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Informational Interview Template

Transcript: Informational Interviews BT&E Summer Intern Program Mini-Training Pre-Interview Interview Post-Interview June 5th, 2023 Purpose of an Informational Interview An informational Interview is a low-stress, ideally in-person, conversation to help you make informed decisions about your career Purpose of an Informational Interview Intention - Gathering Information - Asking for Advice - Informing contact of interests for referrals - Explore different capabilities of BT&E/different BUs Focus of Interview Format - Preferably in-person - If virtual, with your camera on - Ask who you are interviewing, what they prefer Format of Interview Who? - Remaining Realistic - Strategy - Ask around! Who? Initiating an Interview - Send an email - Do not attach your resume - Offer to meet the person on their terms - Ensure you commit to a time you are available Initiating an Interview Prep Go into your interview knowing what you want to get out of it Preparing for the Interview Your Why Would you like help improving your resume? Are you curious about potentially working for a different capability at Boeing? Always start the interview, reminding the person why you asked for the meeting Your Why Questions i.e. What was your career path in getting to this position? What are the most interesting aspects of your work? Prioritize you questions, as you will most likely get to all of them Prepare Questions Be On-Time - Be on-time - Be formal in requesting an email - Clarify if someone referred you or if you are just reaching out Etiquette Conducting the Interview Listen, Listen, Listen, but also facilitate the conversation If you are a note-taker, ask them beforehand, but don't let it interfere with the flow of the convo If they ask if you have any more questions, have a closing one ready to go. Interviewing Send a Thank you Keep it short and concise, always within a couple days of the interview It's all in the details; add a specific piece of info or advice you remember to show what you took away A Thank you Note Follow-up Stay in contact time-to-time. Once you have made a connection, it's important to keep up the rapport and maintain it for the future Follow-up Continue the informational interviewing process and build your network! Summary Summary

Informational Presentation

Transcript: Fundraising Sarah Borgman | World Vision The Purpose of Fundraising The Purpose of Fundraising Mission Statement Mission Statement “World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness.” (World Vision) Promotion of Justice Transformational Development Emergency Relief Partnerships with Churches Witness to Jesus Christ Public Awareness Why Water? Why Water? "800 children die everyday from contaminated water" 1 in 10 people do not have access to clean water 2bil people do not have access to satisfactory sanitation Women and children walk 200mil hours per day (Team World Vision) Fundraising Ideas Fundraising Ideas Team World Vision Fundraising Page Team World Vision Fundraising Page Start a Fundraiser Get Started Create a Fundraising Page Now Clean Water Example Fundraising Page (Personal) (Personal) Fundraising Letters 1. Address by Name 2. Narrate a Story 3. Present the Problem 4. Explain the mission and goal How to Make a Fundraising Letter 6. Call to Action 5. Explain the donation's impact Team World Vision Events Great for individuals and families Gather with community $50 to register for adults (18+) Team World Vision Events (Team World Vision) How to Approach People When Fundraising How to Approach People Explain Why Explain Why The significance in understanding the "why" Helps to understand the importance Gets people excited Humanizes children and their communities Consistently Communicate Consistently Communicate To those who haven't donated To those who have donated Example (personal) Understand Needs Understand Needs Be open to answering questions Not everyone is able to donate

Informational Template

Transcript: Men with common Goals, Vision and Pride in Diversity An ELITE Brotherhood "Para Siempre" "La Unidad Para Siempre" Informational The 4.0 Plan Positioning Statement La Fraternidad Now Networking Icebreaker La Hermandad's Pillars Tau Chapter Major Previous Events First and Last Name Nationality/Roots Major Class Professional/Career Goals Questions? Main Requirements Mission Statement La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated primarily seeks to take a leadership role in meeting the needs of the Latino community through academic achievement, cultural awareness, community service and promotion of the Latino culture and people. 2.8 GPA for upperclassmen (3.0 for freshmen) 5 individual community service hours 5 community service hours as a group Attend an LUL event at another school Complete a Interest Orientation Packet La Unidad Latina, What can we offer Providing Access Through Higher Education P.A.T.H.E Thank You National philanthropy Supports middle & high school students to earn a four year college degree "Our vision was to address the need for Latino unity in higher education" Founded on: April 19th, 1995 To maximize the academic performance of all Hermanos The plan consists of peer to peer monitoring of academic performance, group study hours, workshops, specialized assistance on specific academic topics The goal is that all Hermanos obtain as high a GPA as possible La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated strives to be the premiere Latino fraternity in the country. Harrisonburg International Festival Hispanic Youth(College) Institute Thanksgiving Off-campus Food Drive Thanksgiving for Familias DREAM Act Diabetes Walk Puerto Rican Parade Hands On DC Our organization extends to the campuses of over 75 prominent undergraduate institutions 14 graduate chapters in major American cities Recognized nationally by the White House for leadership and community service efforts 2013 Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. Academic, Personal and Professional Support [INSERT PICTURE] Founded on February 19th, 1982 at Cornell University, Ithica, New York First and Only Larino Fraternity founded at an Ivy League Institution Our 13 Founding Fathers saw the need of a Latino Fraternity at Cornell University since they only had two choices: Either join a traditionally White Fraternity or a traditional Black fraternity. "We want Hermanos that will become the leaders of our people, that will make great sacrifices for the benefit of our people, that stand for and live up to the best of the Latino culture." Our Founders Idea: Leadership Academic Excellence Culture Service About Our Hermandad

Informational Presentation

Transcript: By Pratham Dalal and Brandon Turner For Technology Media Bias for Technology Screen vs. paper: What is the difference for reading and learning? Teachers teach both ways (Article 1) <img src="" alt="Image result for Iphone 7"/> Written By: Ninna Wiberg and Caroline Myrberg Paper You are more engaged with paper You also use your emotion when reading on paper exams when reading on paper give better results than reading online Tech vs. Paper Purpose Gives better results Helps with memory The author ommits ways that technology can be used. For example kids might learn better with computers such as Leaving out these points try to show why paper is the best. In some cases can help kids learn faster(Math) Screen vs Paper: What is the difference for reading and learning. By Caroline Myrberg. Article 2 (Article 2) After the project we learned that authors will do anything to show they are better including leaving out studies done by major universities. They will also use sources that only help their side. This will further help his claim of the article. Omissions :Technology can help in math with visual representation Article 1 The result of the media bias makes it change the view of the article. There might be better counter points such as kids remember things faster on paper. The author does not address that. When he does ommit these studies tech looks better For Paper Compare and Contrast <img src="" alt="Image result for Iphone 7"/> How does Media Bias affect the Article Bibliography Article 2 Conclusion Towards the end of the article the author provides evidence that supports the claim in which technology is more useful for teaching. Not only is it valid but it is one-sided and used selective sources. The author uses only sources that shine light on his side of the argument also known as selective sources. The tests he uses to explain the topic only show that technology is better.He also ommits studies in support of paper. How does Media Bias effect the Article Paper Beats Digital In Many Ways, According To Neuroscience -Roger Dooley Technology Purpose Article 1 Article 2 (Article 2) Article 2 <img src="" alt="Image result for Iphone 7"/> (Article 1) Media Bias Paper Beats Digital In Many Ways, According To Neuroscience -Roger Dooley To show why paper is better than tech Article 1: It would be easier for students to learn. Students prefer new things and tech is newer According to Kretzschmar et al. they did a study in 2013 that proved people were more intrigued of technology mainly because of the backlight. Article 1 (Supporting Details) To show why technology is better

Informational Presentation

Transcript: Medical Home Network (MHN) Video Video Network, Medical Home. “Introduction to Medical Home Network.” YouTube, YouTube, 23 Nov. 2015, MHN is a not-for-profit collaborative whose main goal is to redesign healthcare delivery and transform the way care is managed at the practice level. What is MHN? What is MHN? MHN works with selected clinics and hospitals that are a part of the Affordable Care Organization (ACO). MHN will only work with individuals who are covered under CountyCare Insurance that are part of the clinics participating under the ACO. Who does MHN serve? Who does MHN serve? MHN offers patients a chance to enroll into care management programs to ensure continuous care in all aspects of health care. Patients need to be assigned to primary care services at one of the many clinics/institutions to receive care management. What services are provided? What services are provided? MHN. “The Power of Home.” Proven Model : Medical Home Network, 2017, The care coordinator is the person who makes the first interaction with the patients. Care coordinators will complete a Health Risk assessment (HRA) with the patient to establish the patients risk level. The HRA is a questionnaire that asks about medical conditions as well as needing resources such as clothing, housing and food, Depending what the results come from the HRA, the coordinator will connect the patient with the RN or LCSW to follow up on patients needs. Care Coordinator Care Coordinator Each clinic has RNs involved in care management to assist those patients with medically complex issues. The RNs are in charge of completing care plans that assist with creating goals for the patient to achieve regarding their health. Depending on the patients risk level the RN is responsible in communicating as frequently to every week, every month or every 3 months. Registered Nurse (RN) RN At the clinics, there will also be LCSWs available to those patients with more behavioral health needs. The LCSW are to assist patients in crisis, with resources and connecting them to psychiatry or counseling depending on the patient's need. LCSW will also complete a care plan to establish goals for patients care. Goals may take longer to accomplish because it may be to gain stable housing. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) LCSW MHN provides additional services to patients with complex needs and patients who are in skilled nursing homes. With these two programs, the teams are able to work with patients for a short term period to assist with more complex situations and assist with discharge planning. Additional Services Additional services 4C is a program that assists the Medical Homes with complex patients that may need close following for a short period. Patients may be newly diagnosed with a condition and need guidance with how to cope, assistance with who to follow up with. 4C works with these patients and once most issues are resolved, 4C returns them to the patients original care manager. Centralized Complex Care Coordination (4C) 4C The Post Acute team works with patients who are in skilled nursing facilities. The Post Acute team assists the patient with discharge planning and once the patient is discharged from the skilled nursing home assists the patient to connect with their primary care doctor and their care team. Post Acute Post Acute

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Transcript: Athletic clubs Track, volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, golf, tennis... Athletic trainer programs Start training for a 5k, a half marathon, a marathon! Earn More by Staying in School You will be able to support your family with a larger salary. You will pave the way for your brothers and sisters and other relatives to go to college. You will be able to help your children with their homework and give them a better life. As a result, they will be more likely to attend college. Types of recommendation letters Scholarship and college admission offices will usually ask for 3 recommendation letters You should have a diverse group of teachers and mentors -> Teacher that taught your interested field -> Coach -> Music teacher -> Pastor -> Club or organization director WAY cheaper than at a community college and especially a four year university. Tip #6: Show your leadership qualities Why Should You Go To College? College is the pathway to success and a better life College graduates earn more money and get better jobs Unemployment rates are lower for college graduates College will help you help your family College is a lot of fun! Fine arts programs Band, orchestra, choir Art clubs College opens doors to opportunity and expands your horizons. You will experience new points of view. Graduating from college will be a source of pride because it is a great accomplishment. You get to follow your dreams and determine your future! What does the GPA and point system matter with the classes you take? As you go from being an underclassmen to an upperclassmen, the harder your classes, the more points you can get if you keep your grades high However, EVERY grade counts so don't wait until junior year to buckle down! Also remember, college admission officers are looking for students that challenged themselves with their curriculum Pathway to Success and a Better Life Tip #3: Get amazing recommendation letters You need to start thinking about who you want to write your letter early because you will have to excel in their class in order for it to be unique and great You want someone that truly knows you, your goals, your perseverance, and your drives It takes "showing up to class every day on time, being respectful, participating in class, raising the level of learning for your peers and making the classroom a more dynamic place Keep track of all your accomplishments from day one so you don't forget them when filling out your applications. Remember dates that you participated and the length of time in each activity Community service activities Leadership positions Extracurricular activities Internships, careers shadow & work experience Awards nominated for and received All of the highest paying jobs require a college degree. Jobs for college graduates include better benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. College graduates have half the unemployment rates of high school graduates and better job security. There are many more jobs available for college graduates than high school graduates. How Do You Apply for Scholarships? Tip #4: Get involved Tip #8 : Choose a focus and research it Once you've chosen a subject of interest, dive into it! Find an internship, get a job, volunteer in that field Why? Because every college application asks for a personal statement regarding your future plans and goals: having some sort of exposure and experience to your field will help make it more personal College Graduates Earn More Money Your guidance counselor might post information about scholarships outside his/her office or on the school web site. Some guidance counselors publicize scholarships in the school bulletin or distribute scholarship booklets. You can also find scholarships in books in your local public library or bookstore. MonsterCollege ( lists internships and part-time/entry-level jobs as another source of money for college. Overview Pause to workout examples on white board Tip #1: Choose your classes carefully in high school Get your school requirements out of the way early Take college courses. Shows admission officers that you are serious about your education and will take on a challenge But, remember that taking too many AP's and honor classes may hurt you, not help you Don’t Lose Your Scholarship Community service organizations Pathfinder club Habitat for Humanity 4-H Soup kitchens Church led activities Leadership organizations Pathfinder club Yearbook club Student Council National Honor Society Church programs Tip #2: Pay attention to your GPA GPA stands for Grade Point Average Your GPA is calculated by averaging all the grades of the classes you take during high school Higher grades will give you more choices when choosing between colleges and will also give you better chances to find financial aid and scholarships College isn’t as expensive as you might think. There’s a lot of money available to help you pay for college. Student financial aid will help you bridge the gap between

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