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Transcript: 27. When you hover over a theme, the name of the theme appears, and the selected slide will show a Live Preview of the effect of the theme on the slide. 28. You can use a theme to change the appearance of your slides without changing the content. 29. Changing the slide master affects the appearance of all of the slides in a presentation associated with that master slide or master layout. 30. The Picture Tools Format tab includes buttons that allow you to adjust the picture’s contrast, color and brightness, set a transparent color, or compress the picture. 31. In Normal view, PowerPoint places the new slide after the selected slide using the same layout as the selected slide. 32. To add speaker notes, click in the Notes pane below the slide and begin typing, or switch to Notes Page view. Questions 7-10 15. A good presentation uses short phrases, pictures, and graphs to convey its point. 16. The area on the left side of the status bar shows which slide is displayed in the Slide pane and the total number of slides in the presentation. 17. Transition refers to the way each new slide appears on the screen. 18. Animation is text, objects, graphics, or pictures that have motion. 19. You can view a presentation four different ways: Normal, Slide Sorter, Notes Page, and Slide Show. 20. Slide Sorter view gives you an overview of all the slides in a presentation Questions 27-32 Questions 37-42 Conclusion 7. To scale an object, hold down Shift and drag a corner handle. 8. To create a perfect circle or square, hold down the Shift key as you drag. 9. You can apply a table style to format the table elements at once. 10. The source file is where you have the text, chart, numbers, or whatever data it is you want to bring into the presentation. POWERPOINT STUDY GUIDE questions 1-10 37. The chart gives a visual representation of numeric data. 38. To modify a table’s borders, fill, or text boxes, select the table to open the Table Tools Design tab on the Ribbon. 39. The three rotate commands on the Arrange menu are Rotate Right 90º, Rotate left 90º, and More Rotation Options. 40. To fill an object, select the object and click the Shape Fill button in the Shape Styles group on the Drawing Tools Format tab. 41. An example of a shape effect is Glow. 42. Grouping allows you to work with several items as if they were one object. 21. A gallery shows you thumbnails of a theme or effect that will be applied. 22. The slide layout is how objects are placed on a slide. 23. Objects are text, graphics and illustrations, and tables and charts. 24. You use Slide Sorter view to set slide timings, transitions, and animations. 25. Using the Handouts option, you can print handouts with two, three, four, six, or nine slides per page. 26. The Header and Footer dialog box has two tabs, one for slides and one for notes and handouts. 33. To change the appearance of the bullets throughout a presentation, make the changes on the slide master. 34. If a content placeholder appears on a slide, you can choose from six objects: table, chart, SmartArt graphic, picture from file, clip art, and movie. 35. Motion Paths allow you to use predefined paths for the movement of an object. 36. To add an organization chart to a slide, you can apply a Content layout to a slide and then click the SmartArt Graphic icon in the content placeholder. 1. The Slide pane is useful for adding and editing text. 2. To apply a different color scheme to your presentation, on the Ribbon, click the Page Layout tab; in the Themes group, click the Colors button. 3. The slide master controls the formatting for all the slides in the presentation. Questions 11-14 Questions 1-3 11. To make changes to the Word file embedded in the PowerPoint presentation, double-click the text you want to edit. 12. You can save a presentation as a Word document to use as a handout, or create other documents using the text and slides from the presentation. 13. When you run the presentation, a navigational toolbar appears in the lower-left corner of the screen. 14. To copy attributes to more than one object or section of text, select the object whose attributes you want to copy, double-click the Format Painter icon, and then click each of the objects or sections of text you want to format. 4. You change the font, style, size, effects, and color using the buttons on the Home tab in the Font group. 5. Notes Page view shows an image of a slide and the notes you entered in the Notes pane. 6. You can/cannot animate a SmartArt graphic Questions 33-36 Questions 4-6 Questions 21-26 Questions 15-20

Finals Study Powerpoint

Transcript: Facts about excel rows and columns column=letters; row=numbers F2= to edit every rectangle is called a cell after you have written text or numbers in cell you have to press enter. all three sheets can be seen at the bottom of the page in order to make calculations you have to write formulas. =1+2+3...this will give to you, in the cell, the answer of 6. =sum(a1+a2+a3)...this will make all of these cells add together for a total. you can also click the Autosum to add things together. 2 things to Remember! the horizontal row is labeled from 1 to 1,048,576 there are 16,384 columns ranging from a-z ##### : when this appears it means you need to make your cells wider to display all numeraic data. Formulas 123 sum= calculates the sum addition: sum(B3:B10) average calculates the average of the highlighted column max shows the larges number in the column and min shows the smallest number in the column count: calculates the total number of values PMT: helps calculate the total payment for a loan Auto Sum the plus sign (+) preforms addition: =2+6 in the cell it appears as 8. the minus (-) sign acts the same as the plus sign in a cell but it subtracts. the asterisk (*) preforms multiplication: =5*2 would appear in the cell as 10 the back slash (/) is division the caret stands for an exponent: = 2^3 in the cell would appear as 8 Excel chart facts Excel Final Study PowerPoint for the column and row for the cell, absolute value will us a $... placement never switches formulas that only use # Sign Meanings

Novel Study Powerpoint

Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X F How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your shoes Are Untied E Title: How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied Author: Jess Keating Genre: Fiction, Comedy Characters: Ana Wright, Daz Wright, her parents, Grandfather, Sugar, Liv, Ashley, Brooke, Rayna, Zack, Bella, Kevin About The Book Ana: She is a girl in grade 7, her best friend is Liv. Ana is the protagonist of the story. She gets bullied by the "Sneerers" for being named after an 'anaconda'. Ana also has anxiety when she is the attention of other people, for example presentations. Daz: He is the brother of Ana. Unlike Ana he isnt afraid of attention. He has a friend named Kevin. Ana's parents: They are zoologists and they work in the zoo. Ana's grandfather: Ana's grandfather is a celebrity, he travels around and makes documentaries and movies about animals. Characters Sugar: Sugar is Ana's grandfather's most recent girlfriend. Liv: She is Ana's best friend. She recently moved to New Zealand because of her parent's job. Ashley: Ashley is the leader of the group called "Sneerers" Brooke: Brooke is also a part of the Sneerers but she is not as into it as Ashley. She doesn't like how Ashley controls everything. Rayna: A member of the group Sneerers. Zack: Zack used to be Ana's crush until Ana found out that he was the one who through food at her. Characters Bella: Bella is one of Ana's friend, now that Liv is gone. Kevin: He is one of Daz's friend but turns out to be Ana's crush in the end. Characters C Synopsis This book is about a 12 year old girl named Ana. Everything goes wrong when her best friend (Liv) moves to New Zealand. Ana and Liv have this "tradition" of eating a cupcake on each other's 'half-birthday', and making a wish that they both wish for. After Liv left for New Zealand, Ana has never been the same, therefore she had the idea of wishing for Liv to come back. Liv didnt really like that wish and so on the day of wishing, Liv didnt answer Ana's face chat call. Ana was devestated and on top of that, she had to move into the zoo because her parents had to do something with work. Summing that all up, she also got more bullied by the Sneerers. Liv was always the one who gave a good comeback to the Sneerers and made them go away. Without Liv, Ana was a walking target for them. Aside from school, Ana's "famous" grandfather came to visit her which meant Ana had to be on his documentary he was filming. Ana is not very good with handling attention so she was very overwhelmed going on tv. After finally getting over with going on tv show another wave attacks her. Her parents convince her to give a presentation for the zoo about animals. Ana disagreed with the idea but then later agreed to do it. Ana finally overcame her fears and presented. While presenting, Ana comes up with an idea to humiliate Ashley. She made Ashley hold an animal but the animal ends up peeing all over Ashley. In the end she overcame her fears and stood up to the bullies. D Theme of the Book I think that the thematic concept of the book is having confidence. I think this because in the book it shows how Ana was afraid to present in front of people and in the end she gained confidence. The book teaches kids to have confidence in themselves. Confidence can come when they are standing up to bullies like the Sneerers or doing presentations in front of a large number of people. B About the Author ------------> Jess Kneating is a former zoologist who later turned into an author. She has been making up stories for as long as she can remember and at the age of eight she even started a library in her own room. Jess lives with her husband in Ontario, Canada where she is working on her next book in the World of Weird Animal Series. Some of her other books include; - How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don't Have a Clue (2015) - How to Outswim a Shark Without a Snorkel (2015) - Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World's Perfectly Pink Animals (2016) - Shark Lady (2017) - What Makes a Monster? Discovering the World's Scariest Creatures (2017) - Jess Keating Cute As An Axolotl: Discovering The World's Most Adorable Animals(2018) Pictures Z Thank you!

Study Skills Powerpoint

Transcript: Study Skills Study practices are learning how to study in a way that will ultimately help you learn the material that is needed to know. This is what really helps a person succeed in life. Certain study tips such as: Studying in a quiet place, word association, flash cards, quizzes, rhymes or songs will help a person obtain the information that he/she has learned. Study skills such as; reading comprehension will help me all throughout my life because I will have to read everyday of my life. You can't go throughout life and not learn how to comprehend what you read. Math computation will help me because I will have to deal with taxes & how to calculate sales every year. Science reasoning will help me learn how to read charts & graphs. English/grammar will help me everyday because I need to know how to speak correctly and know when to use certain punctuation. Team 2015 Career Choice: 2014 2013 Benefits In order to be an Occupational Therapist I will have to learn how to use my science reasoning skills because I will have to read my patients progress chart/report. I will have to use my reading comprehension to be able to comprehend the data. I will have to use correct grammar whenever I write the progress reports for my patient's and whenever I write business letters. Math computation will be used to calculate the bills that I have to pay and also, taxes. Study Practices Occupational Therapy I am aiming to score from a 28 to a 32 on my ACT test. Getting a good ACT score is very important. It determines what college you attend and what career you major in. It is a test that scores a person on how well that he/she has obtained the information over the years of their education. 2017 Occupational Therapy Success Timeline 2016 28-32 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

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