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Success Story

Transcript: First Round of P90x After three years of working out and dieting. Before Three years ago I changed my life with P90X. I was headed down the road to high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attack. My eating habits were the normal “American Diet” and my physical activity consisted of getting up off the couch to go to the refrigerator. Success Story It was tough in the beginning as I was having trouble doing most of the exercises and was so sore that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, but I was determined to get my health back and to get strong. I just kept “pushing play” and taking Tony’s advice to just “do your best and forget the rest”. I was working out in the privacy of my own home so there was no one to judge me if I was having to do pushups on my knees, or having to stop the tape to catch my breath in order to continue. What happened over the next three months was nothing short of amazing. I started to improve in all areas, by tracking my progress I would always try to just “do one more rep than the last time” and I went from doing pushups on my knees to doing clapping pushups. To having to use the chair to do just one pull-up to being able to do corncob pull-ups (you will learn about those little beauties once you start the program). I started to feel great and the weight was melting off of me. The whole family started getting healthy, even the neighbors joined in! He has changed many peoples lives by coaching them online and giving them tips! He has gotten ride of all his medicine he used to take for high blood pressure, hasn't been sick in years,recovered from a surgery, and has transformed his life in ways you could never dream! How its affected other peoples lives

Success Story

Transcript: Success Traits: My father values working, studying Parents Good life advice Julio Dellasanta Profound Statement: Being offered a job in the U.S Being married for so long (he said chuckling) Being a recognized and respected professional in his field. Family Patient Persistent Studious Honest Sociable and "playing." For as long as I've known him, he has spent day after day doing just that. He works Monday through Saturday (and often Sundays) from 6 to 7, comes home and begins studying about the new airplane he is in charge of fixing, or studying for his next leadership exam. And whenever he has a free moment, all to himself, he sends mom and I out of the house and begins playing his trumpet like he's 12 years old again. Major Influences: Major Life Events: Moving to the United States Marrying my mother The births of his three kids The births of his four grandchildren His Values: My Values: His knee surgery The language barrier I personally value food, happiness, art, consistency, and companionship. Though my values differ from my dad's he embodies what I believe in. {Connection} Bio: Major Obstacles: Julio Dellasanta, was born on December 13, 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Luisa Rao and Luis Dellasanta. He spent his early childhood going to school, and playing outdoors. One of his favorite pastimes (and the source of some great anecdotes) was throwing rocks at people from the roof of his house. My father has two siblings, Adriana, who is older than him, and Luis (we call him Tati) who is younger. His "high school" years were spent going to technical school from 8AM to 6PM and learning about mechanics. When he was 20 he marries the Andrea Rico, with whom he recently celebrated his 36th anniversary. He built his own home and ran a body shop for several years, until he began working as an avionics mechanic (which just means he fixes airplanes. In 2003 he relocated to the United States, where he has lived ever since. He works for a small company in Ft. Lauderdale as team leader for a group of wonderful co-workers and friends. "Work hard, play hard." Mom- "Gilera!" Me- "I'm sorry, what?" Mom- " Harley Davidson!" Dad- "To find happiness in the simple things in life. By: Juliana Dellasanta Life If you couldn't tell from our names, Julio is my father, and my biggest role model. To me, he is the epitome of success. He comes home every night after sometimes working 18+ hours kisses my mother and gives me a hug as if his day was spent lounging around. You would never know from the smile on his face and the pep in his step that he spent hours moving engines, crawling into airplane ducts and running back and forth from hangar to hangar in 90 degree weather. He does have bad days. Days where he just wants to go straight from work to bed. Days where he doesn't want to talk. But that makes him all the more human and all the more admirable. My father is humble, and knowledgeable and the happiest man I know. If in the future I'm anything like him, I know I'll be successful. Awards/Accomplishments:

success story

Transcript: A START FROM ERODE TO HOSUR A sucess story of hosur order finalisation!&got full payment a success story! "Door to door canvas" The Details Demo's and prospects 1 During the stay in hosur we took the help of a local hand ( Jai Seelan) To help and know the local area Step 1 2 complete coverage of quarry, blue metal and Msand factories. total of 36 Quarries covered in 2days 920i (Indicator) and 480i (indicator) with simulator, in car, demo was given to all these quarries. Step 2 3 out of all the 36 quarries, three prospects were created. Step 3 The prospect who called at the 3rd day of our stay in Hosur! Arathana blue metal prospect who called the request/demand the immediate request Arathana requested a demand for the immediate supply of weigh bridge, within 10 days and enquired whether it was possible. The request was immediately put forth to DGM Mr.Deivanayagam. Arathana's immediate demand Arathana's immediate demand Dgm's assurance and help on hearning the customer's request DGM Mr.Deivanayagam said on, full payment the request can be made possible, even for a portable weigh bridge it can be diverted. this was conveyed to the customer and confirmed with the customer whether the full pay was possible. the customer agreed to it and the order was finalised. Dgm's assurance and help THE COMPLETE ORDER FINALISATION we made it happen! A DYNAMIC SUCCESS ORDER COMPLETION On the forth day the full payment cheque of 9.25 lakhs INR was received for the 60ton platform 9*3m foundationless portable weigh bridge. on the same day the cheque was presented. ORDER COMPLETION On the fifth day the presented cheque w... On the fifth day the presented cheque was successfully credited to the company, which was confirmed by the DGM Mr.Deivanayagam the customer was very happy that the order was delivered and t... the customer was very happy that the order was delivered and the weighbrigde was received in the prescribed period brownie points!!! The super satisfied customer promised to give one more order in the future (in a couple of months) and also promised to give a lot of reference. brownie points!!! PEEPS FROM WORK IN PROGRESS SOME PEEPS INTO THE WORK THANK YOU! Regards, V.Nagarajan & team. [Mr.Murugasen Erode and Mr.Chandhuru new Madurai] THANK YOU!

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