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Transcript: NO Resident Assistant, Office of Residence Life, UW-Milwaukee 1998-2001 • Served as a role model and resource for 42 female residents • Coordinated community building floor programs that pertained to different educational topics such as time management and diversity awareness Let's Get You Some Interviews! Practice Time Bringing it Back - Ongoing Process Next Steps Questions? Resources to Write & Brainstorm Step 1: How have you contributed to developing a community atmosphere? Answer: planned programs/events Step 2: Describe what you did. Answer: Collaborated with faculty mentor in creating programs to enhance student involvement and academic success Step 3: Answer the question... Answer: As the Resident Assistant for the American Sign Language Living Learning Community I worked with my faculty mentor to provide residents the opportunity go into the community and practice sign language with citizens of Milwaukee. On one occasion we visited the Southern Lakes Association of the Deaf. Residents had the opportunity to socialize and learn from other Deaf members in the Deaf community. Transferring RA Skills Into a Resume YES Tufts University Office of Residential Life and Learning, Medford, MA Resident Assistant: 200X-200X Lived in a community of first year residents, responded to personal and group needs, managed critical administrative tasks Participated in first year orientation; organized diversity workshop Maintained floor bulletin board with schedule of on and off campus events; created marketing materials for events Established and encouraged a community environment that is conducive to learning and personal development Monitored building during days and evenings Worked closely with college administrators including Tufts Public Safety and Dean of Students Office Mediated conflicts between residents Documented policy violations into a department judicial database Confronted department and campus policy violations Conducted on-call duty response for a building of 700 residents Job description and/or employment agreement Job evaluations University Housing website UWM website References from current supervisor first - be real HIRE ME!! worksheet #1 Brainstorm Job Experiences #2 Describe What You Do Using Experiences From #1 #3 What Is Important To You & Job Applying For Reminder: You may apply for a variety of jobs, so have a running list resume = interview, not a job Don't put anything on your resume that you cannot give a specific example of how you gained or performed that skill/ability. Remember - anything you put on your resume can be put into question...ANYTHING! TOP HALF & 20 seconds How to Write

Hire Me!

Transcript: That's Me! When I graduate, I plan to go to LSU to get a business degree. After I graduate from LSU, I want to open a small boutique in Baton Rouge to have a steady money supply. Once I get my business up and running successfully, I plan to go to graduate school in Europe to get a degree in art and design. When i graduate from there, I want to become a fashion designer and start my own company. That's who I am! I hope you enjoyed and will consider hiring me! My Favorite Quote My Theme Song Hire Me! You should hire me because I have a very good work ethic, good school background, and a strong support system! Why should you hire me? I was always an active child. I was involved in sports such as softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, ans cheer leading. I was a straight A student all throughout middle school. I've loved to shop ever since I was a little girl! My charity of choice is the Kids in Need Foundation. This is my charity of choice because they do a lot of work to help children get prepared to learn and help children that cannot afford education or have no home or support. I support this charity because I feel that education is a main priority and is the foundation of success. Everyone deserves to have an education, and I feel that everyone should help those that are less fortunate. My Adult Life I kept a 4.0 GPA until about the sixth grade. I have always done well in school with grades and behavior. Throughout middle school, I played basketball and volleyball and was the captain of the cheer leading squad. I like to be in control. I am now in the 11th grade and still play volleyball for my school. This is the 7th year that I have been playing volleyball. I always work hard to balance my school work, sports, and my previous job. My Childhood Years "Imperfection is beauty, Madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -Marilyn Monroe My School Years My Charity of Choice

Hire Me Presentation

Transcript: Donell Hooker Jr. Dog Trainer/Sitter Demonstration NEED Picture this... You have a busy day ahead, and you want someone reliable to care for and train your furry friend while you're away. But it's not just about basic care; it's about nurturing your bond and ensuring your dog lives a happy and fulfilled life. That's where I come in, with three essential qualities that make me the ideal choice for the job. NEED PATIENCE PATIENCE My experience taking care of children and animals has taught me that patience is key when working with dogs. I understand that each dog has its pace and unique needs, which is vital for effective training. Adept communication and Problem-Solving skills Adept communication and Problem-Solving skills Clear, consistent communication is crucial in dog training and sitting. I can adapt my communication style to suit each dog's personality and needs. Moreover, my problem-solving skills help me address any challenges that may arise during training or dog sitting, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your pet. KNOWLEDGE OF CANINE BEHAVIOR Knowledge of Canine Behavior I have a deep understanding of canine behavior, developed through hands-on experience. This knowledge allows me to anticipate and address potential issues and tailor training techniques to suit your dog's unique temperament and learning style. SATISFACTION SATISFACTION With these qualities, I don't just provide a service; I offer an opportunity for you and your dog to build a stronger, more joyful relationship. Imagine coming home to a well-behaved and happy companion. That's the satisfaction I aim to deliver to you and your furry friend. VISUALIZATION VISUALIZATION Close your eyes and imagine... You and your dog, side by side, enjoying a harmonious and loving relationship that grows stronger with each passing day. No need to worry about leaving your furry buddy alone at home Your dog's tail wagging with excitement as you leave the house, and you experiencing the joy of having a well-trained and well-cared-for companion while being away. ACTION ACTION Employment Contract To make this vision a reality, all it takes is a simple step—Hiring me as your Dog Sitter and Trainer. I invite you to consider the difference I can make in your and your dogs’ life. Would you be opposed to reviewing an employment contract and taking the next step in making your life easier? Employment Contract.

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