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Target Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Profitability/Earnings On average, a new store brings in $3,018,718.09 Store will not be affected by half the size All items still available Number of consumers will be higher than normal Target Cancels out added expenses Team UKnight Mission Preferred shopping destination of their guests by: Delivering outstanding value Continuous innovation Exceptional guest experience Brand Promise Expect More. Pay Less. Differentiation Strategy Merchandising, marketing, advertising, and branding Bulls-eye logo Competitive Advantage Brand and Style 1700+ stores, 20 departments, various services Fall-out and Summary Top Forces: Current Competitors/Intensity of Rivalry: High in this industry Target holds the #2 spot behind the industry leader Power of Buyers: “Guests” who shop at Target are the buyers Target is constantly giving guests what they want, keeping them coming back for more Advertising gets them in the door, their experience creates their value which keeps them coming back for more Target Offers Quality and Value Focus on offering trendy, value items All Target items will still be available Shipping Organize them in a compact fashion Dispensers Consumer will be in control App Display Inexpensive, can take on small risk Strategic Analysis Sustained Competitive Advantage Strategic Analysis Strategic Recommendations Target’s sustainable competitive advantage is a combination of its two greatest strengths Brand Image Trendy, chic, stylish, affordable “Expect more, pay less” Brand Recognition 96% of Americans recognize the Target bulls-eye logo Are there any points we mentioned that warrant further clarification? Industry and Company Analysis Strategic Analysis Strategic Recommendations,r:24,s:0,i:117&tx=95&ty=42 Target Strategic Case Analysis STRENGHTS Branding/Logo Advertisements Atmosphere/Friendliness WEAKNESSES Economy Lack of global locations Potential pitfalls Relying heavily on technology to Implement our strategy Online website crashes Difficulty using the smart phone app Recommendations Having IT people on the sales floor Placing kiosk throughout the store Strategic Analysis Carla Altieri, Danielle Harrison, Craig Hughes, Sean Sonnenberg, Ben Weinstock The company has enough resources to effectively implement the idea How will they pay for it? Will use appropriate strategy as they have in the past when opening stores Display/Dispensers/App $13,000 OPPORTUNITIES Expanding to Canada High profile fashion designers THREATS Falling behind on trends Lack of stock Online retailers


Transcript: Modeling The Growth Of Target 1902, John Dayton completed the construction of a building in Minneapolis which he rented out to R.S. Goodfellow Company. The company moved its store to Daytons’ building. The storeowner retired one year later so he sold his share to Dayton. In 1903, Dayton changed the name of Goodfellow’s store to Dayton Dry Goods Co. Dayton’s store succeded in Minneapolis and in 1950, he decided to purchase Lipmans Department Store Company which was is Portland, Oregon. Dayton did not put the company together with Dayton Dry Goods Co. Dayton opened his first store named Southdale in Edina, Minnesota. It was the world’s first fully enclosed department store in 1956. In 1962, Dayton Company ventured into its first Target discount store in Roseville, Minnesota. Initially, there were only four Target retail stores, all operating in Minnesota. YEARS LOCATIONS 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 2 4 2 5 3 6 3 7 3 8 4 9 7 10 11 11 12 12 15 13 15 14 15 15 15 16 18 17 25 18 25 19 45 20 54 21 59 Models Conclusion One of the twelve basic functions that represents our scatter plot best is the exponential funtion. Our regression equation is Y=1.08 x 1.2^x. The predicted number of locations in 1990 was 214 stores.The predicted number of locations in 1995 was 532 stores. Our results were pretty close to accurate. In 1990, we guessed there was 214 stores and there was 215. In 1995, It was a little off because we guessed 532 but there was only 432 stores in the U.S. We think the regression will not be useful in future years because it produces results that are too extreme. We predict there will be 11,794 stores in 2012. In 2015, we predict there will be 20,380 stores. In 2020, we predict there will be 50,713 stores. Our predictions become less acurate as time goes on because there is a limit of locations for business reasons and our regression has no limits. From an investor's standpoint, our business is sucessful due to its increase in popularity and store locations. We believe the number of target store locations will increase to an extent then stay constant because having too many target locations would make for bad business. Our only ongoing question would be what is the actual limit of target locations. We are pretty confident with our data and models. If we could, we would invest in target because its increase in popularity in the U.S. would produce successful stock. Works Cited History Data (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Let 0 represent 1961.


Transcript: Check In Software My name is Joe, I’m 43 years old, married and with three children. I commute into the city daily from a nearby suburb and work a 9-5 job. I enjoy hiking, dressing well, and keeping up with latest technologies. I lead a fast paced lifestyle and expect everyone in my life to be able to multitask as well as I can. After a ten hour work day I typically don’t like to spend a lot of time shopping but when I am not in my business attire I like to follow local trends. Average target store is 135,000 sq feet with 100,000 sq feet of retail space Limited Selection STRENGTHS Sensitive Skin Bar Beauty Bar (White) Beauty Bar (Pink) Exfoliating Bar Cool Moisture Bar Burst Beauty Bar Revive Bar Limited International Presence Expensive compared to competitors 365,000 team members difficult to manage Somewhat limited product offerings Logistics Stores in densely populated urban markets Growing and Growing Mens Basic Clothing 2012! First super Target store opens ? Marketing CityTarget Cleaning Supplies The Small Problem Two sizes of each variety Eliminate 7 products Four varieties of Dove bar soaps Eliminate 6 products 75 varieties becomes 62 Can also be done with Dial, Lever, Bubble Shack One stop shopping Brand loyalty Strong Brand Awareness Large Market Share Safe & Clean Environment Well known for charity Electronic Catalog and store pickup WEAKNESSES Following this format for other segments of health and beauty will help to maximize space in CityTargets. Pet Care Supply Chain/Logistics Small Target San Francisco "Unfortunately many of these guests must travel to neighboring suburbs to shop at the closest Target" OPPORTUNITIES How will CityTarget still provide the consumer with the "Expect More, Pay Less" experience in a store half the size? Catalog and Item Shipping Big City First stores to open in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco WEAKNESSES 1954 Growing Competition Walmart Kmart Economic Factors City Target Bath accessories/décor important to CityTarget customers No items are bulky in size Kitchen accessories/appliances essential to all households Large appliances such as refrigerators and grills available by catalog only Basic women’s clothing can be limited to make room for designer brands The following examples can be cut back: Basic Tee 7 brands with 181 varieties Pajama bottoms 10 brands with 53 varieties Jeans 9 brands with 130 varieties Slippers/Sandals 75 types of slippers 184 pairs of sandals How will CityTarget adjust their product offerings ? Bath and Body = 677 Cosmetics = 3,547 Fragrances = 2,504 Hair Care = 3,557 Health Care = 1,988 Home Living Aids = 295 Oral Care = 402 Personal Care = 949 Skin Care = 1,931 Spa and Massage = 300 Total: 16,150 Designer Clothing AURASMA Application Larger outdoor items eliminated Ladders, step stools, yard equipment and home exterior items City dwellers do not have outdoor maintenance Small home improvement tools remain Flashlights, thermostats, tool kits Health and Beauty But Who is the Urban Consumer? Who will shop at City Target 1979 1902 Expansion into Canada Private labels seeking presence in Target stores Small Target Target reaches $1 billion in annual sales FACEBOOK Lia Champa Samuel English Elizabeth Imken Patrick Luther Kaitlyn Northrop Home Improvement Limited International Presence Expensive compared to competitors 365,000 team members difficult to manage Customer Profile 2 Health and Beauty Traditional Target Layout Same tactics will be applied Detergents Paper goods Air fresheners CityTarget specific Radio Spots Womens Basic Clothing 48 min to nearest Target Outdoor Marketing in Public Transportation STRENGTHS Largest profit margins Big City How will Target ensure these stores stay in-stock? lifestyle ranking index on SRDS based on a city consumer 75 Bar soaps 101 Bath & body sets 68 Body mists 327 Body washes 21 Brushes and sponges 85 Bubble baths and soaks A Brief History of Target Basic men’s clothing can be limited to make room for designer brands The following examples can be cut back: Socks Currently 9 brands of socks with 83 varieties Jeans 5 brands with 35 varieties Tees 15 brands with 42 varieties Slippers 68 types of slippers Grocery My name is Sherry, I am 42 years old. I'm a stay at home mom, I have two children who are 13 and 9. I enjoy going to dinner with my husband, and coaching my daughters soccer team. I spend a lot of time with my kids, bringing them to school, sports practices and music lessons and have limited time to shop. I love shopping at Target because I want to buy quality products for my family and enjoy going to stores where I can find products for everyone in the same place. Bath/Kitchen Exclusive Target designer brands are ESSENTIAL to the CityTarget image! Bath/Kitchen The first Target opens in Minnesota Outdoor/Garage Storage units eliminated Bulky and unnecessary Space comes at a premium in a city so storage & organization tools are key Closet organizers, shelving units, shoe organizer Pharmacy

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