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4th Grade Presentation

Transcript: To be honest, I didn't know anything about her when I chose her, so I chose her because of that. Also, I really liked her name. It is very unique. She faced a lot of challenges and not just because she was African American, but also because she was a woman living in the 19th century. A lot of people didn't give her the chance to show what she had because of those features of her. Also, she was kind of mean. Zora Neale Hurston What were Zora's achievements? Zora Neale Hurston was born on January 7, 1891. Zora was a writer who never really got to shine like she should have gotten to. When she was She was very close to becoming really famous, but she never quite made it. She was an African American Woman who was pretty ferocious and she never took no for an answer. Did you know that even though she was too old to go to high school, she changed her age and went anyway? Cool! What challenges did Zora face? Even though Zora Neale Hurston isn't super well-known, she paved the way for other African American women writers. There weren't a lot of female writers that were African Americans that people knew back then. Why is Zora Neale Hurston important? Why did I choose Zora Neale Hurston? Zora wrote lots of things, but one of the most successful pieces of writing that she wrote was a book called 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'. It didn't get as much praise back then when she published it, but it has gotten a lot of praise now. She also went to college and tried for a PhD, but sadly never received it. Who was Zora Neale Hurston? Now, I'm going to share a piece of writing with you from my project.

4th Grade Presentation

Transcript: Together, we will be working towards understanding just how we learn best and operate properly in the classroom. We are responsible learners who CARE about what we do and HOW we do it. Through "Growth Mindset," we learn that we have the ability to achieve anything we want to achieve, if we just BELIEVE in our own abilities to accomplish the given task. Throughout the year, I will be giving out "Growth Mindset Certificates" when I notice this positive behavior/mindset of positivity in your work. You will earn a reward for this positive thinking simply by completing the task given to you, in a positive manner, to the best of your ability, and consistent effort regardless of the immediate feeling (including asking for clarification or help when needed) Positivity is a CONTAGIOUS feeling- Let's spread this positive and successful mindset we can :) A procedure is the way that we do things. To do things efficiently, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example: To open a locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer. To cook a delicious meal, you need to follow the steps in the recipe. To place a call on your phone, you need to dial the number in the right order. What about with learning? To be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures! First of all, learning how to write, but also, how it can be ENJOYABLE Reading Expectations Read to Self/Partner Work on Writing Listening to Reading/Literature Circles Word Work Meet with Mrs. P Work from Home . . . 1st Question of the day: Why do you think I put the word home in quotes? Together, WE will come up with our own classroom respect agreement from student to student, student to teacher, teacher to student, and respect for OUR classroom. Absent Expectations Cooperation *Right hand side of the paper Name:___________ # unique number Period:__________ Date:______ Title of class assignment Place this heading on all papers. (homework, classwork, projects etc.) Every Friday we will be working specifically on our writing in a 60 minute "Writer's Workshop" interacting with text and also developing our personal and individual inspirations and interests. 4th grade Collaboration and innovation through reading and writing Reading Workshop We will learn just how to become well diverse, interactive, and research based writers-together! YET Learning will open the smallest and most narrow doors, no matter the push, pull, or strain it takes to get there. In this class we will LEARN how to become better LEARNERS Go to the "While I Was Out" wall and go directly to the day you were absent to receive the needed materials your name written on it. Ask your neighbors what we did. If you have questions about assignments, check with the teacher at an appropriate time. Then, complete the work at home. If you missed a test because of an excused absence, inform the teacher and arrange a time to make up the test after school. You will have one day to make-up work for every day you are absent. Daily Behavior Chart Class Dojo I'm Finished, Now What? Attention/Transitions Teamwork Students will participate in a "literature circle" or "round robin" collaboration of literary analysis each week. Literature Circles allow the students to learn how to work collaboratively with one another to reach the standard or objective in a deeper manner by questioning, analyzing and investigating literature in all different ways and roles assigned to them. In order to understand how to read and comprehend what we are reading, we have to SEE it from ALL angles-as we do in Literature Circles. 4th Grade Teacher Multiple Subject and Masters in Digital Teaching English Major- B.A. from University of California, Irvine Activities: Soccer Running Golfing Traveler Personal: Husband Moved to Texas from CALIFORNIA I played college soccer 2 Brothers who played football in Virginia New Puppy- Melby! New Aunt to Jameson What will we Explore this year? You may sharpen pencil one at a time EXCEPT during Teacher Direct Instruction. If in case you need to borrow a pencil please return it after class. I would prefer you exchange your unsharpened pencil with the prepared sharpened pencil. If you do not have a pencil you can borrow one but please return it after class. If the hall pass is at designated place, get teacher’s attention by waiving the hall pass to signal that you are leaving. Remember: SCHOLARS not interrupt the class by saying you are going to the restroom "Home" Work Poetry Short Stories Paper Heading Why do I stress the "we" and the "our" in this respect agreement/contract? What did you learn? In 4th Grade, we will be working daily with practicing our writing skills with sentence structuring, spelling, captialization and punctuation, and incorporating vocabulary words we are currently practicing through our reading. Writing is particularly important in our 4th grade year and you scholars will be working individually and collaboratively to improve your

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