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Cruzades Task Card

Transcript: End of Feudalism All this economy, also helped end Feudalism. Serfs earned money, and were able to pay off their debts, and be free. People did not need land to be GIVEN to them anymore, now they could just buy land. Because of money, people no longer needed to rely on others so much. All this led to the Renaissance Period Economy The Crusades helped Europe with economy more then you can imagine. They increased trade and economy. Crusaders brought back goods, which made other people travel to trade for these goods. Some of these goods were silk, spices, sugar, arts, and culture. With all this trading, Europe began to move forward. Different types of money began to mix, which gave need to money-traders, which eventually brought banks. With all this, Europe`s economy boomed. Population grew wealthier, so more houses were needed, bringing together towns and cities. Social Consequences The social affect of the Crusades upon the social life of the western nations was very important. Some Feudal lords left to fight in Crusades and sometimes died, leaving all they had to others, and serfs were sent free to go to towns. What were the social and economic consequences of the Cruzades? What were Crusades? Crusades were wars started by the Christians against the Saracens, which was a name used for the Moslems. The purpose of the Crusades were for the Christians to rescue the holy places of Palestine from the Mohammedans. There were eight total Crusades, four of them being the principle Crusades and the other four were minor Crusades. Tiago Magalhaes Alchin, Linda. "The Cruzades." middle-ages. N.p., 20 2012. Web. 11 Nov 2012. <>. The Crusades ended for many reasons. One of them was that the Christians were actually conquering all that land. Also, as time passed, the Crusades got less important, and werent thought as the way of god. Alchin, Linda. "The End of Medieval Cruzades." middle-ages. N.p.. Web. 11 Nov 2012. <>. End of Cruzades Citation

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