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Stranger Things

Transcript: Contextual Studies Editing Mise en scene Mise en scene Camerawork -Use of high shot shows the light is powerful and it shows will is inferior -Juxtaposes what we think is going to happen -Light bulb symbolises will? The light bulb also is a motif for how the audience doesn’t know what is going on at this point, therefore a literal lightbulb moment Sound Editing -generic horror techniques in editing. -Shot, react shot (shot of character, then what they see, then that characters reaction vocal/ facial/ visual) - Opening titles: Font is generic of horror genre. Is a Gothic text that has a very close resemblance to the titles included in 'Halloween' (Carpenter, 1978). STRANGER THINGS - She is wearing a hospital gown, no footwear, and has a shaved head. - Her appearance clashes with the forest that she is in. - The forest can convey she is lost STRANGER THINGS: -Created by The Duffer Brothers - Only 1 season has been aired currently on Netflix -Produced by 21 Laps Entertainment - Soundtrack by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon Mise en scene - Their clothes and choice of game, says 80's - Their clothes also show that they lead normal lives. - The basement setting and choice of game shows that they are D&D players -Lighting indicates time of day. -11's mixed appearance shows inner conflict -Staging suggests that 11 is completely alone with herself -Diegetic sound for the TV makes it a lot more personal , in a way it feels like you re watching it with her - The Non-diegetic distorted breakup sound gives us the break from reality into the other side of elevens life. - The sound on the coke cane is emhasises as well as the music which gives what we are seeing on the screen more impact and purpose. More editing: -Post filming colour correction- dark orange tint (horror aesthetic) -Icy Blue colour filter- representing colder areas/ locations -Orange/ Brown/ Red colour filter- warm location. -Different colour filters can represent character emotions. -Also coloured filters used to emphasise colour during night time sequences/ settings.

Stranger things

Transcript: ight yeee link styll Science fiction-horror Staged in 1980s This is the first season on Netflix Season two will be coming in 2017 Millie Brown who is the main character has appeared on multiple other TV shows Millie Bobby Brown Finn Wolfhard by: sophie sanio Information About Stranger Things Dustin is the thinker and always has new ideas the group finds out about the upside down and what it is the people who are searching for Eleven try to find the group that Eleven has been hiding with Episode 6 The Monster the group gets closer to the upside down (portal world) Joyce is contacting her missing son threw lights the group realizes Eleven has powers Episode3 ḧHolly Jolly Thank You for watching Canadian child actor born on December 23 2002 he´s in other shows such as IT (2017), Supernatural and The 100 Why Stranger Things should Stay On Netflix will usually isnt in the camrea focus but the show is about him Main Characters Episode 8 The Upside Down Stranger things leader of the group Eleven confesses that she opened the portal to the upside down they find the monster Johnathan drives to his dads to see if Will´s there the show just came out recently it already has thousands of people hooked on the plot since this many people are hooked on just the first season how many people after more seasons will become fans? Millie has gotten a lot of attention from this show she´s appeared in other shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Intruders and more she was born February 19, 2004 lucas does not trust Eleven at all and thinks its bad idea

Stranger Things

Transcript: Dustin by : Lara Hopper L T Eleven, also known as El, is one of the main characters of the first season of Stranger Things. She is a young girl with many psychokinetic gifts. Eleven has a mysterious past and is believed by Mike to be their best clue for finding Will. Eleven is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown. T Nancy E Lucas Plot (Will's mom) Stranger Things is a horror/science fiction TV series created by the Duffer Brothers. It is about the disappearance of a 12 year old boy named Will Byers. Stranger Things takes place in the 1980's, and in a fictional town called Hawkins. R Fun Facts A - They auditioned 906 boys and 307 girls to find their young leads. Main Characters R Mike I R Eleven (El) Jonathan Will Byers vanishes during a night of many power outages across Hawkins . With the police chief and Will's family on the case , Will's three best friends, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas feel helpless and set out to find Will on their own. The three boys run into a psychokinetic girl named Eleven, who claims to know where Will is. As they uncover the truth, a government agency tries to cover it up, while a mysterious creature lurks below the surface. Where you can watch R L E (Mike's sister) - Millie (the girl who plays Eleven), shaved her head for the role. - The toddlers on set were terrified by the “monster”, but the crew calmed them down by telling them it was just like Monsters, Inc. I A -Before starting the show, the writers all watched (or rewatched) a large list of films, including E .T., Stand By Me, and The Goonies. Will Byers Joyce Michael "Mike" Wheeler, is portrayed by Finn Wolfhard. He is the best friend to Will , Lucas and Dustin . He is the first of the group to be close to Eleven and the first to believe her. Mike is also the brother of Nancy. He is a middle school student and a member of the AV club. It's a netflix Original Series (Will's older brother)

Stranger Things

Transcript: MADE BY: Natalia #2 Astrid #6 Myriam # Edgar # Geraldine # STRANGER THINGS PROJECT 4 ENGLISH PROJECT 4 ENGLISH Original From 17 Chapters 2 seasons * First season July 15th 2016 * Second season Octuber 27th 2017 origin in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA creator HERMANOS DUFFER PLOT The story is set in INDIANA'S HAWKINS country during the eighties of the twentieth century, when a twelve-years-old bay named will mysteriously disappears. Soon after, a girl, apparently fugitive and with telekinetic powers, meets Mike, Dustin and Lucas, friends of Will and helps them in the search for he. characters MIKE MIKE Average slim stature with freckles and curly hair, is happy, fun, interesting, something serious and courageous. Will's best friend an the one in love with Eleven ELEVEN ELEVEN She is nervious, misplaced, happy, scare and beautiful. With telekinetic powers and limited vocabulary. She be friends Lucas, Dustin and Mike. she in love with Mike. She scaped from the hawkins laboratory whare they conducted experiments with her. LUCAS LUCAS Nervous, determined, fearful, cheerful, angry and friendly. Average height, tan and chinese hair. Is one of the best friends of Will and the lover Max He is funny, cheerful, charismatic, friendly and scared. He has short stature, rizasy and chimuelo. Is one of the best friends of will. DUSTIN DUSTIN She is happy, adventurable, problematic, rebel, scared, average red hair, with frecles, and join the friend of Dustin, Lucas and Mike. She in love with Lucas MAX MAX It's a police officer it's a will seeker, it's high, fat and with a beard. He is the adoptive father of Eleven HOPPER HOPPER She is hysterical, scared, desperate, impatient. is average height, short hair, disheveled. it's mom of Will JOYCE JOYCE PERSONAL OPINION Geraldine Is that it is a serie that teaches that you enter has a lot athough sometimes you get bored. My favorite character is eleven because he has gone trough a loy and although he suffered a good person a is very beautiful. Geraldine Myriam My opinion about stranger things is, that I really like the plot of wich they are looking for their friend because of the fact that suddenly they disappeared and that they know a mysterious girl with unimaginable powers Myriam Personally, the series seems boring to me in many moments, it did not entretined me. The characters seem good to me, although the plot was not so much. One of the characters that interesed me most was Eleven, because she s an usually child, and with-powers, wich I call my attention. Natalia Natalia My opinion of this series is good and positive because the series has many aspects of my likes as the adventure, mistery, suspense, the powers and a bit of comedy. Is that it is a serie of his thougth that you enter has a lot akthough sometimes you get bored. Edgar Edgar Personally, this series is very good because contains moments of mistery, adventure, fear, funny and suspence.My favorite character is mike because is brave, interesting and very loyal. With so few chapters this series has become one of my favorites Astrid Astrid Thanks you for your attention

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