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Stress Powerpoint Template

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Stress & Wellness Management Powerpoint

Transcript: Causes of Stress? Table of Contents When eating unhealthy foods it increases your stress. When you excersise it decreases your stress. So eat healthy and excersise. 1.Definition of Stress 2. Causes of Stress 3. Substance Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, and Drug Abuse 4. How diet and exercise can help with stress 5.Ways to manage stress with emphasis on how handle stress in your life 6.Your emotional IQ test result with explanation of where you stand compared with the average results. Money Relationship Work Life Changes Self generated Stress & Wellness Management Presentation It shows how you work with people and what makes you tick. With this test you can improve yourself and how people may look at you. Your Emotional IQ test result with explanation of where you stand compared with the average results Go for a walk Spend time in nature Call a good friend Play a competitive game of tennis or racquetball Write in your journal Take a long bath Light scented candles Don't do DRUGS Substance abuse, Acohol abuse, and Substance abuse Stress is pressure and tension on the body and mind. Your drinking level should be at a low level because you are able to get acohol posining. Acohol poising can kill you. Substance abuse can kill individuals and give mental illness. Most substance abuse is tobacco and acohol Ways to manage stress with emphasis on how handle stress in your life Stress cartoons Reference Page What is stress? So Stay CHILL Stress cartoon How do diet and excersise help with stress

Stress Management Powerpoint Project

Transcript: Thank You! August Garner HSC 1100 Fishing Fishing is the number one stress management technique that works for me the most. Since I was young, I have always enjoyed fishing. When I get stressed or overwhelmed, I always pack up my fishing rods and tackle, and head out to a body of water to fish. Fishing helps me to clear my head and think about what is going on in my life. Fishing How To: Fish How To: Fish First, decide the location where you want to fish. Gather all supplies: Fishing rod & reel, tackle, bait, fishing line, etc. When you get prepared to go, get to the location where body of water is and do whatever you may need to do, to get the rod & reel ready to cast. I personally like to throw the fish back rather than keeping them. Spending Time with my Family When I am with my family, I don't feel stressed or alone. I know that they will always be there for me. When we all spend time together, we make sure to make memories. I enjoy all of the quality time I am able to share with my family that I love dearly. Spending Time with my Family How To: Enjoy Time With Family How To: Enjoy Time with Family When you spend time with your family, it is always best to have no distractions from family time. Try to relax and make as many memories as possible. Capture a few pictures, so you have something to look at and remember the moments. Try to do fun things together. For example: play games, go to the beach, watch a movie, cook, etc. Hiking Hiking helps me to relieve stress by exercising and staying active. I am also able to see the true beauty of nature, which makes me appreciate where I live more. Hiking How To: Hike How To: Hike First, make sure you have everything you need to be prepared for hiking. For example: water, appropiate clothing & shoes, first-aid kit, camera. Pick the location of where you are going. Always notify someone of where you are going, in case of an emergency. Head to the location. Become familiar with the trail. Enjoy the nature. Capture a few pictures of the trails and or animals that you might see. Listening to Country Music Listening to Music Music helps me tremendously when I am feeling overwhelmed with thoughts going through my mind. I listen to music a lot when I am fishing or in the car. I enjoy listening to country music the most because I can relate to the lyrics of the songs. How To: Listen to Music How To: Listen to Music First, decide what genre of music you would enjoy listening to. Next, pick the best way to access the music. A couple of examples would be, Pandora, Youtube, car radio, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Then, pick the song you think you would like to listen to. Finally, enjoy the music and allow it to ease your mind or stress levels. Swimming I have always loved to swim. When I swim, my body is able to relax more, which then helps me to have a relief from stress. I also get an excerise when I swim by doing a few techniques, which is very beneficial. It is also another technique that helps me to clear my head and focus on swimming. Swimming How To: Swim How To: Swim Make sure you have a body of water to swim in, such as a pool, river, lake, creek, ocean, etc. Always make sure you know enough skills to swim safely. Wear the appropriate clothing. If you need a life jacket or safety vest, wear one. Be aware of your surroundings. A Good Amount of Sleep A Good Amount of Sleep I have always battled with having a good sleep schedule, but since I have been really trying to train my body to go to sleep at a decent time, I have noticed a huge difference as far as my stress. Not having an adequate amount of sleep can be a big cause of stress. I have been going to bed early and waking up early, and that has helped my stress a lot. How To: Get An Adequate Amount of Sleep How To: Get A Good Amount of Sleep Train your body to go to bed early and wake up earlier in the morning. Shut electronics and lights off 30 minutes before you are ready to fall asleep. Find out how much sleep is an adequate amount of sleep for your age and try to get that many hours of sleep. Try to be as comfortable as possible. Stay active enough throughout the day, so you are tired enough at night.

Health Powerpoint: Stress

Transcript: Victims of Stress Treatment/Coping with Stress Most teenagers are very susceptible to stress, because they have to balance more responsibilities as they reach adulthood. Sources of stress in teen life: Applying to colleges Grades Personal relationships Family Jobs Friends Schoolwork -It's important to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and recognize when you're becoming too stressed. -Seek treatment options if you feel overwhelmed Those who experience: Bullying or harassment The loss of a close relative or family member The divorce of parents A stressful school year A busy schedule Depression Any major conflict, or stressful situation Self Questionnaire: Do you know how much stress you experience in your everyday life? What is your stress level? Stress: Video and Statistics -In the United States, stress is the leading cause for death by Heart disease. Why? This is because stress causes blood pressure to rise, eventually damaging the arteries. Other effects of stress High cholesteral Migraines or headaches Insomnia Weight gain/loss Get an adequate amount of sleep Reduce caffeine & sugar Adopt a healthy lifestyle (eat well, exercise regularly) Learn how to allocate your time wisely Pursue personal hobbies that you enjoy Don't procrastinate on deadlines Preventing Stress What is Stress? -Stress is a body's reaction to any kind of external, changing conditions. -A part of the brain called the hypothalamus releases a hormone called ACTH which produces an adrenaline rush. -In the wild, stress serves a protective function, helping animals escape predators. Examples of stress: increased heart rate, tensing of muscles Tips for reducing stress levels: Begin a 'stress journal', identify what is causing your stress, then try to resolve it Keep healthy through exercising and eating nutritious foods Relax, through meditation, thoughtful self-reflection, being outdoors, or pursuing any hobbies Treatment Options: Psychological counseling Prescribed medication By: Sarah Vince Teen Concerns

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