. Macdonald was wanting to protect Canadian infustrure and attempting to make Canada a more sustainable nation. With this in mind, he inplaced tariffs on trades coming into Canada. He was worried that Canada would eventually succumb to American economic or political influences. He implaced these tariffs, attmepting to protect our unquie and developing idenity. Protective Tariffs Protective Tariffs Did John A. Macdonald Support the Canadian Identity? Did John A. Macdonald Support the Canadian Identity? Yes, John A Macdonald helped create the Canadian identity as a whole. He was a leading force in the confederation of Canada as well as the first leader of our nation. Futhermore, he unified all Canadians with the establishment of the Trans-Canadian Railway by connecting both coasts together. This was a huge milestone and a defining moment for Canada. John A. Macdonald believed and established the foundations of our nation as well as our identity. He heavily supported our nations identity and in many cases took measures to protect it from external influences. Bibliography Bibliography “National Identity Define National Identity at Dictionary.Com.” Accessed April 1, 2018. “(236) Sir John A Macdonald (Prime Ministers of Canada Series #1) - YouTube.” Accessed April 1, 2018. “John A. Macdonald.” Wikipedia, March 24, 2018. Marsh, James H. “Sir John A. Macdonald.” The Canadian Encyclopedia. Accessed April 1, 2018. Johnson, J. K. “Sir John A. Macdonald.” The Canadian Encyclopedia. Accessed April 1, 2018. Pictures Pictures


Transcript: room:250 preiod 7/8 A Pioneer Teacher When Confucius Died Conclusion TheTeachings Of Confucianisam Many people think that confucius was China's first professionional teacher. he tought his students his views of life and the goverment. cofucius also went out to find someone to pass down his teachings The teachings of confucius came to have a major impact or effect on chinese goverment. that it became part of the basic traning fot the members of the civil service. like the merit system The teachings of conucius helped guide many of the ancient chinese in how to behave.chinese also practiced confucianisam with there existing religious tradition. who is confucius? confucius was born in 551 B.C. he had a noble family but poor .he liked to learn but he was mostly self-taught.confucius also wanted to be apart of an important goverment office. People should know their place in the family and in the society. From the very poorest upward none has ever come to me without receiving instruction i instruct only a student who bursts with eagerness. mr.Alabi Extra Information CONFUCIUS confucius hoped to bring peace,stability and prosperity to China's kingdom. he felt that his role was to pass on the forgotten teachings of wise people from an earlier age because he did not claim to be a original thinker. Religious Traditions The reason why i did my historical figure presentation on confucius because his name sounded cool. Also he was a teacher in China and i always wanted to go there one day. Another reason is that when i read about this person he sounded interisting. This project was really fun because i got to use a website that i never seen befor or heard of it was a really cool website to. Asiana Jackson Confucius Words Early years Information confucius was the most famouse and important of the early chinese thinkers. the chinese called him Kong Fu Zi or master Kong because he was a good teacher He is a Chinese teacher and philosopher. Confucius was the founder of the humanistic school of philosophy known as the Ju or Confucianism. It taught the concepts of benevolence, ritual, and propriety. Confucius, an obscure school teacher, found this situation horrifying, and he attempted to seek a remedy by reviving the great moral teachings of the sages of the past. That he failed is unimportant, for his teachings had a profound influence on later Chinese thought and formed the basis for the dominant Chinese ideology, known as Confucianism. The Influence Of Confucius He died in 479 B.C. At the age of 73. By the time of his death he believed his life had been a failure but he had no way that his teachings would been followed for many centuries.

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