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Stylish Girlfriends

Transcript: Thursday, December / 6 / 2018 6PM-9PM Annual Holiday Open House Stylish Girlfriends Alyssa, Cara & Cylee Intro Intro Main Objective: Providing High Style for Everyday Life Want Guest to Experience: Urban-Loft Feel Sophisticated and Stylish All-In-One Venue Room 1520 1520 W. Fulton St. Chicago, IL 60607 Layout Layout Amenities Amenities VIP Suite Room 1520 200 guest maximum 4,000 square feet White Marble, Vintage Bar (Outside of Main Room) Custom Color Up-lighting (Pink) Fully Accessible (ADA Compliant) Highboys & Cabaret Tables (10 Highboys, 10 Cabaret Tables) Crystal Chiavari Chairs Complimentary Parking Wireless AV Equipment Plenty of Room for Fashion Show Stage Set- Up (Venue Verified) 650 square feet Fully Furnished with 2 vanity stations Private Bathroom in room Plenty of Room to Display, Hang-Up Clothes for Guests to Browse Price Breakdown Price Breakdown Room 1520 and all the included features & amenities 4 hour unlimited custom bar package with bartenders, mixers and garnishes $7,800 Menu Cut Above Catering Our Vision Our Vision Fab Foods HOT Meatballs Chicken Fillets Sun-Dried Tomato Baby "Reds" COLD Trio Mini Sandwiches Cherry Tomatoes with Bacon Aioli Petite Caprese Skewers Cucumber Ranch Bites SELF SERVE Vegetable Crudite Cheese Fruit and Crackers Signature Cocktail Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail Price Breakdown Price Breakdown Food Prices Food Pricing Cold Hors D'euvres Sandwiches- $470 Tomatoes- $210 Skewers- $270 Cucumber - $250 Total: $1,200.00 Hot Hors D'euvres Meatballs - $247.50 Fillets - $720.00 Reds - $780.00 Total: $1,747.50 Self-Serve Crudite- $1,200.00 Crackers- $750.00 Total: $1,950.00 Overall: $4,897.50 Bottled water- $200 Arizona Iced Tea-$140 Soda cans- $297 Custom bar includes: Tito’s Vodka, Patron Tequila, Sailor Jerry Rum, Beefeater Gin, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Jack Daniels Whiskey, 2 Draft Beers, 2 bottles (domestic and import), House wines and house champagne Total Drink Price: $637 Drink Pricing Drink Prices Kitchen Access Stairs Storage 3 Main Challenges: Challenges to Overcome

Stylish leadership

Transcript: The first hypothetical situation that I am going to use is of the leader of a rowing team. The leader doesn't talk to his team mates enough and doesn't coordinate the movements, he ends up doing most of the rowing. A team cannot function when only one member is working. Warlord If the leader of a rowing team is a warlord, then the teammates will feel oppressed and won't want to row as much. The leader of a rowing team will also have to constantly recruit because he will take anyone he doesn't like off the team. The peacemaker is the leader that just wants to be friends with all the members of his team. Doormat The main problem with the peacekeeper is that the work no none wants to do never gets done. Why does it matter what type of leader you are If a Respectful enforcer was the leader of a rowing team then the rowing team would be very successful, they would win all of their rowing competitions and the team mates would have a good bond while doing it Hypothetical situation With Doormat leaders the most common thing to happen is that the leader ends up doing all the work for their team. The peacemaker allows them to do whatever they want to do and doesn't enforce the rules enough by Daniel Frolich There are 4 main types of leader ship: If a peacemaker were the head of a rowing team, then what would most likely happen is that each person would get to do their favorite type of rowing and the hardest position would be left empty. This would mean that the team would fail because they are missing one of the key positions in order for the boat to move. Respectful enforcer Stylish leadership Respectful Enforcer Hypothetical situation What types of leadership are there Some leaders are better than others, and if you identify with one of the inferior leaders then you can change your habits to become a better leader hehehe I don't have to do anything. Warlord The Respectful Enforcer is the ideal leader. The Respectful Enforcer is not too overpowering and not to lenient. He makes sure the work gets done, but still allows his teammates to have some liberties. He does not do all the work himself or allow people to just do what they want to do. In the end this is the idea leader that everyone should aspire to be. The peacmaker however does not do all of the work. Doormat Peacemaker The problem with the warlord is that he never makes a connection to his teammates and often doesn't even have teammates because he kicked them off the team. The doormat leader is someone who cannot delegate and does not have authority over their group. Were paddling but its not working Hypothetical situation Hypothetical The warlord leader enforces every part of his policy and gives little to know room for modification. People who disagree get kicked off the team. Peacmaker


Transcript: What is it? Fair wages Scottish Government. (2008, March 19). Fair Trade: Introduction. Education for Citizenship Retrieved from: •What fair trade is. •Why study fair trade. •Classroom activities •How to take action Staff Editor. (2010, May 12). Fair Trade. Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia Retrieved from: . •Helps producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions. •Usually for developing countries who send goods which are mostly handicrafts, coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, bananas, honey, cotton, wine, fresh fruit, chocolate and flowers. •Workers get a fair pay. Staff Writer. (2009). What is Fair Trade. Tribes Travel The Art of Travelling With Respect Retrieved from: •“Fair Trade is all about putting people first. Its main aim is poverty alleviation.”-Unknown source. Staff writer. (2010). Facts About Fair Trade. COOPERATIVE COFFEE. Retrieved from: •What fair trade is. •Who benefits. Pictures A better earth Helps make Why buy it? angvdnshgfsda

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