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Transcript: Location: Switzerland is a small country located in the heart of Central Europe and shares a lot of it's history and of it's culture with it's neighbors Germany, France, Italy and Austria. Population: Literature: Government Continued: Sources: Swiss Flag History: 31 % of Swiss territory is covered by woodland. Today some 90,000 jobs in Switzerland depend on timber in one way or another. The average Swiss eats 23lbs of chocolate per year compared to the 11.7lbs consumed by Americans. Holes in Swiss cheese are caused by carbon dioxide gas given off by the bacteria and also provide flavor and fermentation. Switzerland has no national flower, animal or motto. Freddy Mercury and Queen bought a recording studio on Lake Geneva. There is a statue of Freddy on the shore! Originally inhabited by the Helvetians, or Helvetic Celts, the territory comprising modern Switzerland came under Roman rule during the Gallic wars in the 1st century BC and remained a Roman province until the 4th century AD. Under Roman influence, the population reached a high level of civilization and enjoyed a flourishing commerce. Important cities, such as Geneva, Basel, and Zurich, were linked by military roads that also served as trade arteries between Rome and the northern tribes. Switzerland has a firmly anchored tradition of service to the community, under which citizens take on public office which they perform alongside their normal jobs. This is referred to by the Swiss as the militia system. Its best known manifestation is the army, which is largely non-professional, even as far as most of its officers are concerned. The Swiss regard their politicians as part of the same militia system. Swiss Made: Artists: Red Cross Switzerland’s existence as a modern federal state dates back to 1848. The government is made up of seven members, elected by the Federal Assembly. The government members take turns to act as president. The Swiss people can influence political affairs through the highly developed system of direct democracy. Military: Before the 19th century, the Swiss did not have a common flag. When they fought in battles, the soldiers carried the colors of their canton. However, since the time of the Battle of Laupen they had worn a white cross on their clothing in order to have a common recognition sign. In 1815, after the fall of Napoleon, troops were given a federal armband to wear, which was red with a white cross. Switzerland prides itself on its high standard of publicly-funded education. As a country with few natural resources, its prosperity depends to a large extent on its brain power. Most people continue studying after the years of compulsory education, and many take further courses throughout their lives. Football (Soccer) Languages: Google Images Religion Government: Sports: Switzerland’s economy is based on a highly qualified labor force performing highly skilled work. The main areas include microtechnology, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, as well as banking and insurance. Fun Facts: Soccer, ice-hockey, skating, tennis and biking are widely practiced . Switzerland even has a few international champions, such as Roger Federer - one of the most famous and successful tennis champions of the moment, Stéphane Lambiel - twice world ice-skating champion, several ski champions, and many others hail from Switzerland. German: 63.7% French: 20.4% Italian: 6.5% Rumantsch: 0.5% Other: 9.0% Switzerland has a population of about 7.95 million. Foreigners account for around 22.7% of the resident population. The average age is increasing, as people live longer and have fewer children. Lifestyles are changing as the Swiss adapt to new demands. Yodeling and the alp horn are likely to come to mind at the mention of music in Switzerland, but neither is exclusively Swiss. It is believed that yodeling began during the early stone age and has a long tradition outside Switzerland. In Switzerland, it is said to have developed from a form of long-distance communication and cow-calls. The most famous Swiss book ever made is Heidi( By: Johanna Spyri), who, Heidi is the main character of one of the most popular children's books ever, has come to be a symbol of Switzerland. Well-known artists of the 19th and the start of 20th centuries include Albert Anker, Arnold Boecklin and Ferdinand Hodler. Some of the most important figures in 20th century art were Swiss/Swiss-born, respectively: Alberto Giacometti (1901-66), famous for his sculptures of elongated figures. The main religions in Switzerland are Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Islam. Colbie Ayotte Morgan Ouellet Switzerland The International Committee of the Red Cross , was founded in Geneva in 1863, is to help


Transcript: Swiss Confederation Swiss lead the world. It have concentrated on the Basel. 85% of sales over seas. Swiss has developed Microtechnology and Biotechnology. Other, Bank, Insurance, Pharmacy. Official language:German French Italian Romansh Capital city :Bern The biggest city:Zurich Geography of Swiss Culture of Swiss Watch industry BUREGE aburaham lousis berege has started in 1775. He was called "Watchmaker of legendary early history of the clock 200 years." Napoleon Bonaparudo used this watch Jura mountains, Alps mountains, Mittelland mountains, Siberia climate and Mediterranean climate. Swiss is called "Jar of Europe" Swiss have 6%fresh water of Europe. About swiss PATEKKU Philip one of the world three big luxury clock manufacturers. Eternal repairing is made the pitch. Pharmaceutical industry design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Frank Mueller Crazy awards is famous. Xmas :Advent Calendar It have 24 windows. It will open one by one every day Tyuruhire :Night of December Put a bell on the body. Ring a bell and walk town. The history of the national flag. Population : 8 million people They don't have religion Problems that Swiss has includes the declining birthrate and aging society. ・ROLEX ・OMEGA ・ZENITH ・LONGINES It became the national flag of Swiss in the 19 th century. It was a mark of Swiss soldiers. It is square. only Swiss and Vatican. economy of Swiss Swiss is the largest producer of watch. The account for 50% of World. The time watch takes to make 150hour~2000hour. Swiss famous wristwatch manufacturer

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