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Financial Literacy growth

Transcript: We were originally at 56 as our place in the Stock Market Game, but we brought or place up by diversifying our account a lot more. We ended at 36. Our accomplishments also include our stock success. even though we didn't get in last place, we didn't get in first and we need to improve in how we invest we were warned diversification was a big part on how we do, you don't want all your stocks in the cleaning buisness because if a stock is down, there is a risk that all the stocks in that industry is down too we also need to work on investing in bonds and mutual funds too because the can make you big money. we purchased the Facebook stock and got really frustrated because we wanted to sell it, though we learned that that wasn't a good idea so we kept it and it got into the blacks when it came to bonds and mutual funds, we weren't the best, all we wanted to purchase was stocks, unfortunately that didn't work out with the requirement of decent diversification Success Diversification good rankings when our stocks, bonds, and mutual funds got us money we were not in negatives in the end Accomplishments Examples in the beginning we only purchased 10 shares of stocks at a time, towards the end we purchased shares in groups of 25 courage to explore because we invested in mutual funds we weren't sure about, they were tax mutual funds that we guessed on, they turned out to make us money diversification was a challenge at first because we wanted to make money, we purchased the same stocks, mutual funds, and bonds that were in the blacks. How we could grow more. We planned to diversify our account so that it was: 25% stocks 25% cash 25% bonds 25% mutual funds That didn't work, so we moved on to diversifying our stocks and bonds specifically. We now have several different industries. Our industries are: Cleaning Food and Beverages Entertainment Home Improvement Clothing Frustrations Examples of Success Financial Literacy growth Stock Market Results


Transcript: A presentation by: Mehak preet 1715113 Nandini prashar 1715127 Priya 1715115 (d3 cse b2) g32 WOMEN FINANCIAL GROWTH PROBLEM DESCRIPTION... 1 India has a pool of educated housewives which is an underused asset. There is a problem that is generally faced by Indian women, i.e women are educated enough and are willing to work but usually they are not allowed to go out to work and showcase their talent which in a way leads to a huge unemployment. They need to seek permissions and ask for financial help from their family or husbands which ultimately makes them ending up being completely DEPENDENT. INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT... 2 There has been a major issue that is generally faced by the Indian women (housewives). India has a pool of educated housewives which is an underused assets. Generally there are women who are educated and are willing to work but are not allowed to. They need to seek permissions and ask for financial help from their family or husbands. The project idea is basically to develop a platform where women that are unemployed or are not allowed to go out in order to work, will be able to sell their services or products online and will be able to earn a good salary just by sitting at home. There are 2 aspects: the first one is that Indian women are good at handicrafts, that may include paintings, pottery and other handicraft work, second is because they are educated they can do some small jobs like data entry, virtual assistency etc. So the business is that we hire these educated housewives and we sell those products and services around the world. On business end, it gives you a cheap (low cost) labor for a very good quality. On the other hand, it gives that women an independence of earning her own money. It would turn out to be a viable business adding an emotional element to it. WHY THIS? WHY THIS? The main reason for designing a platform like this is increasing the women's financial growth and also adding a huge profitability when it comes to business aspect. It is highly beneficial for the society and also for the business perspective. ASPECTS 2 ASPECTS OF THE PROJECT BUSINESS PROFITABILITY WOMEN FINANCIAL GROWTH/ INCREASED EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS ASPECTS... 3 IT WOULD PROVIDE A VERY CHEAP LABOR FOR A VERY GOOD QUALITY. WE CAN BUY THE PRODUCTS AT A LOW PRICE, AND SELL THEM WORLDWIDE FOR HIGHER PRICES, GIVING THE SELLERS INSENTIVES AND ALSO MAKING A HUGE PROFIT FOR THE BUSINESS. METHODOLOGY METHODOLOGY FRONT END – DESIGNING A PLATFORM WHERE WOMEN CAN REGISTER AND UPLOAD THEIR WORK AND USERS (BUYERS) CAN LOG IN AND BUY THE PRODUCTS/ SERVICES (IMPLEMENTED USING JAVASCRIPT-NODE JS AND REACT JS). PAYMENT GATEWAY – INTEGRATION OF ALL THE ONLINE TRANSACTION SYSTEMS FOR PAYMENTS. (GOOGLE PAY, PAYPAL, CREDIT/ DEBIT CARDS ETC) DATABASE – FOR STORING THE INFORMATION ABOUT SALES AND PURCHASE AND ALL THE REGISTERED USERS.(PHP, SAILS JS, NODE JS) MACHINE LEARNING- TO MAKE THE BUYERS VIEW THE PRODUCTS OF THEIR CHOICES AS SUGGESTIONS. (USING PYTHON TO IMPLEMENT M/C LEARNING CONCLUSION CONCLUSION IT WOULD END UP HAVING A REALLY GOOD BUSINESS PROFITABILITY AND INCREASING THE EMPLOYMENT. IN ADDITION TO THAT IT WOULD ALSO BE HIGHLY BENEFICIAL FOR PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY WOMEN. IT WOULD ALSO INCREASE THE EMPLOYMENT RATE. THANK YOU... 4

Financial Growth

Transcript: 1) Be on time! Music and timer will be counting down! Once the music stops - if you are not in your seat...You have to get in front of the group and DANCE + Pay $5 (any fees collected will go towards our fundraiser for Breast Cancer). 2) Be Prepared! Bring your binder, pen, and paper to take notes on, as well as your phone or calculator if instructed. 3) Be Respectful and be HERE! No over talking during the meeting. Focus on what is being discussed! 4) Be Supportive! Cheer, congratulate, let your teammates know that you appreciate them and support their efforts! Will the Pursuit of the $$ make you Happy? What are you willing to change? Financial Growth Dream #2 "Pick 1 good habit and it will overpower 2 unhealthy habits of poverty" 1. Read 30 min per day Why? What's Your Purpose? What Part of your Happiness do YOU Control? 5. Less TV / Less Internet 10. Replace & Learn Rich Habits 10% - Circumstance 40% - State of Mind! To provide our clients an environment that is safe and nurturing. Where the desire for balance and well-being can be achieved with an experience that restores health and expresses beauty. To create a team that stands above the others in service and education. If you want the benefit of something in life, you also have to want the cost! what do i need to change to make it a reality? 9. Do It Now S MART Goal Stability Money 2. Avoid Toxic People 6. Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Based IS IT GENETIC? Dream #1 To create balance with our minds, our hands, and our hearts. Dream #3 Is it Your Purpose that makes you Happy? 4. Talk less - listen more 8. Excercise Will the $$ Make you Happy? What level of uncomfortable are you willing to be comfortable with - to create financial growth, fulfill your purpose and start living your dream lifestyle? You Are in Control of YOUR Happiness! Meeting Code of Honor VISION / DREAM BOARD Vision Statement Mission Statement 3. Be Open Minded 50% - YES DREAM COST BY WHEN 7. Vet their thoughts What is worth suffering for?

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