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Tablet Presentation Template

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Tablet Presentation

Transcript: People already have tablets. People want cool new tablets. Ask the right questions and position the right apps. Moral of the story... For the Body Builders, the Marathon Runners, the Physically Fit For the Adventurers, the Sight-Seers, the Jet-Setters Tired of your same old fitness routine? Mix it up with tons of new work-outs at your finger tips! Save money on that gym membership and work-out at home! (suggest iFitness Pro or Workout Trainer) Change up your scenery and check a few travel destinations off of your bucket list! Find out where the best races are being held and join in! (try Ultimate Running Races) Hit your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle with quick and easy access to a diet tracker! Make sure to log food to keep you on pace for that beach trip you're planning this summer! (recommend MyFitness Pal) Renee Steward SOLD! What are we using tablets for anyway?? Book a flight wherever you are! No need to postpone planning that once in a lifetime trip because you don't have your computer! (use Kayak) On a business trip and need to escape the hotel for a bit? No need to fret! Get your chill on with a database of cool things to do! (GuidePal Offline City Guides... amazing!) Leave your trusty laptop at home while you're RVing around the country! Plan the next stop ahead of time with the most essential info for travelers such as yourself in your pocket! (must have app-Allstays Camp & RV) For the Foodie, the Connoisseur, the Enthusiast Our customers are using tablets! We need new and innovative ways to position tablets in order to benefit our customers We need to know what specifically they are doing in their every day life so we know how to position tablets We need tools to "Seal the Deal" Store recipes on your tablet to save space & time... easily find new and exciting recipes to try with the click of a button! (The Recipe Box) Be an expert all of the time... show off your skills with wine knowledge and pair with food flawlessly! (recommended app: Pocket Wine) Be the best baker on the block with interactive apps that can show you new innovative ways to spice up those boring run-of-the-mill cupcakes (my personal faves: Hello Cupcake! & the Photo Cookbook) Why do I need a tablet? FOR FUN!!! eBooks, magazine, & newspaper reading checking email Apps social networking playing games

Tablet Presentation

Transcript: Increased revenue to the bottom line. Efficient Pro Increase productivity. ROI In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. Reduce Waste Conclusion Process will continue to be wasteful How many dollars can be realized through increased efficiency? Change can be difficult. Opportunities Reduce waste. Before Before Price: $800 - $1,200 dependent on options. Con Additional Revenue to the Bottom Line No perceived additional expense. Full workstation capability. 1 Week Average time to take a step = .78 seconds Desired State Amount realized per week = $953 Scheduling to peak freight movement. Increased revenue. Less Waste Could replace existing aged computers. Pro $9,490 Pro 3 Negotiate purchase. Savings will not be realized. $ 89,700 Keyboard mapping. Human error. Lets take a look at a desired state. Time spent walking annualized= 130 hours Information is written on a paper document and transported to workstation. After Less waste + Increased efficiency = Productivity Greater profitability. How many dollars are spent in a wasted step? Limited capability as a full PC. Con Improving Employee buy in. Employees are familiar with the current process. Theodore Roosevelt Increased accuracy. Price: $399 - $600 dependent on options. Lets have a look at what facilitated this presentation. Lets look at the current process What if we do nothing? Success Reduced waste. Next Steps Increase employee moral. Average amount spent per person per second = $1.22 Process will still be wasteful. Perceived less cost. Average number of trips per day = 6 Today is the day to move down the path to change. Full potential may not be acheived. Let's look at the ROI Annualized amount of waste due to walking per person = Surface 2 Time wasted walking to and from dock = 2.5 hours per week The previous numbers assume a perfect world. Increase efficiency. Change always has an associated risk of failure. Result After Increased efficiency. Cameras. ROI of a couple of weeks. Questions? Wireless infrastructure. No reference information is available on the dock. No pain associated with change. Number of steps to the dock in Indianapolis =186 one way Docking station available. Implementation of the Surface Pro 3. Surface Implementation Success in addressing the opportunites will bring: Average employee dollar value per hour = $600 Improving the current process is an option. Tablet based. What other areas could see an improvement with this device? What if a 10% increase in efficiency is realized for remaining hours? Adjusted amount based on 50% realization = $49,595 Con Costly errors will continue. Buy in from employees can be difficult. Aging workstation technology. Continue with current process. Let's assume that 50% is actually realized annually. Increased Efficiency Paper documentation that can be lost. Problem More capable as it is an actual PC Durability Additional revenue will not be realized. Employees can be more efficient by reference material being available with freight. We have established 130 waste hours in walking. Productive Pro Recommendation Small incremental change yields small results. No chance of failed project. Multiple systems must be used to facilitate capture of information. Holland Surface Implementation Strategy The current process is manual and can lead to error. What questions do you have? Increased productivity. By using today's technology, we can reduce waste simply by not wasting steps to and from the dock. Significant projected gains. Current process There are many opportunities to improve the current process. Would act as an extension to the workstation not a replacement. Let's look at how this implementation will acheive success with this objective. Annualized amount realized by making walking time productive = $78,000 Incremental change can be more comfortable. Tech Support.

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