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Transcript: Ice Crust Beer / Snow Beer. Who Doesn't Love A Ice Cold Beer In The Tropical Weather. Unique Beverages. For Example Local Brew Sandii Lihing Beer, Rainbow Shooter, Ice Shoot Glass Mold Air Hockey & Foosball Battle at Tamu Bar To Achieve RM400000 Sales At Tamu Bar To Gain 3000 Followers on Instagram Creative & Innovation Social Media Staircase Mural Quest For In-House Guests. Complete Quest To Get A Free Mug Of Beer At Tamu. Pontential To Get Them To Purchase Second Mug. Wednesday Lady Night - Ladies Get Special Offer up to 20% For Selected Shooters Tray. Sunset Tropical Session Happen At 1700hrs - 1900hrs (Fri, Sat & Sun). 2 Hours Tropical House Music Session By DJ & A Female Vocal / Saxaphone Beer Yoga Session On Tuesday Evening To Attract People Target Audience Soft Opening from 31 May - 02 June 2019 Special Promo For RM10 Per Mug Tiger Draught Promo The Soft Opening Through Social Media & Influencers To Film A Promo Video For Tamu Bar Before Soft Opening To Hype Up The Experience Soft Opening Weekend To Promote Tamu Bar As One Of The Most Instagrammable Spot In KK. To Invite Local Social Media Influencers To Promote The Bar & Highlight The Neon Light Display “What’s Your Poison”, The Designer Tiles Table & Special Alcohol Beverages Creating Young Hype Feeling On Instagram To Get Engagement Social Media Events & Promotions Creative & Innovation First Quarter Targets Tamu Bar Strategic Plan Where There Are Girls & Travelers, There Will Be Groups Of People With Spending Power Events & Promotions Strategic Plans This can boost the number of young crowds & the reputation of Tamu bar. "Curiosity Kills The Cat" People Always Curious To Try New Things

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